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Just started reading Los Siete Locos. Why isn't he more famous? He is quite good, and he uses footnotes a lot better than DFW tbqhwy.

Pic unrelated.

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>that belt buckle
>those catholic-colored sperrys
>no bulge

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Is ANY male summer's fashion attractive?
Shorts are so horrible unsightly. Sandals? Don't get me started. T-shirts? Sweaty T-shirts? Ew.

Not just asking rhetorically. Like is there a single attractive summer's outfit?

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>Is ANY male summer's fashion attractive?

On Chad, yeah

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"My dad is a lawyer"

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And yet he's dressed better than 99% of Blacks.

Why are Blacks so fragile, /lit/?

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But I'm hetero female, I lust for Chads and I'm the one asking.

What would young Stalin wear in the summer?

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I can actually bare the polo and cargo shorts but the shoes are just insufferable

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Why would he have a bulge? Those shorts don't look tight.

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Being muscular and naked.

Sadly this isn't socially acceptable.

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Why do all american males dress the same?

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Agree, I live in South America and it's impossible to not wear shorts but those shoes are for retired old men.

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>But I'm hetero female

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wow rude

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Its the flyover uniform

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Have to admit it feels pretty good being a WASP

I don't know what Nereyda's problem is that guy looks like he would be fun to go boating with

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>criticizing the belt buckle
>not having other nautical themed shit with boat shoes

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>Proud of being from the race whose pinnacle of work is Infinite Meme

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what are you saying

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This hits too close to home

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im a libertarian and a white male but that picture is really funny

what negroids tend to misunderstand is that we dont claim the free market will offer the most utility-maximal market--we say the free market is the most utility-maximal market given that redistribution of wealth is theft and theft is wrong

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fuck you buddy

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who hurt you

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its the "im a business major frat guy i have a 2.5 and am an alcoholic" uniform

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pls stop. I'm getting catholic high school flashbacks

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Oh fuck off retard, have you ever even read a book

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>LibertyOrDeath !!L9JqUeNpR3I

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>that /sp/artan on the far right

1000 keks

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the state

you type like an underaged redditor

if you have an argument, i'd be happy to hear it

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>Not the KJV
>Not Paradise Lost
>Not Moby Dick

I love curling up in my LL Bean blanket in my cottage after a long day out on the links and reading these books. How will the "diverse" experiences ever compare?

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I love when idiots post big reading lists of books they never read

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>if you have an argument, i'd be happy to hear it
>please argue with this totally real school of thought that doesn't exist outside of internet malcontents

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>lolbertarian calling someone else reddit

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youve never been on a boat

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thats not an argument

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Thats not really relevant

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that only works on /pol/ faggot

go back to youtube

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>I haven't read any books in years and I'm posting on a literature board
>N-not an argument

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not an argument

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Quick question, who was your favourite of the High Modernists and which of their works really stood out to you?

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I love it when """""anarcho""""""-capitalists claim Spooner as one of theirs.

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hmm, really made me think

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fugg off commie and read this

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What the fuck is this thread?

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I dress like this

now i feel self-conscious

what do i even do I don't want to look like a bum or a /fa/g

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Why you would want to have a recognizable identifier for a constant output of pig slurry astounds me

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>he uses footnotes a lot better than DFW tbqhwy
how does he use them?

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Another quick question, who do you think was the thinker with the soundest epistemological framework in the pre-Kantian debates?
I'm going to be daring and say Berkeley, would you agree?

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>have to steal myths from jews

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4 cm longer shorts, beige instead of pink, regular belt, plain white shirt = handsome instead

you're welcome anon
also post feet

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jeans and a solid colour t shirt everyday. Leather shoes/boots with matching colour belt. Layer with sweatshirts/jackets/coats depending on weather. congrats you're now lowkey /fa/.

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Literally nothing wrong with looking like a bum

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Look sport I'm not afraid to fight you if I have to. Just let me change into an old pair of khakis and that seersucker shirt with the wine stain from last year.

I don't want to wreck my nice duds and the brand new fishook belt I got on amazon prime.

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>jeans and a solid colour t shirt everyday
This is the autism uniform.

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Yeah, better wear those hoodies, graphic tees and cargo pants.

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you're thinking of cargo shorts and horizontally striped shirts

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>not wearing wool pants/black skinny jeans and a variety of earth tone t-shirts

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Autism core is in now man

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That's just the neckbeard uniform.

There's a distinction.

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>Not wearing massive, thick dark coloured jumpers, skinny jeans, and big black boots.

What are you doing with your life?

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~ are they cute

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too little toe hair, 6.7/10, "average plus"

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Don't skip leg day.

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>redistribution of wealth is theft and theft is wrong
>but literal theft is not wrong

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That's some dominance hierarchy he's got going on there.

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But the market does, by definition, regulate itself.

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