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I have never related more to a work than Kafka's letter to his father.

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>tfw simultaneously the underground man and rei ayanami

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How many layers of autism are you on, m'dude?

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enough to chaik those fukin dubs

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There is so much to the bond/relationship of a father and son it's absurd. Anyone know some good books about dads?

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Reminder Freud was right and your worldview and illness directly relates to daddy and mommy issues

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i stay in my room all day i want to just die like gregor samsa ffs lucky bastard

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just hang yourself already

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seems a bit painful m8

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yeah that must hurt
not everyone has steel balls a'la DFW

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I'd just stick with Hemlock.

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w2c hemlock

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>Kafka actually gave the letter to his mother to hand on to his father. His mother never delivered the letter but returned it to her son. The original letter, 45 pages long, was typewritten by Kafka and corrected by hand. Two and a half additional pages were written by hand.[2]

this is challenger deep levels of autism, holy shit

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>he doesn't use his mother as an intermediary force between himself and his father
chaik'd btw

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Didn't have a pa :(

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You do realize it was a different time and Kafka's father was super abusive and would have probably called Kafka a faggot to his face for writing with girly words.

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His sisters said he (the father, not the autist) was a normal dude though

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>repressed women in 1912 said their father who probably fucked them and forced them to marry early was normal

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It's like a plant that just grows everywhere temperate p much.

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How far back do u think 1912 was??? Lol

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They were a Germanized Jewish family. I hope you can work out why that was a little problematic.

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Your dad raped you?

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>using tumblerette words like "ABUSIVE" to hamstring the complex and multi-layered relationship between kafka and his father


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you're 14 years old or severely autistic.

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Min Kamp - Karl Ove Knausgaard

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I'm 28 and not autistic.

I've been in a relationship with a 14-year-old though. She isn't autistic either.

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Pls nobody give the autistic pedophile attention pls

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Are you autistic?

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score, mirin that 50% age ratio

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I was 25.

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But regardless, she was 13 when we began dating. Getting close to 50

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