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>During a boating party, in an attempt to charm her, he smiled and offered her a bunch of white grapes.

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Elliot Rodgers of his time.

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Reminder there's people on this board that unironically take his word that he was a Chad tier PUA when he was young

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What about the grapes wouldn't work assuming he was attractive

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>not giving women grapes
Virgins spotted

Not to mention their favorite drink is made from grapes.

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>assuming he was attractive

Dude fucking look at him, he was probably like 5'0" too

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i'm drunk and i want to ask you to stop posting this image, it depresses me every time because every time i see the image of schopenhauer and his poodle i feel a nice warm sense of happiness that such a grumpy man who noticed all the lines of sadness in the world still had time to give a big swell hug to his poodle and feel true companionship, and youre fucking it up by making it some ugly thing where the poodle secretly disliked schopenhauer

it's like the nietzsche with the horse image by i think the same artist, it's a nice fucking image because nietzsche was genuinely a tortured sad guy and he really defended that horse, i dont' like when people post that as if it's some joke, like "hahaha crazy nietzsche talked to an ANIMAL! when he went mad!"

it was actually a beautiful thing

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Kek. I'm posting the dog on every Schopie thread from now on.

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He has classically handsome features and he's old as fuck in the picture, you retard.

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