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What book would someone read to be instant boyfriend material to you? Ulysses or 120 days of sodom.

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faggots need to get OFF MY BOARD

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Anything from Saramago

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Steppenwolf for a boyfriend. Also House on the Borderlands to show he has a similar fun side as me.

Girlfriend, anything that isn't YA cough john green cough and also not exclusively feminist literature. If she read faulkner, that'd be pretty hot.

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Confessions of a mask, desu

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>House on the Borderlands

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oh i'm sorry, i forgot where i was.

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What is house on the borderlands, who is it by? I see a book by 3 different authors called house on the borderlands on goodreads.

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William Hope Hodgson.

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If he/she read and understood Thus Spoke Zarathustra, then I'm set.

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I went on a mission to find the House once, poring over old maps and the like before heading out to scour the west of Ireland countryside. Good times. (I didn't find the transdimensional portal inhabited by pig-demons, obviously)

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Homer in the original Greek or anything by Nietzsche (pumped up manly bf's for the win)

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How to find lit bf when most homosex are fiercely anti intellectual?

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you wat nigger
western civilization is fucxing founded on boipussi

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Hodgson. it's an influence for Lovecraft's stories.

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bummer, that's the best part!

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gay patrician and lit lover here

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moar pictures pls
it's hot

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Someone wants to be dominated

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I'm here

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tfw no cute lit boyfriend. How come all the gay people I meet seem to be these vapid brainless hives? I want a cute, well spoken, well read boyfriend, who actually has some style and intelligence. Why is it so hard to find gay people like that? It's funny because gay people are stereotyped as being smarted than average (I remember hearing that statistic from a ted talk on why homosexuality makes sense from an evolutionary perspective), but I never find these people.

Where do I have to go? I imagine that you're not going to find that sort of amazing authentic person on a place like okcupid. I am going back to college in the fall, but I doubt that I am going to be able to find cute guys who are also intelligent there. My lgbt center in my area didn't even have guys who visited the 20 year olds meeting group.

Fuck, it's so depressing. It's gotten to the point where it makes me sick when I hear about other people and their relationships.

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Please be my bf/gf

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>all the gay people I meet seem to be these vapid brainless hives
>evolutionary biology
>ted talk
You're one of them.

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So I'm just delusional and I haven't met a ton of really vapid gay people. Okay. Fuck you.

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Eyyyy I read that shit

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I said you're one of them, not that that you've never met a ton of really vapid gay people. Try reading a book, ted talks won't help you with your reading comprehension.

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I do read you piece of shit. Kill yourself.

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You're easy to trigger. Need a safe space?

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Yes daddy.

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Some insight into this conversation:

Over a decade ago I spent a lot of time in the gay.com chatrooms. These were mostly rooms according to area, since it was mostly for seedy urges, but some of the rooms were classified according to the type of person that was supposed to be there. These ranged from Asian to Intellectual, I think there was an Outdoorsy one. At the time, I had an Asian fetish (oddly, don't really have it anymore), but every time I went to the Asian room it was just a bunch of old (usually fat) white guys. I don't think I ever saw an Asian guy in the room, ever.

Now, the same thing happened with the Intellectual room. It was wall-to-wall with really obnoxious morons. They weren't there because they were intellectuals. They were there because they wanted an intellectual.

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>every time I went to the Asian room it was just a bunch of old (usually fat) white guys
sounds like pedos wanting to get a preteen lookin asian

also nice quads

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>If she read faulkner, that'd be pretty hot.

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What if I'm smol and thought Nietzsche was meh?

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Oh they're around, just typically shy and nervous.

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well read women suck honestly theyre not cool to hang around mostly pigheaded types

you get all that faggy idealization you see on lit and mu regarding moderately attractive women with similair interests its very naive pathetic shit

a lot of you guys probably have this madonna whore complex from staying on this site too long which is why youre all into traps and dudes now

but if a dude read some thurber and salinger id fuck his twink ass

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What book should I be reading in public to be identifiable as cute lit guy boyfriend material?
Same way other way around, by which books do I recognize cute lit boyfriend potential?
Thought about it for 10 seconds and thought, if I ever see a guy my age reading a classc novel in public that should be identity enough for me to know he is gay...

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Something by Genet or Mishima 2 b h.

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Mostly patrician post until you mentioned salinger

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t. pleb who's never read esme or uncle wiggily

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No, you revealed yourself to be a pleb when you made this post. The patrician authors who were around when Salinger's work was published tended to love his work.

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Hi, I'm 19 and gay. I like literature of all kind. I need a bf who shares my taste in books.

Please >:(

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What books do you like?

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fuck off back to reading the rainbow stories

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As said here >>9467653
my favourite author is Saramago. I read a lot, although it has been a while since I've read literature (a lot of non-fiction because of college). I started reading more "serious" lit when I was 17, so I'm probably what /lit/ considers a pseud. Some other authors I like: Dosto, Salinger, Max Blecher, Machado de Assis, Graciliano Ramos, Camus, Sartre.

Guess that's it.

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gays are anti-intellectual? i mean there's surely a lot of vapid skanks out there but it's more like a-intellectualism

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Where from, senpai?

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I'll let you suck my dick but no kissing.

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i have a theory your cute little boyfriend is hard to find bc that kind of personality can't fit in with the twinkie fags and theres no real outlet for cute innocent burgeoning nazi love outside of rampant faggotry except becoming a furry. the furry community is heinous af and is a coping mechanism--its participants know this isnt exactly how their "feelings" should be expressed but stick to it as it is the only thing that they have. I think with this new generation well see less over faggotry and more right-wing sobering in which the furry community can slowly come out of their sweaty suits and embrace each other in a mature true real way. just as plato intended.

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I'm from Brazil anon
you probably ran away after reading this

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gimmie ur kik gayboi

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I'm the sort of shy, quiet gay guy you guys are looking for. But I'm a fat fuck, so who gives a shit.

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I'd agree with you and say classics are your best bet. If you see a cute guy reading a book ask him if it's any good just strike up a conversation.

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>Gays want intellectuals
Yeah sure

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starting conversations with random people is for oddballs though

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>you probably ran away after reading this

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Giovanni's Room or Genet might get the message across.

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How do you feel when someone seemingly randomly makes a comment at you or says a funny simple joke?
Semi good at least right?
And most likely don't think too negatively of them.
It is a good thing to be.

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not when i do it

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We live in a world where reading books yourself is odd. Also people don't generally care if you ask them openly about something they have an interest in.

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you saying you Are awkward or you feel awkward even if it went somehow OK?

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I'm from Brazil too. Porto Alegre.

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Now kiss Hueanons

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He'll probably be from some shithole up north, I bet it senpai

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I'm from SP, anon. I live near the capital.
what books do you like? Also, how old are you?

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Nah my man, I'm white. Or as white as one can be, being hue

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18. I'm into politics, economics, philosophy and a decent amount of fiction. Are you hu-white?

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As said here >>9469795, yes.
are you a lefty?

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also how to do spoilers, I am far too thick for this sophistry

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[.spoiler] without the dots [/spoiler]

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>tfw no insuperior bf to educate

>> No.9469826

I'm also not a lefty. You seem nice anon, wanna talk later?

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seriously why do newfags out themselves so willingly?

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you shouldnt be educating anyone pal

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I still have to read the middle third of 120 days of sodom, I may take it back up again soon.

I'm realizing for multiple reasons that I just plain have to read the Homeric poems as prerequisites to other things (a comment by way of the other meme).

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A-anyone around 19 near/in New York City? I want to cuddle someone while we read each other passages of "The Anatomy of Melancholy."

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I have no idea.

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>120 days of sodom
pls save urself and don't

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They'll get there one day sempai we were all new at some point.

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Post kik, I'll speak in huezil so you'll know it's me. Or snap or whatever

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>having a boyfriend/girlfriend
not lit at all, how exactly are you supposed to shun sleep and stay up almost if not all night long and feel yourself losing your mind if you have a tight pussy/boipuccy calling for you before midnight? for shame

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Am I the only cisgendered heteronormative individual on this fucking board?
>tfw no qt sci-fi gf who hates nerds as much as you do but loves sci-fi as much as you do
>tfw you don't come home from a long day arguing about concepts and making important decisions to discuss all the reasons Stellaris sucks with your qt sf gf while watching The Expanse

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you're also a newfag.
No oldfriend would be this nice

>But I like the welcoming attitude

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I don't use kik and I can't share my snap username :x

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Not really new I just try to be optimistic and polite instead of some cynical asshole like the other 99% of 4chin is.

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appreciate the effort

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Why don't you just make a throwaway email?

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Anything by Mishima or Spinoza desu

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Why don't you go brood alone somewhere else like you do every night Anon? I'm sure you'll enjoy that.

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Well, my snap is joseee175. I'm not going to expose your snap.

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[email protected]

Be quick.

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Are you b8ing me or do you not know that this is the sort of place where people brood?

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Not him was just suggesting

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>il/lit/erates collectively teasing a young uninitiated gayboi
Oh damn, didn't realise tonight was /soc/ night

>> No.9470067

>not having a long-distance literate qt
Best of both worlds, all of the strained discussion with none of the distracting physical validation

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>facebook filename
OP is a wemon who likes gay boys

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>snk fujoshit on the front page
no point in reading gay porn when all the guys look like girls

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But OP, we are all boys here on /lit/
How could we want a boyfriend?

The real question is, what would someone read to make them instant girlfriend material?

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the bible not even trolling

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I'm not gay but I can say that life gets a lot easier once you stop wanting your future gf/bf a specific taste in art or the same hobbies as you do. There are other things you can build your relationship around which are probably more important anyway.

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How is that different from what straight people do? Sounds exactly the same desu. I've never had a "lit" gf, except for one girl who eventually said no and broke my heart ;_;

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People who are into men are generally dumb

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Most religious texts
A book on Go or Chess.

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I'm not gay but it's so nice seeing a fellow Saramago fan that I'd let you sniff my cum jar

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Book of Disquiet

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Any of you guys like Mary Renault?

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>we are all boys here on /lit/
>How could we want a boyfriend?

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I'm a guy. Can someone explain to me why some people on 4chan hate facebook? Where did this meme come from?

>> No.9471559

>some people

Try 'everyone who isn't a cancerous newfag shite'

>> No.9471621

>not literal dogshit
anon I don't know what to tell you aside from lurk more newfag

>> No.9471641

I've been going to this website for more than half a decade of my life.

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How to obtain bf anyway?
My uni is very cosmopolitan, so i regularly see lit bfs in the study area, or at campus book shops, but there is no cause to talk to them, it would be so obvious if i randomly began talking to them

>> No.9471675

Don't EVER randomly start talking to someone. It will scar you deep down and you will never outgrow it. It's the most painful sort of memory, which hits you like a ton of bricks, like an open wound every single time you think about it. DO NOT WALK UP TO PEOPLE AND TALK TO THEM, it will only be a recipe for them hating you and you feeling the worst you've ever felt in your life. I am fucking warning you.

>> No.9471684

I would like to find a woman reading letters from a stoic just out of curiosity to hear what she made of it but gf material would be V.
I could spend hours discussing that fucking book, its characters, plots and ideas. It would be a cycle of fucking discussing eating fucking sleeping

>> No.9471687

Care to share your knowledge? Iva talked to strangers on occasion and never happened something as scarring as you foretell

>> No.9471715

Emo guy, lecture hall class. I walked up to him and asked if I could sit next to him. He was on to me, and I was sweating and nervous, and he was rude to me because he decided he hated me. He avoided me for the rest of the semester. Brb I'm going to go kill myself now.

>> No.9471726

No offence but you sound like a whiny faggot. Toughen up my dude.

>> No.9471737

I don't find being toughness to be superior or desirable.

>> No.9471745

no book, you only need one word: HYPERGAMY.

Fully understand this word and you know everything there is to know about heterosexual relatoinships.

>> No.9471778

Because their friends list would be empty.

>> No.9471783

You seem to find being scarred undesirable. If you were tougher you would not be scarred.

>> No.9471786

that was a good book desu. the one about alexander's lover is good too.

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Pic related and Storm Of Steel.

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I'd plow snuggle with anyone who likes Ghosts/Aliens as much as I do, to be honest.

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H-hello OP, hopefully you don't mind dealing with third worlders.

Hesiod or The Bible

>> No.9471975

>H-hello OP, hopefully you don't mind dealing with third worlders.
<3 <3 <3 <3 <3

>> No.9472645

If he appreciated the poetry of Wallace Stevens and the philosophy of Kant then I'd suck that dick and hit that boipussy without hesitation.

>> No.9472758

I had qt book girl. she doesnt love me anymore but I let her keep my heart beacuse im a hopeless fool

>> No.9472768

I want to love you anon
Where are you from

>> No.9472772

if a woman understood the books I like, I'd hate her

>> No.9472774

>but I let her keep my heart beacuse im a hopeless fool
better give a good elaboration or this is gay af

>> No.9472961

Brazil, unfortunately.
Is our love impossible?

>> No.9472976

Anon, brazillian here too.
What state?
BTW I'm not original anon I'm just curious.

>> No.9472979

I'm from Brazil too! Where exactly in this country?

>> No.9473010

honestly its a bit of both. at least this way i know where it is so it allows me to stay distant from any girl
the hopeless part is me is the part that still thinks she might come back

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My bf is a high school history teacher; he reads mostly non-fiction. I tend to read novels and short fiction

>> No.9473106

have i suddenly come upon the realization that I have been posting with a board completely full of fags all along?

Sometimes I think if I was gay I wouldn't have as much trouble finding a partner because I have a hard time talking to girls. Then I realize I don't really get where gays are coming from when they think anal is hot and dicks aren't ugly.

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>on 4chan


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>when they think anal is hot and dicks aren't ugly.
doesn't have to be full out straight away, anon.
Rather just a cute lit-boy to cuddle with under a blanket and talk about your favorite authors when it's rainy outside. And then you see where it goes from there bud.

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I think most gay people on 4chan are lonely people who aren't exactly good looking or confident enough to get a girl so they start to fetishize the other sex because they know there are a lot more relatable anons out there who would give them a blow job. Sad days when the internet ruins all forms of social skills that even ugly people could use back in the day to fuck at least once.

>> No.9473189

i once took a nice literary qt out on a date. she was well read, but was pretty chill about her tastes and what not.

>> No.9473197

Not to that extent, just to trap and robot/monster threads on /aco/ ew.

>> No.9473207

No, we are all tight skinned, petite with a cute face and messy hair who are just too shy irl otherwise we would have met eachother long ago somewhere
>who am I kidding :')

>> No.9473217

anyone here around 19 from North East Ohio?
non-lefty /cuteboi/ here, looking to cuddle and take turns reading sections from The Sound and the Fury together. Don't miss this limited time offer!

>> No.9473231

I'm from northeast ohio, but I hate trump and I'm a progressive. I really can't stand prejudice and people who think they're real talk when they're just saying something prejudice and stupid.

>> No.9473250


im slightly fat and moderately ugly, plus im balding, and I wear glasses. I have the feeling I look similar to a lot of losers on here. I think two ugly losers fucking is just more sad than it is sexy and I fine to admit that. I don't get this misconception that anons are cute anime boys.

>> No.9473252

Rio de Janegro, what about you?

>> No.9473253

nah anon, i gotchu.
I'm not for prejudice or discrimination, and i wouldn't consider myself right wing (not a Donny fanboy.) However, i have some problems with the modern left as large sects seem to be more regressive than progressive.
> concept cultural appropriation
>White people are inherently racist
>all men are potential rapists

>> No.9473255

First guy, SC

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>> No.9473267

There are some dumb things coming from the left, but nowhere near as much as on the right from the trump camp. I'd rather people who are overly concerned with racism even to the point where they see it where not exists, than a racist person or a person who thinks rape is fine, which would be the other extreme.

>> No.9473268

i hate that this gave me a boner. jesus i'm so thirsty

>> No.9473275


Did I strike a chord? Just be realistic and stop living in a fantasy land, im willing to bet most gays on 4chan are nerdy looking fat-bodies bordering on just becoming omnivore men. If you were a skinny fuckboy or otter or whatever the fuck they call it you probably wouldn't feel the need to post on 4chan and tease about hooking up with people.

Whatever live and let live but I can see your guys faces through your posts.

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>> No.9473331

I meet a girl literally named Anna Karenina who was into DFW and Kierkegaard. She was nice but somethings about her turned me away from her. I will leave it at that.

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Fucking hell. I came to /lit/ to find good books and I find out everyone's gay here. Which of the authors in this thread are secret gay signals, please?

>> No.9473382

>Which of the authors in this thread are secret gay signals, please?
>What book would someone read to be instant boyfriend materia
read OP
everybook here is meant to notice a lit qt

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Yeah but I thought it was chicks looking for bf books. Won't make that mistake again.

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>it was chicks

>> No.9473465

Yeah, like traps but with a hole where the dick would be. Might be hard for you to visualise.

>> No.9473490


comprou essa edição de sade online, anão?
tá caro pra caralho

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You know that ethnic minorities are often very homophobic, right? As a biscum person I would prefer a majority white country to a majority non-white country any day of the week. For example there is only one country in Africa where gay marriage is legal, and 34 where homosexuality is outlawed altogether. Things are even more grim in the Greater Middle East, and they're not so peachy keen in Latin America either.

I'm starting to see "racism" as a code word for "basic self preservation."

>> No.9473515

Florianopolis? One of the best cities in this country

>> No.9473525

I fit the bill although I'm not a faggot

Não, comprei há muito tempo atras, em 2006, nem lembro o preço

>> No.9473534

We exist. Far between I guess.

>> No.9473546

>I fit the bill although I'm not a faggot
same even though I am a Bukowski reading fag

>> No.9473554

Why have there been so many gay poets?

>> No.9473576

>tfw no pacific timezone /lit/ bf
Californians from outside the bay area are pretty trash though desu, don't reply

>> No.9473582
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wew lad, tell me about it
inb4 translations

>> No.9473586

Get this: Bu-cuck-ski.

>> No.9473587
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favorite poem?

>> No.9473590
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>he did it

>> No.9473606


uma pena que cê não curta
até hoje não conheci um homossexual que leu sade, e olha que saio bastante de casa, acredita?
você já leu o resto da obra dele? justine, juliette, zoloe?

vou te contar um segredo: descobri sade na adolescência e, desde então, já fiz umas putas chorarem, mas a verdade mesmo é que gosto de viados, de preferência brancos e novinhos

e aí, que me diz?

>> No.9473631
File: 667 KB, 3456x4608, 178568.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Eu também o li na adolescência e, como você, também já fiz algumas chorarem. Porém, da parte delas, elas também me fizeram chorar.

Não acredito, pelo visto os homossexuais daqui são muito comportados ou não leem. De todo modo, sinto por você.
Tenho só isso aí na imagem de Sade.

I'm a poetry pleb (as I said, I'm not a faggot), so I'd have to pick Bluebird.

>> No.9473662


é uma solidão imensa, anão, e um desejo que arrasto há anos, que permanece incômodo e intocado não importa em quantos prostíbulos eu adentre

eu te convidaria para um encontro, mas dada as nossas leituras é claro que acabaríamos indefectivelmente enrabando um ao outro, o que parece ser um problema para você

te recomendo o resto da obra

>> No.9473715

Mas o seu problema é qual? Encontrar um viado ideal ou de revelar sua verdadeira face para o mundo?

Acho que seria de fato um problema, especialmente a parte que envolve receber passivamente um pênis dentro de mim. Desejo a ti sorte e coragem; decerto encontrarás logo um adorador de Sade para chamar de seu.

Procurarei o resto, obrigado.

>> No.9473831


não sinto desejo algum de expor minha sexualidade, acredito que essa necessidade que certos homossexuais sentem venha de problemas como complexo de inferioridade, influências desagradáveis e problemas fraternos.

não acredito que haja um parceiro ideal, não faço idealizações pois isso leva à frustração. sou um cara difícil de conviver e atraído por viados novos, mas todos sabemos que estar ao lado de um adolescente por mais de cinco minutos é uma tortura, uma pescaria de gays de chans, precisamente. atribuo esse equívoco à rimbaud, que nos deixou mal-acostumados.

também não está em meus planos dar o ânus, o que é curioso pois sei por experiência própria que introduzir objetos fálicos no mesmo é bastante prazeroso. o meu problema, e acredito que o seu também, é que acho abominável ser objeto de prazer para outro macho. essa passividade é algo que repudio severamente, que destoa de minha personalidade e de minhas convicções.

o contrário, claro, dominar e sodomizar um efebo completamente é algo bem interessante e, arrisco dizer, o ponto máximo de prazer sexual na vida de um homem que honra seus testículos.

ficou bem grande a resposta, não quero parecer de maneira nenhuma carente. estamos em uma board de literatura, que fique bem claro.

>> No.9474033

Quando você falou que buscava novinhos não pensava em adolescentes. Estes são de fato insuportáveis, tive de lidar com uma adolescente de 20 anos há pouco e foi uma experiência extremamente desgastante. Maldita infância e adolescência intermináveis...

Parece-me que seu "lado" homossexual é a máxima do /lit/ >start with the greeks transposta à realidade. A maneira como a passividade te avilta e o desejo de dominar jovens ecoam uma certa maneira greco-latina de encarar a sexualidade - uma que sempre me despertou grande curiosidade, mas uma curiosidade que em mim nunca se realizou em atração propriamente dita.

>> No.9474053

you sure he wasnt straight and heard your swishy ass voice?

>> No.9474056

Anão, me penetra pelo amor de Deus.

>> No.9474120

De onde és?

>> No.9474143

The Bible

>> No.9474154

>like penis
>must be an idiot
im hurt ;_;

>> No.9474170

Reading Ulysses certainly felt like 120 days of Sodom

>> No.9474174

São Paulo

>> No.9474187

E ninguém aí quer te comer numa fria noite de sábado?

>> No.9474347

is reading Sade really necessary if youre already a sexual deviant?

>> No.9474361

>women are vapid and annoying
>try men
>gayfaggots are just as vapid and annoying

I was lied to

>> No.9474373 [SPOILER] 
File: 185 KB, 675x900, 1494126694761.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Scarily true, now that I think about it

>> No.9474379

Damn! I want a girlfriend a girlfriend that reads dosto or chejov!

I talk about russian writer and the only name that those bitches know is "lolita"

At least, they fuck really good.

>> No.9474405

Because nobody has replied to this dangerous/ignorant comment, just saying:
I had to break up with my last girlfriend precisely because she had no interest in literature (or really any domain of academe). We had a lot else in common and I thought I could make it work. I tried for months. She was beautiful, artistic, great taste in music –– but she never read a book for pleasure. So now I need a qt intellectual twink bf. It's the only way.

>> No.9474791

Where u at ho?

>> No.9474802

Teach me your intellectual ways then, demonstrate your ability to earn my butt.

>> No.9474806
File: 116 KB, 1024x576, 9mfplr8923vy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You're an idiot for going against got and having to spend entirety rotting in hell fire>:0

>> No.9474849
File: 170 KB, 402x435, nolines practice~01~01~01.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If you're a writer looking for work, consider joining studio spark


>> No.9474991

Stellaris is a pretty good game though

>> No.9475098

saw this thread a few hours ago and now I'm halfway through 120 days

I don't get it.

Like, I understand that de Sade hated the aristocracy and the clergy and that's why he's depicting them as these psychopathic and depraved villain characters, but is that it? Is this just Edgy: The Novel?

>> No.9475105

i tried read some sade because i was hoping to get some to read some kinky old french shit and steal some bdsm ideas, but it was mostly gross out stuff rather than erotic, didn't dig it, stopped reading

>> No.9475114

>I unleash a booming fart, possibly the most explosive one he has received in all his life; it shoots down his gullet and he backs away, furious.
>"What the devil!" he cries, "so you are so bold as to fart into my mouth, are you?"
>And he straightway claps his mouth to my asshole again.

>BRAAAAPposting was once considered a literary masterpiece

>> No.9475123

If there are any girls in this thread just know that I don't care what you read and I'll love you forever
PLEASE be my gf

>> No.9475134

Literary women can't possibly be worse than the retard level most women are at.

>> No.9475149

Because it's a website full of retards and illiterates.

>> No.9475154

Any of the Russian classics, Rousseau, Hemingway, Brecht, Sinclair, and Wells.

>> No.9475302

>Not Levi/Erwin


>> No.9475304

Faggots being on /lit/ is a known fact, why are your jimmys rustled?

>> No.9475308

>not normie

>> No.9475742

as weird as it is, something good, but with a female protagonist. One of mytop kinks is genderbending. Guys that like feminine things and women that like masculine things turn my crank way up. Especially if the men look masculine and the women look feminine. Why? I don't know.

>> No.9475757

straight people sit down for five fuckin' minutes, would you?

>> No.9475816

I just want a bf to read Brideshead Revisited to me

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