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I read Kierkegaard daily

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>he hasn't read the decade's greatest bildungsroman secular campus novel
really captures the zeitgeist

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I honestly can't think of a trans writer, good or bad. Are there any?

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>Z Nicolazzo

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I only read the finest of Slavic literature

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Dr. Z Nicolazzo, Assistant Professor, has been at NIU since summer 2015. Ze teaches courses on college student development, postsecondary access, and diversity, equity, and culture. Dr. Nicolazzo’s research centers on trans* collegians, with a particular emphasis on trans* student resilience and kinship-building. Dr. Nicolazzo has published in a variety of scholarly and practitioner-focused publications, including the Journal of LGBT Youth, Journal of Diversity in Higher Education, About Campus, Journal of Critical Scholarship on Higher Education and Student Affairs, and TSQ: Transgender Studies Quarterly.

Dr. Nicolazzo’s research focuses on mapping gender across collegiate contexts. Hir specific areas of interest include: gender in higher education, particularly the experiences of trans* collegians; college student activism; and intersectionality, particularly students’ experiences of the intersections of race, disability, and gender identity. Dr. Nicolazzo also writes about the use of alternative methodologies, epistemologies, and representations of knowledge.

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Daily reminder that it's normal to be transphobic

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>tfw this is the only kind of book publishers want from white male authors these days

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So many made-up words/terms in here.

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It's normal to label people according to all kinds of categories to try to make sense of the world, and to react in a reflexive, us-versus-them manner. Doesn't make it right. Our humanity calls for us to rise above that

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name a single word that isn't made up. language is the ultimate ideology

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I'm one day away from going full deus vult, I swear.

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Why are right wing virgin white males so easily angered?

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>it's bad someone cares about marginalized youth


please go back to /r/TheRedPill or /v/ or whatever manchild shithole you crawled from

Inb4 the epic cuck meme

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>post sad frog
>get called angry


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It's normal to think that people who believe they were born in the wrong body have something wrong with their heads and should seek psychotherapy instead of giving in to their insanity and mutilating their bodies.

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fuck off cuck

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how are transpeople marginalized when despite making .001% of the population they get lionized on magazine covers and we have national debates about what bathrooms they can use?

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It's normal to think people who claim the Jews are poisoning the water supply to feminize white men have something wrong with their heads and should seek psychotherapy instead of giving in and becoming a bitter, hate filled bootlicking conservative-Christian

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These so called 'marginalized youths' are some of the most privileged people in history.

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Epic troll bro

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>Our humanity calls for us to rise above that

I don't understand how belonging to a certain species entails some sort of imperative to be an sjw. If you take an ant from one colony and drop it in another, it will be bitten and torn apart.

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>Why do people whine about school shootings when there's a less than 1% chance they'll end up in one?

Lack of empathy is a symptom of autism

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You missed his point retard

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do you know what the word "marginalized" means?

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>it's straight white capitalist Judeo-Christian men who are the real oppressed, I swear
>these cucks never worked a day in their lives, unlike I, who was born into wealth. Libertarianism for all! Have my upvotes gentlesir :)

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Are you an ant?
Speaking of false equivalence, I never used the term SJW. I'm simply talking about treating people with respect

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Uh... Maybe because we're the most oppressed group in western civilization?

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I'm going to read Beloved. I've heard good things about Toni Morrison.

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You missed my point, retard. Liberal facade PR is not championing, LGBT teens are ostracized daily.

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Well I'd say a gay person in Iran or a Yezidi living in the Islamic State is a bit more oppressed than a transexual living in a society that bends over backwards to accommodate them

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Trans people aren't being shot. There's a whole industry devoted to catering to their delusions and making society more "inclusive."

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I thought /pol/ and /r/TheDonald hated /lit/

please go back to playing video games

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For good reason. Why are you so eager to side with weak and worthless people?

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>normalizing a mental illness

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>mainstream media celebrating transpeople is not championing


>LGBT teens are ostracized daily.

really depends on where you are. somehow i doubt the trannies at bryn mawr face a lot of discrimination but i guess in this age of microagressions one can never be sure. . .

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Unlike I, an alpha 4chan browser

Truly the pinnacle of masculinity and intellectual capitalist thought

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> Nicolazzo
" for example, mirrors connect me to my ethnoreligious faith tradition as a Jew "



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>treating people with respect

Why do I have to treat people who are obviously mentally ill with respect? That's sjw talk. You never explained what "humanity" is and why it compels us to act a certain way. Humans have been around for ~200,000 years and "trans acceptance" has only been around for about 50. It's obviously more human to be a reactionary shitlord than it is to be an sjw.

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Cool, I'll drop George Sand, that white male shitlord, from my list of to reads. Gonna pick up Evelyn Waugh instead.

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Nice strawman.

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>Gonna pick up Evelyn Waugh instead.

Anon there's something you should know...

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I'm sorry you know deep down you're a slave to ideology spooks like masculinity and fetishize daddy stomping the poor

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>communist SJW calling other people slaves to ideology

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>capitalist bootlicker reactionary who unironically uses the phrases SJW and cuck calls anyone else a slave to ideology

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Society comes down pretty hard on 4chan users. It seems (((odd))) that we come in for so much criticism when equally subversive people on the left are lionized in the press.

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You're a special kind of stupid.

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based bill nye

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Your premise is false though. LGBT is clearly championed in the public realm. Religion and faith are ostricized and made fun of publicly, not lgbt or trans. The LGBTBBQQWERTY movement is incredibly prevelant in the media. The propaganda telling us these people are mentally sound is on every street corner buddy.

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>assuming I'm a capitalist
>assuming I'm a reactionary
>the old heckneyed communist insult "bootlicker"
I know you're just trolling though.

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haha funni attack helicopter joke

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What? Is she white? Should I read A Carta da Corcunda para o Serralheiro by Maria Jose instead?

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No. In fact, I prefer reading ww2 german soldier autobiographies. Come and get me :^)

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You know, just because a thing becomes a big topic in certain parts of the media it doesn't necessarily mean that there's no marginalization.

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Your inability to argue the point really is characteristic of your entire worldview

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You should try reddit, you'd like it. Lots of people who think exactly like you on that site.

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Stop reading fiction, like the bible

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What point? What arguments did you offer? All I see is namecalling and appeal to authority fallacy. Why should I take your autistic, illiterate right wing opinions seriously?

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>Trans people aren't being shot.

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>Stop not having homosexual butt-sex orgies with other species


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>"white people aren't nazis"
>umm, like, try again honey

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It's not that odd when you realize that the media and educational institutions in the US are basically propaganda organizations designed to further the liberal cause.

4chan is subversive while people like antifa are champions fighting against oppression.

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brb burning all my Ellis and Currer Bell, fucking white males trying to write about the female experience, your first editions don't deserve to survive

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>In 2015 advocates tracked at least 21 deaths of transgender people due to fatal violence. . .Although some of these cases involve anti-transgender bias, some are not bias-related and still others don't have apparent motives.

Oh god it's the fucking holocaust all over again!

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>this isn't a logical fallacy

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>21 deaths
It's more dangerous to be a white man than a tranny judging by these numbers.

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They'd be better served by getting treatment for their mental disorder.

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>What? Is she white?
Have you honestly ever heard a name with more privilege attached? Okay, maybe Radclyffe Hall, that white exploiter of lesbians, deserves to be shot full of prussic acid first, but it's practically a coin flip between a female with internalized misogyny denigrating beautiful female bodies with titles like Vile Bodies, and a male shitlord like Radclyffe trying to neg women into threesomes through threats of kidnapping with titles like The Well of Loneliness. I think Evelyn could have a break if someone hurt her as a child, but Hall deserves no mercy.

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> appeal to authority

My whole argument is that authority is using propaganda to attempt to normalize mental illness and convince people that mutilating your body in an attempt to sate the whimsy of your mental disorder is healthy and natural.

Academia and the media have both become leftist propaganda arms in the west.

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>~28,000 respondents
>The majority of respondents who were out or perceived as transgender while in school
(K–12) experienced some form of mistreatment, including being verbally harassed (54%),
physically attacked (24%), and sexually assaulted (13%) because they were transgender.
>Further, 17% experienced such severe mistreatment that they left a school as a result.
In the year prior to completing the survey, 30% of respondents who had a job reported
being fired, denied a promotion, or experiencing some other form of mistreatment in the workplace due to their gender identity or expression, such as being verbally harassed or
physically or sexually assaulted at work.

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OMG thank you! Finally someone willing to say no to George Eliot and his creepy pedo shit. #burnit

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It pisses me off so much this happens even in genre lit. Who the fuck is James Tiptree Jnr to tell girls about what science might look like in the future? Did he think women couldn't write science fiction so he had to write it for us? Shitlord.

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Yeah, society is so left wing our president is a nationalist businessman

You're a puppet of fearmongers and you don't even realize it. Traditionalism is children's fairy tales.

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>Le ebig strawman :^)

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IKR??! The same thing happens even when it's occult fantasy. Wilton Hazzard deserves to be shot just like Tiptree shot himself.

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Picking up Mme Satin and Alice Addertongue's works now. Been ignoring female writers too long, but I normally only read pre-1900 so it's hard to find them. Is it okay Addertongue's American? I'm sure she couldn't have gotten far being a woman in 1700s America, so it's not like she has privilege to check.

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I never said society is, I said the media and Hollywood are. They are the propaganda arms of the left alongside non STEM academia. Despite constantly being bombarded by leftist propaganda Trump still won, that just means that the propaganda wasn't effective enough. It's funny to watch the left double down with garbage like the new Nye show though, they are just turning more and more neutrals right wing.

Despite propaganda efforts it is natural to recognize degeneracy, it's why the left is losing influence.

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>Is it okay Addertongue's American? I'm sure she couldn't have gotten far being a woman in 1700s America, so it's not like she has privilege to check.
Yeah she probably got raped by white males, she's fine.

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Seems like they're treated as heros these days for their degenerate behavior. Undeservingly of course.

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But white males write the best books

>> No.9432212

>Radclyffe Hall
You should get Adela Quebec's novel The Girls of Radclyffe Hall, instead of reading that white het male garbage. It's far less prurient, and returns a female voice to lesbianism. It's harder to find copies of it though than Well of Loneliness because the patriarchy keeping women off the shelves.

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>mentally ill fag treated badly when forcing others to go along with its mental illness
I see no problem here

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Sorry, but you have to go to the toIerance guIag now, bigot.

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*reads mishima*

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The greatness of western culture was shaped by white males.

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Same. Thank fuck I found Deanna Dwyer, I was beginning to think no females wrote horror.

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Honest question, why do trannies pick the most ridiculous names for themselves. Just call yourself Rebecca or shit, not Peru LaBonda

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>why do attention whores want attention
You serious, nigga?

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literally this

Heres the breakdown of /lit/'s top 100 books by White male-ness
>90 books written by white men
>9 not written by white men
>The Bible
of those 9 not written by white men
>3 books written by Hispanic men
>6 books written by white women
Shill Nye btfo

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You are asking maturity and mental stability from people that feel they were born in the wrong body

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underrated post

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I´m sure you´re as much against rampant SJW´s as most sane humans are, and thanks for being neutral about the whole issue. I see too many contrarians not admitting issues that are evident in whatever context, just because of their conviction that everything which is championed by those SJW is by default false.
I´m not even sure what the problem is in admitting that transgenders have it rather difficult while in school or society.

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>I'm not even sure what the problem is

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Schizophrenics also have it hard in school and in society.

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these people are motivated by ressentiment, nothing new to see here

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There is only 7 million of my people, out of 7 billion on the planet.

Please, fuck off, WE ARE FULL.

>> No.9432367

I don't really enjoy wasting my time.

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We could both come up with a list of those who have it ´harder´ than the average joe, but most schizophrenics do not have it hard because of bullying, or other such sort things.

Do you think the study cited is negligible?

>> No.9432409

Care to elaborate on that?

>> No.9432417

Just saying mental illnesses bring with them issues, especially one as weird and blatant as transsexualism which has a visual aspect to it.
Red heads get bullied en mass too, and they didn't choose their hair colour. http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-northern-ireland-28872927

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It's transsexuals not trannies -_-

>> No.9432460

Instead of linking to a BBC article, could you point me to the study, which I´m sure you´ve read?
Mental illnesses indeed bring trouble - as do differing from the norm, evidently. Do you think that a whole profession would be okay with a `mental illness` as you brand transsexualism to slip by the minds of all those psychiatrists and/or psychologists? There has been a multitude of academic research regarding the treatment and experience of transgenders, why do you have difficulty admitting this? It´s a shame letting your ideology lead you instead of the evidence, if you can poke holes in the methodology used in the study; please do so, but you´re doing nothing else at this point but shouting.

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If these respondents are anonymous, how on earth are you going to check if any of the claims were true?

> Sandy E. James, Jody L. Herman, Susan Rankin, Mara Keisling, Lisa Mottet, and Ma'ayan Anafi

All 'scientists' were female.

This study is as worthless to society as trannies are.

>> No.9432474

If these respondents are ID´d, how are you going to know if the claims are true considering they are reporting about their experience? Granted, I agree that they ought to define ´verbal abuse´ and such terms considering it blends the overall picture, but other than that, the anonymous reporting bit matters little. People can lie regardless, you know.

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I expected better than this from you /lit/. Both sides need to fuck off.

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>muh enlightened centrist position

>muh being too intelligent for discussion

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