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Is it worth the money? I still haven't ready any of them btw

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Pretty much yes.
>Humanity's best
>Infinitely influential
>Extremely rereadable

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The Iliad and Aeneid were required textbooks for a class I had last semester, I found two .epubs of them online and saved $100.

Fagles' translation makes for a smooth read but you don't need to buy it unless you wanna make your bookshelf pretty. Also the frayed edges of the pages are the best part

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I read Fitzgerald!

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Interesting historically but iliad is pretty much over explained messy genre fiction and Odyssey is overrated.

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If you enjoy literature you should read these stories. This guy discouraging you from doing so (if you didn't mean to, that's what you're doing anyway) is whack and should silenced.

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Fagles is inferior in every single way compared to Fitzgerald or Lattimore

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I read the Fagles Iliad and Odyssey in pic related, and the Fitzgerald Aeneid. They are good, and >>9025024
is right about the frayed edges, but I've also read and enjoyed the Project Gutenberg editions on my Kindle while on the elliptical. If money is your worry, save it for other works you can't acquire for free.

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I just got the black penguin versions since they were cheaper. Please don't fall into the trap of thinking that buying these expensive products are going to change you in anyway.
The iliad is beautiful poetry though, if you've only read one translation you might not understand that though. I agree that the odyssey is overrated though.

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No. Learn Greek before you read Homer.

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Absolutely. The translations and notes are good, and the texts are essential. I don't have them as a boxed set, but I like the Fagles.

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t. pseud

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This is how translations distort your view of great literature.

Don't fall for the translations meme.

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>The Aenid in a trilogy with the Iliad and the Odyssey
This fucking triggers me. The Aenid was written hundreds of years after Homer's epics, in a different language, in a different culture, and it's entirely distinct stylistically. This is just a fucking meme to sell to stupid college kids.

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Presumably the back cover of the book explains this. Get mad stay mad die mad.

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Why stop at Virgil? Might as well add Ovid, Dante, and Milton in there too.

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>reading FAGles

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So i just learn greek then?

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Ovid is in a league of his own
MAYBE Dante was on par

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Yes. It's not that hard if you're intelligent.

Homer > Ovid >> Virgil

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Is it worth taking your broke ass down to the library and checking them out for free?

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I have that version of the Iliad (bought cheap at a used bookstore, had read a pirated copy of the same edition on my kindle) and the Aeneid, which I actually read in that format.

The book itself is comfy and durable, stood up well to me carrying it all over for a few weeks. It has deckle edges though, which side-page-turning-peasants fucking hate

t. top-page turning master race.

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Horseshit. The Aeneid was constructed as a response to the "national epic" of the Iliad, as a fucking direct sequel to it to rival the Greeks, and to connect Rome to the Trojans as a patriotic point. Have you read them? Jesus, it's literally "what the Trojans did next."

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And? It's literally in a different language. Virgil is a completely different poet than Homer.

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You can just buy them in the normal Penguin Classics versions if you want. They don't only come in the Deluxe edition.

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I also see these individually a lot at used book stores for pretty cheap.

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Now that is an impressive bookshelf

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