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Society is the root cause to all human misery

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Not literature

Please make bait threads about women, jews, or blacks that are vaguely /lit/ related if you want a proper discussion

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>Not literature
I thouht we discussed philosophy here too?

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Is becoming a hermit the only honest existence?

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Being a multi-cellular organism is the root cause of all malady.

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Yes, but a mental rather than a physical hermitage

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It's the root cause of all human happiness, too, dumbass.

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No. Hunter/gatherer in a tribe is

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The mitochondria is the source of all pain

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>what is sunshine, beauty of nature, sex, thrill to survive(hunting), health

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Really makes me think.

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But even if you're in a tribe there are moments where you have to prove or justify yourself. If you're a leader you need to show off your authority or feats of strength, for example, to stay in command. If you're a hermit you don't need to put on any airs, because you don't need to influence anyone.

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wtf is going on

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Well, this thread ended less shittily than I thought it would.

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Holy shit, literally perfect breasts.

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>reverse image search

nice, you know her anon?

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>moments where you have to prove or justify yourself
>If you're a leader you need to show off your authority or feats of strength
What's so bad about that again?

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Jesus Christ I'd lick that for days

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I reported this because im salty about getting reported everytime i post tits.

once i got banned for posting some chick in a bikini.

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Reporting reports is against the rules

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This. We should go back to unicellular consciousness (i.e., take planetary doses of heroin).

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We need a philosophy board to weed out the autists who don't want to discuss actual books and literature.

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if you report me for it im gonna kick your ass

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WHY?! WHY MUST YOU TORMENT ME SO WITH THESE JEZEBELS? All I want to do is come here for an asexual experience that will exercise my brain but I am constantly titillated by these vixens with their prodigious hips and provocative figures. Can I never satiate this thirst, will I ever know the touch of a woman and enter between her loins? Will my seed ever drip from her moistened hole?

Life is a constant hell. No wonder I resent women too.

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Stop posting women, it makes you seem like slaves to your own biological urges.

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this kind of resentful behavior is why society is the cause of all suffering

the mods are fucking awful lately. don't let them control you and wipe out what's left of what was ever fun or interesting about this stupid site

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The problem is that /his/ is too highbrow boring, and /lit/ is now too pedestrian and contrarian.

Where are the boards with smart people who want to have a fun intelligent good time without five levels of ironic 14 year old role-playing?

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I don't.
>planetary doses of heroin
Abusing your own dopamoon system is bad AND a side-effect of SOCIETY

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pic related
also, nice meme tits

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By that definition, all methods to subvert society are caused by society and therefore illegitimate. Even Diogenes was a puppet.

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>I literally never touched a boob at the age of 25
Should I just end it all?

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Glorious 10/10 tits

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You should get a high class hooker, yes. Fuck, even if you still live with your parents and have no money, ask your dad to pay or something. Sounds like it's a matter of life or death.

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So based. Look at him, he doesn't give a fuck. Hierarchy meant nothing to him, and people respected him for it. I wish his works survived.

>tfw you will never walk around in a crowded market with a lantern during the day telling everyone you are looking for 'an honest man'

he unabashedly admonished the entire community and they loved him for it

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I like this post because you explained yourself and ironically will still get banned because announcing reports is against the rules.

Top lad right here.

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Well fuck. Let's abandon that method.
Taking drugs is bad because it prevents you from reaching the max biological development (physical and mental) and diverts you away from family/sex/procreation which are detrimental to survival in a situation where you have abandoned the society

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>tfw poor family and I don't know my dad
Suicide it is then.

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>Diogenes's works
true heir to the Socratic tradition, Diogenes wrote nothing

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>Perfect 10/10 tits
>Degenerate piercing

Pick uno mi amigos

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Oh dear God, there goes the no fap

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I know man. What a guy.
Abandoning society is a one way of dropping your estm. lifetime to half ;).

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Why are you all so thirsty? They're tits. Nice, cool. You know, there's like, billions of objectively better pairs. lol

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You either a woman or a fag.

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i think hes trolling.

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>wow look at me, I'm so outdoorsy!
>bluetooth music headset
>phone to constantly take pictures of self (affectations)
>social media

God, I hate women. When I went on vacation to Arizona I turned my phone off and went on 10 hour hikes every day with nothing but the Bible, water, and energy bars.

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>The ego is the root cause of all human misery


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And the powerhouse of the cell

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Looks like a disgusting, STD-ridden whore who sleeps with anyone that buys her shit, I don't know how you guys can be attracted to this.

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>choosing a woman for any reason other than looks
Are you retarded? They all have the minds of children and are not worth dealing with intellectually. You may as well pick the ones that make your dick feel good.

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Maybe if all the women you know are vulgar sluts like this, but there are worthwhile girls out there.

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And besides, finding a wife to raise your children is certainly not a matter of looks, I wouldn't trust this particular girl with raising even a dog.

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