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We guess who are favorite author is based upon our political compass results.

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hahha XD this is so fun

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Fernando Pessoa

now do me

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I'm not doing the fucking test again.

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keep the image saved u fuc

and don't put red lines on red u autist it's fucking my eyes

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>economics is totally separate from libertarianism/authoritarianism

that doesn't make sense

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Why not?

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Fuck off to /pol/ with your pointless shit.

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Because deciding how to control people's money, goods and labor is closely tied with government control

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I can't be bothered to do this again but every time I've done one of these I always end up somewhere in the region I've marked on OPs.

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Yeah, control requires control.
But it's a different question how rigid this control is.

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Literally Hitler
j/k Burke?

idk Bukowski?

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Sorry, Bukowski was based on OPs

I'd say, DFW?

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God no.

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Same answer as this:

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never read him. would say my fave is w.g. sebald or d.h. lawrence

(t. literally hitler)

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>d.h. lawrence

Sons and Lovers is my favourite book, but Lady Chatterly's Lover bored me to tears and Women in Love felt just passable. How do you feel about them?

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Im not even memeing, those are my actual results.

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That feel when a majority of the board is retarded.

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It is. Nobody here knows jackshit about literature and we're 99% posers.

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Big fan of Sons and Lovers, kinda v technically good even if it didn't hit me on a massive personal level, and I liked Lady Chatterly's Lover a lot, but mayb because it struck a chord with me on an almost therapeutic level (i.e. am female (male)). Although my fave by him is Kangaroo.

Haven't read Women In Love but I've read all of his poetry - the ones he titles under 'Ghosts' are my fave of those.

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Yeah but it's fun to circle jerk about marx

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Sons and Lovers hit me on an extremely personal level, maybe because I share a similar Oedipal complex to Lawrence. I hadn't actually heard of Kangaroo - looks like one of his more obscure works - but I will check it out now. His literary criticism is also very good, especially on Moby Dick.

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Yeah it's big in Aust. (natch)

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Are you the Aussie who read Sylvia Plath in the vaporwave thread?

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no can you link me that thread?

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youngsters baffle me

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this fucks w my head bc i listen to a lot of vaporwave and have literally been voice practicing by reading plath aloud and playing it back in vocaroo

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>Those results
w-want to be Paleolib friends??

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Spooky. Can we hear?

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Peter kropotkin

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all lefties are authoritarian at heart

most people in the green square would join the commie revolution if it came

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How is supporting a change from a shitty state to a less shitty one makes you authoritarian or even libertarian?

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if the new state is authoritarian then it makes you authoritarian

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Don't have mine saved, but I usually score all the way to the left, split between authoritarian and libertarian.

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