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Who is the best philosopher and why is it Ludwig Wittgenstein?

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The Wittgensteins were an evil family.

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Were they? Well I guess they redeemed themselves, since Wittgenstein's siblings kept killing themselves lol.

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Reminder that Wittgenstein bullied Hitler in school

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>"Hey guys, Adolf's sitting in the corner drawing pictures again."
>"It's all he ever does. Weird little shit."
>"I've never heard him speak about anything. Does he ever talk about anything? His life? His friends? His girlfriend?"
>"Whereof one cannot speak, thereof one must be silent."
>"Motherfucking Ludwig bringing the HEAT!"
>[Close up of Adolf crying a single tear]

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Are you serious?

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Oh my goodness, he's right. Wittgenstein indirectly caused the holocaust...

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nietzsche was the last great philosopher

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checks out

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they were quite literally rothschild tier back in the day

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Pretty good anti-bullying campaign material desu

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Nice try.

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Try again.

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On starting at the Realschule, Wittgenstein had been moved forward a year.[55] Historian Brigitte Hamann writes that he stood out from the other boys: he spoke an unusually pure form of High German, dressed elegantly, and was callous and unsociable.[56] In a contemporary journal entry, Wittgenstein wrote: "The other boys dress like disgusting brutes. Yesterday Adolf asked my opinion of his painting. After looking at it for one second, I took the paper into my hands, crumbled it into a ball, and threw it at his face." In a later entry Wittgenstein describes a second incident with Hitler in the gymnasium locker room: "Pussy Junge's [Wittgenstein's nickname for Hitler] penis and testicles are so minuscule that it fills my heart with laughter. All of the other boys are able to achieve full erections but Adolf stands in the corner alone with his flaccid, infantile penis in his hand."[57]

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what exactly did he mean by this

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Plato or Kant, without question

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Reddit: the philosophers. Aristotle was the best of the Greeks.

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this is copypasta material here's your (you)

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The Beta Adolf
>sits in the corner making shitty illustrations
>cries to his mother every morning begging her to let him stay home from school
>can't get an errection
>only has one testicle

The Chad Wittgenstein
>enumerates his testicles by counting them off "1, 2". I assume he has the numbers memorized
>attends to the size of his massive testicles by tracing their shape with his finger
>demonstrates the meaning of his cock by using it fuck 9/10s
>crumples up Beta Adolf's pictures to the point where they no longer represent a state of affairs

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I hear women called Wittgenstein's dick THE SLAB

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>I hear women called Wittgenstein's dick THE SLAB
>"In the language game "Slab!" is only a shortened version of the sentence 'Ludwig, give me the slab!'"

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this thread is great

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What do you mean by the word Philosopher?
Let's play a game shall we, I was raised in a village where discussion of personal thoughts never occurred. How would you go about convincing me that Wittgenstein is a philosopher?

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W is so fucking GAY lol

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is this real? sauce pls

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I'd assume it's from The Jew of Linz. All bullshit btw.

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Wow, Hitler was an unhappy looking kid.

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Yeah, there's even a passage about kid Wittgenstein in Mein Kampf.

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This looks like a shitposting thread but I'll ask anyway.
How do you get into Wittgenstein?
I really want to understand the tractatus.

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Yes my go..guy everyone knows hitler was a loser, you should open you borders as wide as possible.

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Plato, Heidegger, Nietzsche, Wittgenstein are my favorites because they are good writers and very clear.

I do not understand anything Kant or Hegel wrote. It's like, I can read word in their translated work and yes, agree that this is a word but I do not understand anything other.

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and the philosopher was cucked to write a posteriori interpretations of the world while Hitler shaped it.

Once again phil bites the dust

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Wittgenstein reading list:

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TLP is easy to understand if you understand logic at high school level.

PI is pretty much one of the BEST introductory works to philosophy.

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Tractatus is a joke and Investigations is Derrida-lite.

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I hear conflicting opinions on Heidegger. Some people say he is almost incomprehensible bullshit, others say he's quite clear. Who should I trust?

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It's incomprehensible bullshit until you understand it. Then it's quite clear

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And is it really that difficult to understand it?

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Try to read one of the Being and Time translations. I found it very clear myself

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True patrician objective opinion


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Most people don't even finish the introduction and thats why they say it is nonsense
If you are gonna read it, dont be a puss and finish the intro even if you feel you are not understanding shit, take notes (they will probably be incorrect but thats why you read it a second time), and search for a simple general explanation of what he is saying in yt or something. There is a guy who has done a pretty good job explaining it in a pretty detailed but still not so long way, but it is in spanish, his channel is mcnabb or something like that, maybe he has english subtitles.
Everytime it gets too obscure he explains it in a more simple way in the next page, remember that and don't get frustated
It will make a los more sense in the second read, and his philosophy is quite amazing if you ask me, but I understand why plebs hate it

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Man I have like 96 IQ and I thought B&T was one of the most clear philosophical works I had read.

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This one guy wrote a book about how he thinks that the holocaust was caused because Wittgenstein was mean to Hitler.

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Thank you, that was helpful.

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My thoughts are too complex for philosophers to understand.

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Thank you anons. I only recently started reading philosophy with some early works by Nietzsche (I've been interested in philosophy for a long time, but I never read the source material before). Heidegger is one of my final goals

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>No Hume, Parmenides and Wittgenstein
Anon... I...

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I want this to evolve into a play.

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>The occasion for Adolf Hitler becoming anti-Semitic was a schoolboy interaction in Linz, circa 1904, with Ludwig Wittgenstein
In the 1920s, Wittgenstein joined the Comintern
>As a Trinity College don, and a member of the Cambridge Apostles, Wittgenstein recruited fellow Apostles Guy Burgess, Kim Philby and Anthony Blunt, all students at Trinity—as well as Donald Maclean from nearby Trinity Hall—to work for the Soviet Union.
>Wittgenstein was responsible for the secret of decrypting the German "Enigma" code being passed to Joseph Stalin, which resulted ultimately in the Nazi defeats on the Eastern Front and liberation of the surviving Jews from the camps.
>Both Hitler's oratory and Wittgenstein's philosophy of language derive from the hermetic tradition, the key to which is Wittgenstein's "no-ownership" theory of mind, described by P. F. Strawson in his book Individuals (1958).[2]

This reads like some /lit/ fever dream meme copy pasta

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buy him a few cocktails and I'm sure he'll let you into him ifyouknowwhatimean

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> TLP is easy to understand if you understand logic at high school level.

I don't think that's true. You're right in the sense that the logic of TLP is easy to understand but the difficulty lies within how Wittgenstein uses words to explain his ideas. If someone reads the TLP with additional material that elaborates on "symbols" and so on it should be relatively easy.

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wtf i love witty now

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Probably because he was abused, and apparently bullied.

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Mfw I just found out that Wittgenstein and Hitler went to middle school together.

Likewise at school I found no occasion which could have led me to change this inherited picture. At the Realschule, to be sure, I did meet one Jewish boy who was treated by all of us with caution, but only because various experiences had led us to doubt his discretion and we did not particularly trust him; but neither I nor the others had any thoughts on the matter.

—Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf, 1943 English translation by Ralph Manheim

What did he mean by this?

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Tell us what you think he meant.

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Wittgenstein even explicitly laments World War II in what became the preface of his posthumously published Philosophical Investigations, dated January 1945-while simultaneously deprecating his own text (almost as if he contemplate the smallness and absurdity of his activity relative to the Real):

"I make them [Wittgenstein's remarks, his ideas, the content of PI] public with doubtful feelings. It is not impossible that it should fall to the lot of this work, in its poverty AND IN THE DARKNESS OF THIS TIME [emphasis mine, this unmistakably refers to World War II itself], to bring light into one brain or another-but, of course, it is not likely."

Even in this "real world", practical section of the text, Wittgenstein is forced to acknowledge that Adolf hurt his feefees.

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Ok, I'll make a musical out of it. I only need to read the Tractatus, Philosophical Investigations, The Jew of Linz and the Mein Kampf

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>PI is pretty much one of the BEST introductory works to philosophy.
Is this true?

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pro-tip: it wasn't

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He obviously didn't understand TLP very well.

t. Mathematics grad student.

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I'm gonna read the blue and brown books then read PI

Anyone know a good supplement for the world as will and representation? Got to the second chapter and Schopenhauer tells me to read his fucking dissertation to understand his book and I ain't got time for that shit

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>No dogs in the pic

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