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Was it a metaphor?

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It doesn't really matter.

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Capeshit of it's time

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Stop with these bait thread.

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nope just a simple book about a man turning into a bug

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is that motherfucking varg

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If it wasn't, how is he supposed to fight you with his metaphor-fists?

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is this /lit/'s new equivalent to bane posting, roachposting?

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>represents for being Jew
>represents being gay
>represents being NEET

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judy a qt

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obviously, you sexless genderless identityless late stage capitalist insectoid

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It literally says he has antennae

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no he really was mothra

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doesn't matter either way but yes he did

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Are you the same guy who was commenting about this a couple days ago?

Fuck off, it wasn't a metaphor. And, yes, I know I'm (likely) vociferously jawing at bait

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It literally says he has feelers. Learn German.

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>Der Schein der elektrischen Straßenlampen lag bleich hier und da auf der Zimmerdecke und auf den höheren Teilen der Möbel, aber unten bei Gregor war es finster. Langsam schob er sich, noch ungeschickt mit seinen Fühlern tastend, die er erst jetzt schätzen lernte, zur Türe hin, um nachzusehen, was dort geschehen war.

Could also mean 'hands' or 'fingers' in this context

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Why would he write that he has hands or fingers? He was a human, that would be redundant.
>I woke up one day and I had four limbs! And each limb had fingers or toes on the end!

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We've found the new contender for /lit/'s most unsubtle reader.

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No. It was all in his neural ganglions.

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The metamorphosis is one of the first books i remember connecting with as a kid. What are some similarly dark, edgy works that really make you think? I havent found a book that stimulated me as much since.

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no it was a metamorphosis

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The book is a metaphor for becoming a NEET hikikomori

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I thought the same. Try writing a story about a virgin shut-in neet and normies will never apreciate it. At least the bug thing makes it more strange and interesting.

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Is this not the mainstream interpretation? I read this as a socially anxious teen shut-in and i didnt see any other possible metaphor.

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Never heard of "Fühler" as a synonym for "Hand"

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It's about depression you fucking autists.

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>did he literally change form

>does it have meaning beyond that

things arent all black and white you autists

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the bug is a metaphor for MY DICK

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A phrase that symbolically represents an idea.

There is some similarity between what is literally described and what is symbolically implied.

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it's impossible to understand without understanding german humor

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i ain't got any self esteem i'm gonna turn into a bug

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That book is absolutely one of the most overrated pieces of art of all time. Almost no character develops. There's nothing unexpected or interesting. He just fucking dies.

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That group hug on the metro to conclude (if i remember correctly) suggests otherwise, but This is the correct response.

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