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Who is this guy?

I saw him posted around here quite a bit. I want to know more.

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He is a cultist like Stefan Molyneux

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>a cultist

Nah, he's just a star. He's not manipulating anyone, in fact there is no ''real'' community around his figure, only a lot of disorganized people who listen to what he says without basing their entire life on his preachings.

Don't compare him (or any intellectually honest intellectual, if that matters) to Molyneux plese

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A continental philosopher

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Haven't you seen the new star wars? That's Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker).

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A genius, a hero, the man of our future

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>this is what I don't like about American society – I don't like this openness, like when you meet a guy for the first time, and he's starting to tell you about his sex life. I hate this, I hate this
> I was never able to do – even if a woman wanted it – annal sex." Annal sex? "Ah, anal sex.

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He's Melania Trump's second cousin, they had a fling as kids, but they stopped talking when she got pregnant with Barron. That's why this guy hates Trump.

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Saulius Žilinskas, lithuanian Fascist-Freudian philosopher

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But he said he'd vote for Trump if he was American

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He hates Hillary more

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I see no proofs

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Yu zee...

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this is all you need to know

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He is continental philosopher responding mostly to hegel and marx with Lacanian psychoanalytical perspective. He is also a tenured professor at two universities in europe. Most of his work has to do with deconstructing the ideologies through which we look at the world.

But he is also a cultural critic, and a star of a couple of documentary films: "the pervert's guide to ideology" and also "the pervert's guide to cinema"

He is well liked because he is a fun and interesting philosopher

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>hates ideology
>is a commie

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He doesn't hate ideology, he simply wants people to acknowledge that ideology permeates our daily existence.

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>this is what I don't like about American society – I don't like this openness, like when you meet a guy for the first time, and he's starting to tell you about his sex life. I hate this, I hate this

not american, but people from my country are like this and i hate it.

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when you say he's a star - does that mean he's a bloated collection of hot gas that radiates gamma rays?

but seriously. what has he done to merit the title of "star"?

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He's not using ideology in the way you think he is

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He forumalated a framework of understanding ideology that bridged Marxist societal theory with subconscious discourse

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Yeah, he is to commies what proddies are us, which makes me hate him even worse.

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Luke Skywalker : The Last Jedi

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Gotta' be honest. I thought it was Mark Hamill at first glance.

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He supports Trump so he must be le alt-right pepe poster.

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Snifboy Zizek is card carrying lacanian drivel

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>a bloated collection of hot gas that radiates gamma rays?

This is probably the most succinct description of Z I have read to date.

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Marx already did this, Zizek is just a bullshit artist.

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Slavoj Zizek

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Je /naš fant/, desu

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Such a get

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Molyneux is a genius mate

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watched his perverts guide to cinema two nights ago, enjoyed it thoroughly.

quite a stimulating philosopher and most importantly a role model. He can laugh, deep authentic laughter despite the horror he has seen.

inspiration to me, personally

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So, Slavoj Zizek is to ideology, what Max Stirner is to Spooks?

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What does the relation between his *sniff* and his scatalogical analogies symbolise?

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that is creepy as fuck.

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wait, do people actually take this stuff seriously?

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>knee-deep in ideology

nice joke.

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A genius at peddling his bullshit off on right wing teenagers who get all their political and social knowledge from the internet

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Ancap is the genre fiction of economics

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He's a weird russian drunk bum who got mistaken for a philosopher in a bar and then just rolled with it

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Marx had a very limited Victorian understanding of human psychology. I think its the major reason aspect he overlooked that left him and Engels unable to predict the controlling power of systems propaganda and mass media in both the USSR and the West

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What do you mean by (Us)?

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This quote says everything about him and all the retarded leftists:
>You know what my fear is? Not that Trump will fail and there will be chaos, but for some real period of time, what if he succeeds? You know what happened in Poland? The Law and Justice party, they did such a tremendous social transfer to the poor that no elected European government would dare to do it. They lowered retirement age, they made better conditions for health care, more help for mothers with children and so on. No wonder that people like them. My God! They did something that no left government dares to do. And for me this is the sad truth of Europe: it’s a paradox.

So sad, right. How could those evil racist nazis do something good, that's unacceptable!
No, we should have all the benefits of an orderly white country, but only if it's ruled by leftists. It must have open borders with a bunch of non-white immigrants and socialism. And that will work, because... uh... MAGIC or something.
But politics aside, Žižek has some good insights and can be quite entertaining.

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he's a meme machine

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This recent talk gives a good insight into his stance on relevant political developments


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If anything that's one of the few points of disagreement between Zizek and mainstream leftists where he's entirely right. Only suffering and exploitation will necessitate the revolution, nothing less.

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>in fact there is no ''real'' community around his figure

yeah, I also like the fact that his opinions make divisive ones from his listeners

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leave this board

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Politics, especially when dumbed down to the left/right paradigm, is poison for the brain. And Žižek is not immune to it.
But he built his persona on being a leftist and I guess he feels like he has to stick with it.

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I don't understand your response. Can you explain what the paradox is that he speaks of in this paragraph?

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The dichotomy might be wrong, but there are still often two parties put against each other and you can attach the labels just to the voters of the two (calling the more conservatives "right").

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>he thinks liberals and communists get along

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movies made him a star

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Mark Hamill, best known for his role as Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars films.

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Did you come up with this funny meme yourself, anon? I like it, upvoted!

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XD +1 my good gentlesir

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Slovenian Communist who I guess didn't like Bakunin or something because he wasn't funny enough so he continues taking Marx seriously when the LTV and Historical Materialism have both been soundly and empirically disproven.

Basically he's a troll who realized that the standards of intellectual rigor in philosophy have collapsed so far that he can produce entirely content-free lectures and people will still pay him to perform them because they find mongol rape jokes funny.

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>when the LTV and Historical Materialism have both been soundly and empirically disproven.
Notice how people always post this claim, but never back it up with anything?

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