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Where do I start with this beautiful hombre and why do you like him? Also anybody know of any good spanish translations?

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>why do you like him?
His perfect face

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He anticipated hip hop.

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I watched the Leonardo Dicaprio movie about Rimbaud from 1995.

I didn't expect the awkward gay sex scenes. I saw it with my mom.
What a shit movie about such great subject material.

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Explain yerself

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Why he is so handsome

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You ever get an accidental boner after stumbling upon some gay porn? So annoying for straight guys such as ourselves.

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You are not so straight then...

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If you cant read him in French dont ever bother

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the Spanish translation is almost the same as french but yeah you are right

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I know nothing beats the original. I'm learning french but it's going to be a long time before I can read Rimbaud in his original language. I don't think a spanish translation is that bad.

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I'm diagnosing you with autism if you haven't been yet.

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Why? Just because I told you you are literally gay?

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His boastful persona that he displays in a season in hell (it could be his real personality but it doesn't matter) seems to be heavily reminiscent of rap. "The poets would be jealous, I'm a thousand times richer than them, I am to hoard it all." And the excerpts about creating a language based on colors. It's really everywhere in the poem.

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To add on to this I don't think any writer before has ever blatantly insulted and derided the writers of their time in their own work. His poem is referencing his superiority to his peers in such a modern and direct manner. It's like ether directed at the entire literary world. I could be wrong about this but this is one thing I took away.

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Quality anon. Would you care to point me to a good starting place?

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Voltaire did that too. But he wasn't as talented as Rimbaud, obviously. You're right when yoy Rimbaud adopted a persona, the brat who'd brag about his talents and troll other poets seems quite pathetic when you compare him to the loser he seems to be in the lettres he sent to his family.

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what did those letters say?

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If you can understand English I would say listen to this first to get the tone of his work: https://youtu.be/OdahSTbhU7g. And read a season in hell, I don't know any good Spanish translations but questions like this can be easily Googled. If you want to get into his work get a collection of his work and letters (because he is just as interesting as his output).

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holden caufield is basically a caricature and a post modern take on if there was a rimbaud of salingers times. of course this comes with all the neurosis of modern day where caufield is tookoolforskool in a stupid way. rimbaud was the picture in holdens locker in that dexters lab meme. rimbaud tredded the filth and ripped it open. holden got sight of the filth but didnt go through with it. yeah i think hes proto rap/hiphop or punk whatever.

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>Leonardo Dicaprio movie about Rimbaud
oh man that sounds like a perfect maa
>Rotten Tomatoes gave the film a 25% "rotten" score with critics (four of the sixteen reviews being positive) against a 61% score with audiences.[3]

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he was joking, assdick.

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Will there ever be another Rimbaud?
He was so young... with only three years of literary work, and what a legacy left behind.
The man took the Decadence with all his heart -- he ran, he drank, he slept with men and women; he showed what the degradation left in him, he smuggled coffee, etc.

But set aside his life, which is oh so interesting, I deeply respect Rimbaud, and see him as a peer and poet. A Northern star in a sky of modern Degradation. He is beautifully poetic, his Theory of Colored Sound is something unique, something I felt, which I feel as truth. There is something, I see color behind each word.
But not as Arthur, -- A black, E white, I red, O green, U blue, -- no, I see prepositions white, I see adjectives in a spectrum, depending on the noun, and nouns depending on tone, voice.

A sunset is yellow. A sunset... is purple. A sunset! is red. Sunset is cold.

And verbs -- verbs are the gradient of nouns, setting the voice of the poem.
And so on.
I would go so far to say that he is something every poet should strive for. Not a Shakespeare, but an Arthur, a Rimbaud.

Will there ever be another Rimbaud?
Never -- one already is without end, and Alfa and Omega, and the lover's blue eye, and the lips giggling, and the flies on a corpse.

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Thanks a ton

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