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Anyone read this book?

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OK guys, we have officially gone too far with this alt-lite bullshit. Stop being such faggots.

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It's probably fucking garbage

t. agree with the title

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ljl at the Ann Coulter quote. Because libs are the ones who ban books.

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What faggot posts a picture of book next to a coffee mug on 4chan? Die in fire.

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Yeah, some of us don't drink mountain dew when reading books.

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daily reminder that every single "trump supporting" "red-pilled" women is a pseud who only supports the right for attention. This also applies to most of the "alt-right" public "intellectuals" in general, including Styx "le edgy devil worshipper man", Sargon, and Milo. Daily reminder that Ben Shapiro is the only smart, sane and actually principled political commentator that is widely known at the moment, despite his faults.

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This is a negative and honest review of it from a Libertarian. Might be interesting to you.

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You need to stop being on the internet so much.

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Ben Shapiro is a dull-witted fast-talking Libertarian who hides behind the word "Conservative." thanks/no thanks.

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Name one (1) book that the righties banned.

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you're not very bright

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See the following link for a poll featuring among other things the relative proclivity of the different political party affiliations to support book banning. It is hard to say with certainty that any given book was banned by an ideologically uniform group; I am sure you will agree; however I offer the following link for your consideration: https://www.nytimes.com/2015/11/08/books/review/ban-before-reading.html?_r=0
Finally, although I fully acknowledge that leftists sometimes advocate bans, traditionally the advocates of book banning have often been those motivated by the expunging of radical and/or obscene material from schools. This falls, I think, under the social conservative umbrella, broadly speaking.

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Sorry. The poll cited in my above comment.

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Fake history. The Nazis were called National Socialists for a reason. Read a book libtard.

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4/10 I chortled

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probably bait but volkisch socialism isn't the same as marxist socalism

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No. It's probably shit. The title is correct though.

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>not socialists

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>women on the right look beautiful
>women on the left are mostly shrill catladies

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"SIEG HEIL!" Adolf shouted as he injected his sperm into the kikes cunt.

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until recently nazi views aligned with the right wing neocons. Now, they align more with the left because of how batshit crazy they've become.

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[multiple citations needed]

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>Because libs are the ones who ban books.
? Seems pretty consistent with the mainstream left these days. Liberals are pretty damn conservative about the products of their progressivism these days

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Sources cited:
1. You know it.
2. I know it.
3. Everybody knows it.
4. Believe me

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>SJW lunatics

pick one, or don't get upset when the right gets painted with a broad brush too

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Ulysses madame bovary lady chatterlys lover

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Sources cited:
1. You know it.
2. I know it.
3. Everybody knows it.
4. Believe me

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>tfw old bimbo is hotter then the her young copycat
Truly, we live in Kali Yuga.

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>women only have opinions for my attention
You need therapy

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The bible, duh.

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yes, it's amazing, one of the most intellectual works in my collection.

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Nobody reads today, so no. These two sentences weren't even read. This is what happens when liberals have control over education.

>wahhh gayming joost as gewd as literamanure, cis scrum cracka

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it's probably ghost-written. some author wrote it and lauren southern put her stamp of approval on it. none of these right-wing faggots write their own books.

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Man, I wish I was a woman so I could fuck this guy's brains out.

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I've read excerpts and i'm pretty convinced it's her. Reads like it was written by a political science dropout and it's also very short and halfassed just like her education.

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harry potter

right-wing christians have been trying to ban it from schools for years

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That's a good thing, technically. Children should read better.

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For a version of this concept that isn't pure cancer in its execution, try Infidel by Ayaan Hirsi Ali

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t. zionist

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>90 pages

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>it's literally a fucking pamphlet

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>"it was fine when these fake bitches was supporting MY side, but now that they're starting to support the other side... ugh! makes me so MAD!"

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That sounds fucking retarded OP
Read Chomsky instead

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>reading a book written by a woman
I'll give it a miss.

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Lauren is not a woman though.

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except for... almost every artist, photographer model, actress and pornstar in the business is left-wing

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You're on /lit/ mate, people read women here. Just because you're so bitter about women that the thought of listening to one makes you want to cry doesn't mean you shouldn't fight that urge.

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nah this is nonsense

white women just know they are prime rape targets especially for minorities

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We know you drink coffee while drinking motherfucker just don't show it in pictures.

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We know you drink coffee while reading motherfucker just don't show it in pictures.

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all women are pseuds
no exceptions

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Oh you poor man

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But seriously guys, is it worth getting?

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Liberals are Democrats and the Democratic party is completely controlled by Progressvive SJWs.

The top people in the party are die-hard SJWs

So yes.

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If you've spent a month on 4chan you already know how Baby Boomers, Immigrants and Islam screwed your generation.

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is there any book on how women screwed my generation? thats worth getting

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Fair enough, I'll stick to my Russian novels then.

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Richard Leakey

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I dunno i would say Jordan Peterson as more right leaning centrist and i think he's way above everyone else.
I mean most people who are rightleaning are close to the centre apart from crazies like Richard Spencer.

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>being this paranoid and wrong

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>a fucking pamphlet
>american '''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''politics'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''
the real redpill is realizing america has ruined geopolitics and destabilized the world.

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Not an argument.


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>one dumb lady
>who is anything but a "top person"
>Democrats = "die-hard SJWs"
>now he's making me defend Democrats

also not an argument

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>Written by a Canadian man

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Should I read it?

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they only screw losers unable to cope with women's agency

that's not a """generation"""

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Wow i never seen such a great post in my life.

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You know you're a true redpilled intellectual when you own more WWE and Halo games than books

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Real Rightism has never been tried

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What is rightism?

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>What is rightism?
aka Correctism

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>Richard Spencer
>not the sanest person in politics rn

ok man

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JP isn't "right-leaning".

But using the labels "left" and "right" is the dumbest thing to ever happen to politics anyway, especially in times when even Trudeau is being called a white supremacist by BLM.

Book is probably shit and preaching to the choir. If you're on 4chan and still bluepilled then nothing's gonna wake you up short of seeing your own sister raped anyway.

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>t. zionist

Interesting reply for a Trump suppoter lmao

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Ben Shapiro is actually really really dumb

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Obama indulged black nationalism, propagated the pay gap myth, Clinton appealed to feminists, legitimized campus rape myths, Sanders was a flaming SJW and a literal socialist.

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Agreed. And I don't get why these people recoil at being called a SJW one day when they're proud of it the next.
But I won't complain, let them keep running campaigns on identity politics.

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No, read Race and Crime instead

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aka co-rektism

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books are mostly written by degenerate socialists while wrestlers are manly conservatives so yes, playing wrestling video games is more redpilled than reading books.

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>proving my point this much

there is no hope for humanity

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We're not wrong.


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What kind of idiot would waste on money on this type of trash?

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A national socialist is like a republican communist KKK.

True history.

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Oh boy

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>book title is cuckservative