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>Divine Comedy
>It's not funny at all

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>this thread

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>no discussion of literature

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>ignore this thread
>one fucking job

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>Finnegan's Wake
>put me to sleep

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>Venus In Furs
>Venus implies, if anything

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Comedy means it has a happy ending you fucking retarded NIGGER. Seriously? Are you that fucking dumb? Kill yourself. KILL YOURSELF. KILL YOU'RE SELF YOU RETARDED IDIOT GAY ASS HONKY. Da fuck... Back to r*ddit you piece of horseshit. Your mom should've had an abortion. Faggot. You're so stupid that you disappointed your mother. When the doctors saw her come in for birth they slapped her because the doctors were psychics and saw that you'd grow up to be a stupid fucking cis, white male. Dumb troll. Jump off a bridge into the ocean.

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reddit detected

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Get help

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>Infinite Jest
>it is actually infinite

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The ass bugle was pretty funny.

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if you don't think a boiling lake of shit isn't funny we cannot be friends

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Frog thread... need I say more?

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In Greek theatre, there were two genres; comedy and tragedy. In tragedy, the protagonist dies. In comedy, they didn't. This is literally the only distinction.

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I know that's not what comedy means, but Inferno is pretty funny at times just by knowing the context.
>oh man hell is so weird look at all these people you randomly run into
>whoa is that chad thundercock who stole my girlfriend in middle school, what are you doing here?
>oh you're in hell for being a faggot
>wow what a surprise

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Go through it dude.
Mohamed and faggots doing circles in hell are amusing to say the least.

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You're an idiot. There are so many things that separate the two genres.

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>In Greek theatre, there were two genres

wut abt satyr plays u shitlorde, gotta let the goats get sum

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>Atomized. Too much science in it.

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lol seriously

>waoh, it's guido vonspuccionianino fagliocci[1] spaghettio, what are you doing here?
>I was a gay sodomite[2]

[1]: 10 page footnote about obscure florentine trivia from the middle ages
[2]: 15 page footnote debating whether or not this phrase echoes virgil

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>Disliked his art

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Regardless of what comedy means it actually is pretty funny.

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lmao dead on. First post I've ever seen on this board that actually gets the book

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You sound like you just rolled in from Reddit and you're excited you can finally say things without being banned or downvoted to hell and you're way too excited about it.

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but how did he get to the afterlife without dying first you see, the story is flawed you see

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Do you guys seriously not get the joke or is this some sort of meta-post-irony? This site is making me lose my mind

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>ripleys believe it or not
>i pick not

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Oh, was that funny?

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I like this post

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>captain underpants
>he tops me and calls me private

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Such as?

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>The Myth of Sisyphus

>Sisyphus is actually a myth

whoa, really vibrates my cranium.


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>Moby Dick
>Is actually about sperm

I don't know how to feel about this

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>ed elli avea del cul fatto pompetta

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>not knowing what a comedy was back then
>being this stupid

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It was a little.

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Solid one.

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Kek, basically this.

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There is a moment in Canto VIII when Dante fights Filippo Argenti and he is really bitchy and tells Virgil that he wants to see that fucker drown. The strange thing is that Virgil is ok with it and hugs and kisses Dante like a total homo
I don't even know why but the whole thing is so funny

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>The Road To Serfdom.
>Implication that roads would exist in libertarian utopia.

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Is that Dan "elder Daemon of Tzeench" Gheesling?

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>not about someone who's borderline retarded

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>Label the genre so that it gives away the ending

Is this why Greece fell?

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>book of Job
>still unemployed

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Nothing anyone does is sincere, and barely anything is on just one level of insincerity.

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