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Any one else read the saga of darren shan?

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I tried reading Lord Loss when I say younger but it was far too spooky

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I loved these when I was around 13. They were so unashamedly gory.

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When I was twelve this was all my best friend would read. Darren Shan was a memey inside joke in our friend group back then.

I guess they were the UK equivalent of Goosebumps.

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Oh shit, I remember reading these when I was 13 or 14. Darren Shan is pretty much the reason I got into books, and I find him to be an amazing author at that.

Good taste, OP.

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i remember reading these when i was younger up to the trials of death before getting burnt out. years later i talked about it with someone and they told me the ending was garbage and there's time travel or something. can anyone confirm or deny?

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These were amazing, really unique and imaginative. Lake of Souls was mental.

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He becomes one of the little people. It's actually kinda cool, if a bit deus ex machina.

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Ending was a bit... Eh. IIRC the ending was that Darren died and turned into one of those little people, everyone would walk in Darren's and Steven's shoes at some point.

And the time travel thing it's all true, in book 10, I don't remember how, Darren and with one of the little people by his side, he somehow ends up in the future that is a desert, everything has collapsed and eroded. They find a postcard or something in a house that confirmed they were in the future by the year on the card. They were in the future that would come if Darren didn't fight Steven. There was some fucked up mutated creatures there as well I think.

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I read both the vampire saga and the demonata

i enjoyed demonata far far more

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