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I literally never see discussion on philosophers like Diogenes, aka philosophers that are born without a fuck to give out. and are passionately against giving a fuck. Diogenes invented Cynic Philosophy and is a much better philosopher than you can ever be

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I bet you've never read any of Diogenes' work

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I bet no one who wasn't alive 2200 years has either.

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mmm-mmm, love me some of the Dog

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Is there a difference between "Diogenes of Sinope: The Man in the Tub" and "Diogenes the Cynic: The War Against the World"? Or just a retitle?

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Behold, a man!

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Top right, top left, center and bottom left aren't Zizek. That's all I know.

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Friendly reminder that Diogenes is soon going to be found out by pseud trumpeteers from /pol/ and reddit and is subsequently going to be used in their "free speech-protests. Lauren Southern will larp barrel living outside of Berkeley before the year is over if this happens.

"The most beautiful thing in the world is freedom of speech." - Diogenes

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You know that face blindness is a symptom of autism?

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What's so great about him? He just seems like a contrarian antisocial NEET whose greatest achievement was debunking some of Plato's immature papers.

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because diogenes isn't a philosopher, he's a funny historical footnote who didn't leave writings or a tradition behind

fuck off and go read a book

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>whose greatest achievement was debunking some of Plato's immature papers
I'd say that is an achievement that a most modern NEET cannot boast of.

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>implying that isn't great enough as it is

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>adds fucking flat nails to the definition

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What he preaches could lead to the end of civilization.

Nonetheless, he's fucking hilarious.

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He lived like civilisation was already over. His precepts reflected his lifestyle and the surviving anecdotes are party jokes at best.

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Civilization is meme that needs to die

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Actually, he did write books they just didn't survive. I'm also pretty sure he wrote several tragedies as well. All of this was part of his contribution to cynicism.

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This guy gets it.

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