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Can Libertarians even read?

Supposedly this guys is the paragon of their principles but in this book he shits on laissez-faire capitalism. It's not even like he is cryptic about it. He just flat out says it is a terrible idea.

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libertarians and sjws are literally the same thing. they both want absolute immunity to do whatever degenerate fag shit they want, but the first group thinks having a CCW makes that possible whereas the other thinks that you need the state to stamp out "wrongthink"

both are corporate slaves and neither care about economics

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Haha nicely put.

One thing about Libertarians is that they act like economists are on their side. But then when you read said economists you realize they'd laugh in their face.

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Libertarians can definitely read but the bulk of their brainpower is directed toward Bitcoin speculation.

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Ideological, proselytizing libertarians are the worst.

But I live in New Hampshire, where libertarian ideology has won over both parties. We have no income tax. Our institutions (roads, schools, emergency services), such as they are, are funded by town property taxes. Local elections dictate local budgets, and the state barely doles out money to any social causes, whether it be addiction, mental health services, or socialist causes. To keep itself running it sells liquor, which while not libertarian, keeps it out of my wallet when i have a good year. In spite of all this, our unemployment is rock bottom, and it is probably the best state in America to live in.

So frankly, fuck all 3 or 4 of you. Go move to New York State if you love government intervention one way or the other.

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I live in Minnesota where we love government intervention and it's heaven here. Some of the best public schools in the country, the best city parks in the country, high quality healthcare, bicycle trails everywhere.

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The book is more "classical liberal" than libertarian. He wants government to be limited to only the absolute minimum (negative externalities, basic safety net, etc.) and not practice more intervention than absolutely necessary. What he has in common with libertarians is that he is against government trying to somehow create equality through redistribution and central planning.

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Hayek was a neoliberal, he wasn't utopian enough to reject the state, you need a strong state for a stable framework for the optimal functioning of an economic process based on competition and the coordination of economic agents planing through a price mechanism. The state must ensure that society is not completely overwhelmed by the logic of the market but it must also ensure that individuals will identify with micro-enterprises enabling the realization of competitive social order; government must create competition where it doesn't exist.
To get ideas like that accepted you needed to breed a generation of organic intellectuals to capture institutions and gain ideological hegemony e.g. through organizations like the Mont Pelerin Society.

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The happiest countries in the world are all more 'socialist' than America. So your anecdotal evidence does not really hold water.

Nice try but my points still stand :>

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That is an incredibly small crossover.

He also explicitly condemns that 'wooden' attitude. So in short, he is an enemy of libertarians while they say he champions their cause.

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NH would be a failed state if it weren't able to leech off of the rest of the northeast. Move it to flyover country and watch that approach fail miserably.

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Government intervention is probably good at the local level when it adresses immediate problems, but federal interventions are inevitably clumsy acts that end up satisfying nobody.

I'd really like to see what those countries are, and be aware that most methods used to measure "happiness" are a load of bull.

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It's a survey. Where you rate your happiness. I mean I don't know another way to measure a qualitative experience....
> inb4 brain scans dude.
Also just google it. Mostly the Nordic countries. I know libertarians hate facts but it really is helpful to understand them to inform yourself.

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why are qualitative measures viewed so negatively? if someone feels unfulfilled, speaking about levels of satisfaction make more sense than any attribution of "happiness-units" or any other arbitrary measure.

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minarchism isnt the same as lolbertarianism. a powerful government that rules over a small homogenous territory, that chooses carefully when and where to intervene, and delegates authority well is obviously the best possible form of govt

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Well to put it bluntly, and I must admit I'm highly biased, since Galileo made science all about the quantitative, quality has been eschewed as unscientific. Don't worry anon, science is approaching a huge paradigm shift in which quality will be accepted.

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Hayek was a classical liberal.

If one advocates Hayek as their /guy/, then what are they?

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>It's a survey. Where you rate your happiness. I mean I don't know another way to measure a qualitative experience....
this just in China and North Korea are the happiest places on Earth. Good to know this is your methodology, fuckface.

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Cause the Nordic countries are as totalitarian as China and North Korea.

Nice straw-man (and insults to boot). #libertarianlogic

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you completely missed the point, but that's not surprising since you're a braindead liberal.

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Is that what you call an argument?

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We are not dependent on the Feds.

You are absolutely correct, I was imprecise

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>New Hampshire, where libertarian ideology has won over both parties
I'd heard this before. Seems pretty awesome. I'd be interested in moving there if it weren't in the Northeast.

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They are, though, just in different ways.

Being a racist in Sweden or Norway is as bad as being an anti-communist in North Korea or China, if not worse, because not even your family and friends will stick up to you.

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>awesome. I'd be interested


That said, the people who talk about this in public that arent state reps are awful.

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No, but I'd call your existence an argument on why the death penalty should exist.

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You can't be serious....
You are comparing two very different things. If you speak out against the government in those two countries you disappear. Not at all the same as the Nordic countries.

Being a racist is bad... Community being angry at you and having a oppressive government is two completely different phenomenon.

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If you speak against the government in China you will a Nobel Peace Prize.

If you speak against immigration policy in Sweden you lose your job and your family disowns you.

I'd take China.

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You're disgusting.

You have no argument so, you want me to die?

Also isn't having a government which can kill people against your 'principles'? Man you're a disgrace to humans everywhere.

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You have never left your mothers basement have you?

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I think the 'arguments' I have gotten from Libertarians completely proves the point of this post.

You have no arguments, only vitriol.

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Why do you say that?

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Nobody would choose China over Denmark or Sweden. Your ideology is perverting reality.

There are no sacred rights in China. When I was in Australia I saw tons of Buddhists and others who fled because China just locks them up or makes them disappear.

To actually make that choice you'd have to be absolutely nuts.

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>writes like a condescending little bitch
>gets btfo'd and told for what he is
>continues their bitching and blatantly misconstrues my argument
>gets told to do what all other pseud's should do (die)
>muh ur so meen >:*(
later cuckball, don't let the door hit your ass on the way out, but who am I kidding, you'd enjoy that.
not him, but I'd just kill myself at the gates of the airport if I had to choose between those two shit holes.

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>choose one
The psychological trauma you have endured to be such a disturbed person must be astounding.

Nothing in any of your posts has resembled an argument. You literally just use ad hoc attacks and label people.

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Honestly all of New England has been doing well for the past few centuries, regardless of politics.

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Go back to the containment board, your posts stink of neckbeard.

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If you're too arrogant and stupid to have understood my initial post, that isn't a lack of argument on my part, only on yours.
>I'll accuse you of everything I'm doing, now I'll surely win the argument!
Let me play you the worlds smallest violin so you can recognize how much your pity means to me.
>I can't handle different opinions!
Go back to your containment website, your posts stink of the yeast smeared on your dildo.

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t. Somalian refugee

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They're actually disliked by native blacks because they've assimilated so well.

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Jane Mayer addresses this in her book Dark Money: when it first came out in English everyone read the READERS DIGEST CONDENSED TRANSLATION which cut out everything he said about providing social services and criticising markets

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They are both ideologues, so they try to fit the wolrd into some stupid model.

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I dont blame them DESU

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>Can libertarians even read?
No, anon, that's the point.

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Lmao, psychologists have been hoping for that for decades. It's not going to happen.

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"we must penetrate to the non-particulate foundation of the particulate image, and recognize that in this non-particulate image the qualities of sense are a dimension of natural process which occurs only in connection with those complex physical processes which, when
'cut-up' into particles in terms of those features which are the least common denominators of physical process -- present in inorganic as well as organic processes alike -- become the complex system of particles which, in the current scientific image, is the central nervous system." Wilfrid Sellars Philosophy and the Scientific Image of Man.

This guy is one of the greatest analytics and even he has posited that science must start taking qualitative experience seriously. Why do you think 'the hard problem of consciousness' is so resistant? It is because we have tried to eschew quality. There is no quantitative account for consciousness, no matter how much Dennett and Company want there to be.

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