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Is reading Hegel worth the effort?

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>hegel takes effort for him

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Yeah, Hegel himself says so

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Unfalsifiable nonsense cuck continental muh feels faggotry

Try the redpill instead

Reals > feels

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>is x worth the effort

is life worth the effort when it really comes down to it

just fucking end it if you won't even attempt a challenge without /lit/ validating your pursuit

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how is this 'red pill' falsifiable?

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Stopped reading here

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>is life worth the effort when it really comes down to it

>Is reading Hegel worth the effort?

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The redpill is based in science, rationality, and logic

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how is logic falsifiable

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>seriously responding to this child

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the redpill is cherry-picking wish-fulfillment based on your insecurities and self-depreciation you retarded faggot

take the grow-the-fuck-up pill. tastes like medicine and responsibility but you'll be better for it later

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but the gays are icky and women don't like me

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>Existential Pessimism was the only way Schopenhauer could convince people not to read Hegel

It all makes sense now

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Brainwashed bluepilled cuck.

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XD epic satire my Redditor friends, redpillers sure are dumb! XDDD ignorant racists sexists and Trump supporters are so dumb. CNN and Fox not Infowars and /pol/ praise Hillary

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reply brought to you by science and logicâ„¢

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>le triggered Nazi man

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Did I just have a stroke or are all these posters schizophrenic ESLs?

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both desu

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Welcome to Capitalism

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Science is fucking trash.

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You're wrong but you have quints so ill let it slide

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what about The Science of Logic

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I've never read it but if it's not science it's probably good.

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It's worth it because then you get to be one of like 10 people who can be proud enough to pretend like they understood a single thing the fucking autist was saying.

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if you put the same effort into understanding the greeks as you would into hegel , you will have have learned much more

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>red pill is reals


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So like every other philosopher?

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/lit/ is so absurdly easy to troll. The pompous retards replying to the "redpiller" are the reason this board was flooded and went to shit.

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>I was only pretending to be retarded

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If you would have kept track of the IP counter you would realize that was the first post I made in the thread.

But you're too stupid to remember something like that, and you're too defensive to accept responsibility for your countless mistakes, so you'll go on shitting up the board like we never had this conversation, never learning anything, never besting anybody, at least you've read classic literature and aren't a pseud, right? Wrong. I can tell just from that post you're a pseud. Don't dare reply to me again.

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The whole point of reading classic literature and philosophy is to acquire cultural capital with which to dominate others intellectually and socially.

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How do I acquire cultural capital with which to dominate others sexually?

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become a meme author/director

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this is why i come to /lit/

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>be redpiller
>some stupid cuck brings up literally who: the philosopher
>people call me out on my shit
>I-I didn't make those comments it was CTR doing satire XD
Masterful dodge

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>I am the warrior of my daydreams!

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yeah, much more about fucking boys. hegel completed philosophy.

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take the real redpill and read Unamuno's The Tragic Sense of Life

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Is worth the effort worth the effort?

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>Read the "Phenomenology of spirit" this year
>Didn't even understood any of the shit I read.
>Can't even describe it with simple words.
>Maybe I'm a retard
>well at least I can pretend that I understand Hegel memes now
That was my experience with Hegel

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It is dense as fuck. I liked Kant better.

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You have to re-read,

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I agree, but I don't think this always works for me, especially if I find it boring.

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Why would you read it without hegels ladder?

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It's fine, for Hegel I'd suggest reading his lectures first.

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Hegel is NRx as fuck stfu cuck

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Never knew about this book. Thanks, I might try it.
Which lectures exactly do you mean?

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On the History of Philosophy and The Encyclopedia of the Philosophical Sciences.

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It's interesting if you want to realize how much of a fucking mystery it is that the Left Hegelians 'won.'

Hegel was as conservative as they come.

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i like u

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Thank you, looks like I already have On the history of Philosophy. I'll start from there.

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Yes,start with his early theological works, introductory lectures and lectures.

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