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What the fuck is with contemporary philosophers using her/she all the time describing a person? They could make the person genderless or male since its quite obvious who reads their books but nah better use the female word since we are so PC even though it makes no sense at all and actually counterintuitive.

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It's stupid; don't do it and move on.

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What do you mean?

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analytical philosophers truly are the ultimate cucks

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>tfw brain is just a buch of cogs

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It's a trigger mechanism to prevent autistic retards from reading and misinterpreting their books.

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What the fuck is with contemporary readers complaining about authors using her/she all the time describing a person? I could make the person genderless or male since that's historically how authors wrote their books but nah better use the female word since it makes no difference to the content and manchildren will get triggered on the internet.


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man, you are so funny

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CIDF is fast today.

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probably bc nerds like you get so fucking assblasted

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Really makes your cogs work.

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>contemporary philosophers
just re-read the greeks

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>nah better use the female word since we are so PC

You'd get butt hurt if you even just read one book that said "she" instead of "he" as its default gender.


>Women don't read philosophy as much as men.


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how the hell are you able to function when you get triggered to hell and back just by the mention of women?
i can smell your virginity.

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>says the redpilled male, as he get's utterly butthurt by the fact that people use the word she, instead of he.
God, I fuckin' hate the internet. Why do I do this to myself?

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We must save whiteness from SJW cultural marxism.
Saying 'her/she' in a male discourse like philosophy is equivalent to the outbreeding of the white male that we see happening today

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calling me racist on the internet is LITTERALLY GENOCIDE!

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racism is natural, cuck

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>reading contemporary philosophers

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You shouldn't feel bad. You are part of a perfect machine that exists necessarily. Read The Ethics again, once you actually grasp what he's saying you will realize this truth.

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>contemporary philosophers

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Prove this or I will become a mysogynist. I will carry on the good name of Ted Bundy and slaughter women until I get caught. Prove that women aren't inferior to men or some poor broad dies tonight.*

*note not an actual threat of murder; I'm making a joke.


Fuck you. When you pepper literature with 90% her we won't read it. We're all going to stick to Aristolte if you don't stop ruining our lives with your nagging.

Back in the day we used to get away from women by hunting for food with the mates. Then we did it by going to work. Now that you've invaded our work we will go back to living in caves and jerking off in solitude. We don't need you-you need us, goodbye cunts, enjoy the collapse of civilization without us.

>God, I fuckin' hate the internet. Why do I do this to myself?

Get ready for the rape that comes with anarchy, bitch. Once a few nukes go off in major cities because men stop giving a fuck about global security, the entire world will fall into chaos. All women are going to get raped like dogs and we're going to laugh at you.


Appeal to nature, fucking moron


God's honest truth.

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I'm sure the bull will let you prep him tonight for make this ebin ironikal post!

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It's not ironic, just austistic

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I read an interesting French take on it. One of the authors in the foreword mentioned that in the original French, they had of course used "on", or "one" for indefinite cases. In the translation, they had asked that he and she be used roughly as often as each other, because many readers would find it outdated if they used a more direction translation. However, because a lot of the book dealt with PTSD, they wanted an equal split so neither gender would be considered to suffer or benefit from it more than the other. They knew they wouldn't get it published with "one" instead of "s/he", but I believe he was also worried that the English translation would imply only women got PTSD (or only men). Asking for a fifty-fifty split seems to be becoming more popular, but it's hard to tell whether that's because it defaults one way or the other. I think it's a bigger problem that philosophers are afraid of the word "one".

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So they're just autistic.

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>Anglo """""philosophers"""""

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