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Do you read in the bathtub, /lit/?

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i do not have baths because i am not a woman

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>cleaning yourself by sitting in your own filth

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I'm in the bath right now.

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>not showering before he bathes
Get on my level

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Why do women like baths so much? What's the point of being in water if it's not deep and you're not swimming and having fun?

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Looks like someone didn't start with the Greeks lmao

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can you really not imagine why someone might enjoy having a bath?

or are you just trying to start some kind of /r9k/ circle-jerk?

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only manlets are able to enjoy baths

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I enjoy being in a pool or a lake or the ocean because of that floaty feel but you don't get that if you're sitting on the floor in a tub (basically sitting on the floor doesn't seem especially comfortable to me). Not trying to be edgy or start a circlejerk, just don't understand.

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Dude, don't the books get all damp and creasy and puffy

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I go through stages where I bath 5+ times a day.

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I read in the shower

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lol mate just try it
its great

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I haven't taken a shower in 8 days bro, come at me

Smell emanating from my balls fill the room if I even slightly close the window, it's majestic

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There's no water in the bath, I hide in here when pa's been drinking.

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>He doesn't relax in a hot bath to ease his muscles and relax while thinking about the next days Senate meeting
We found the non-Roman plebeian, boys.

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How does that even work

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It doesn't

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Yes, but not often. I don't like having to put my Kindle in a plastic bag. :( does anybody know of a good waterproof Kindle Paperwhite case?

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I guess it's for 2 pages/day power-readers

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Yeah, I read half submersed just because I can.

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Do you rate your kindle? I'm on the fence about buying the paperweight one. How much better is it than reading on your phone?

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e-ink is a gamechanger for screenfags

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my bath is nowhere near clean enough to lay down in that ish. baths are a privilege, and reading in the bath is ju

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I love it, personally. It's way comfier than a phone screen. Be sure to get the backlit version if you buy one!

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paperwhite is goat

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I just got a paperwhite and it's a gift from god

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the only thing its good for LOL

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>wasting water and time for no good reason

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I prefer to read in my sauna.

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I like to read Hemingway in the bathtub

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I would like to, but I always get an itch on the back of my leg

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all the time

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Ah yes, The Death of OP. A most joyous event to remember.

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>having a shower
>having a bathroom
>having a home
>not rejecting bourgeois morals

wew lad..

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I WOULD if I had a bathtub
>tfw you miss locking the bathroom door, putting a table next to the bath with a cd player, some chocolate, some cold water or bier and sinking into the water for hours with a good book.

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>he criticizes others for the ways they relax and enjoy themselves
Truly a patrician

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Waterproof nook masterrace

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If I don't drop my Kobo Aura in the water, can it still get damaged by the damp/steam? It's not waterproof but Idk what importance that has.

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>wasting that much water
CA just got out of a drought

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CA can suck my nads

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Why not have mexico farm it so they can put some labor to use in the avocado trade instead of drug trade

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i'm sure quite a few plebs do all right

pic related

just don't drop the e-reader while it's plugged in

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Should you drop it if it's not plugged in?

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absolutely. those things are pleb-tier.

i once sat on a plane and the chap next to me pulled out a lovely 19th century edition of some russian shit and started thumbing away at it like he did this everyday.

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yeah, I think so. I wouldn't risk it.

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kk thanks

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bro what is this gif
racist as hell

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how is it racist man

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DFW's finest work

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Its true only manlets can fit in the tub.
For tall people, taking a bath is really uncomfortable.

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no because how do you wash your hands without getting the book wet and eventually warping the pages like seriously who fucking reads in the bathtub? it's like reading while taking a shit, how about focus on getting yourself cleaned/the shit out/wiggling out the poo instead of distracting yourself, it doesn't take too long just fucking shit then wipe yer bot-bot then you're fuckin done fucks sake what the fuck man

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my younger brother, he's nearly 20, is sometimes this unhygienic. it's a sign of mental weakness, anon, do not take pride in it. nobody likes a stinky dinky.

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HaHa this is me in high school getting the enlightenments and BTW music is my life

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I can understand not wanting to read in the bath but who doesnt read on the loo?

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for some people, reading on the john is the only place where they'll have a bit of privacy, especially to read trash.

have been to some aristocratic manors in Europe, and all the best houses had floor-to-ceiling stacks of books in their admittedly primitive shitters.

no doubt you want a Jap-style automatic cyborg jacks that will sing you the fucking book too while you're at it.

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yeah that's what happens when you read in the bath

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...Why? What kind of books were they?
Were these shitters under the stairs affairs or did they have bathtubs?

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no all i want is a pretty korean wife is that too much to ask for

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no bathtubs, anon. typical french old houses had a separate tiny room for the john. called it throne room usually.

some were under the stairs yeah. that's where you keep the pulp fiction and kids books once they're grown up and out of date travel guides etc.

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>wipe my bum as you sing me the song of your people?

is that it?

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no i can wipe my own backside t b h but korean women are pretty and i want to grow old with one

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Seconding this anon, they're comfy as fuck, convenient, the backlit ones (technically frontlit, that's why they don't get glary in the sun) especially. Load em up with a tonne of pirated ebooks if you're so inclined. Sure it's not as comfy as a physical book but it's much more convenient.

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I don't read at all.

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underrated post

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and some of the bath houses had libraries in them too

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never again shall he suck cock.
or a curse?

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>being this poor

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loling at the image of this anon lounging in a bathtub holding a kindle wrapped in a plastic baf

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why would i risk my book to get wet?

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Straight male here.
Nothing I use to like more than some music and a book in a nice toasty bath.

>tfw now I need reading glasses and they steam up so no longer enjoy this past time.

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To feel the thrill of standing on the edge of disaster

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