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Why are books and everything surrounding them so faggy? To start, I'm not even allowed to point at a book and say "That's shit" or "That's great". I'm told that I have to love 9001 boring as fuck western canon novels written by rich people in the past. I am told to care about the narcissistic barely disguised memoirs of some postmodern boring as fuck fiction writer.

It's painful seeing people on lit pretend that A confederacy of dunces (which was quite good) was laugh out loud funny. It's even worse when it's Pynchon.

You are fucking deluded if you say that literature hasn't advanced well on its way to painting tier, or in other words, is becoming nothing more than a tool for social signalling.

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You're standing in line for Cars 3: More Cars and yelling at children about how Pixar keeps making the same movie

Go read Ranciere or something and ignore the rich kids who degrade literature by using surface knowledge of it as a symbol of their upper class status

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>I'm not even allowed
>I'm told
>I have to
>I am told
Who is this cruel master that keeps torturing you, friendo? Inform the authorities

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Read Distinction by Bourdieu and/or Bohos in Paradise by Some Insightful Guy

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ITT: If someone likes something I don't like, they are certainly pretending.

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Fukin rekt

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Nice one.

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>the rich kids who degrade literature by using surface knowledge of it as a symbol of their upper class status
How do they do this? Outside of a university setting, I mean.

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>barely disguised memoirs

Ah its you yet again. Why do you get off on this shit?

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You're just following your intuition about the book which can/will change in the future. There's a lot more involved in a book being "great" than how it makes you, alone, reflexively feel.

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His memoirs got bad reviews from both his mother and his aunt, and he has gone down the path of vengeance.

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people did this all the time at the middle and high school i went to. my parents moved from a ghetto and got a shitty mortgage during the housing bubble so i could go to a decent school, and almost everyone did this whether it was reading about harry potter (seriously some kids act better than others because they have read potter) up to Nietzsche(mostly misinterpreting his writings to justify being a hedonistic as possible and keep repeating that nothing matters). after i gradauted i moved away back to where i used to live and had to go to that town for some reason about a month ago, and i ran into a few people from high school while i was picking up a sandwich from a grocery store, and they were still signalling how much better they were then me because they read books (somehow i got a reputation as being literally illiterate because I came from the worst ranked school in my state to one of the best (i read quite a bit back then and still read now))

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I still dont get how anybody could misinterpret Nietzsche.
Of couse, he loves his allegories and prefers fabulating over just stating his points most of the time, but if you read carefully, the very first part of Zarathustra should make his cause very clear.

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Maybe ur a fag senpai

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it blows my mind that 15 year old tumblr idiots read a Nietzsche quote online taken completely out of context and say that he's the greatest thinker of all time when they haven't even read Thus Spoke Zarathustra. It also is shitty how much of a bad fanbase that Nietzsche has because whenever I'm buying one of his books or reading in public sometimes people make smug remarks about him.

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Thus Spoke Zarathustra was the first philosophy book I've ever read, as in the whole book, and I was like 15-16. Safe to say I misinterpreted the SHIT out of it.

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the point is to not give a shit about what /lit/ thinks. this place is like a hive mind for old shitty classics, in which this place thinks they're good.

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Absolutely magnificent.

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Well, thats a good point.
If you are very young and unexperienced, he may certainly overwhelm you.
I was 17 when I read Thus spoke Zarathustra for the first time, and I dont think I got the whole book either.
But still, I didnt take Nietzsche as an excuse for being a hedonistic, useless little brat, at least I hope so.
Thats pretty much the worst misconception you can have with him.

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This board is just contrarians jerking themselves off over having read more obscure classics than OP. Just read whatever you want.

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This is gold.

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Please stop samefagging

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>This board is just contrarians
This board likes highly regarded classics. How is that contrarion?

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That's fine but it's all they like, and it's like the """"people"""" here are afraid to like anything else. How can you work to be a well rounded person if you can't step outside of your box man?

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>putting 'people' in scare quotes
what did he mean by this?

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