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We write a line through Z to differentiate it from 2
We draw a line through 0 to differentiate it from O
We write an open 4 to differentiate it from 9
We draw 9 like a backwards P to differentiate it from g

Why is there nothing for 5 and S?

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>inb4 "distinguish" not "differentiate"

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Because they look different.

A lot of people don't do the things you described, because, while it may be helpful, it is unnecessary.

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They look really similar if you have bad handwriting (like me)

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Also, context.

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Most guides to good writing would tell you not to mix numbers and letters. It is probably only relatively recently that it has really been common though with oddly named technology but then that is balanced with a reduction in the use of handwriting.

Also number shapes have varied a lot in the past, except for 8 and 1. We write 4 closed for speed rather than opening it up to make clear it isn't 9.

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just write "d/dx" afterwards to differentiate

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I thought that for figures greater than one-hundred you switched to numbers.

eg ninety-nine, one-hundred, 101, 102.

Say if you're writing history and need to use an exact figure.

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>I thought that for figures greater than one-hundred you switched to numbers.
If you were a dumb fucking prescriptivist, maybe.

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That's the general rule for Chicago Style at least. But of course that doesn't apply to handwriting.

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Leibniz pls go
A simple ' is much more efficient and clear

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There's no standard limit. Garner says switch to numerals after ten. APS says nine. CMS originally said one hundred, now it allows switching after nine.

But generally you spell out all numbers in dialogue unless it's extremely long, and you always use numerals for sports scores.

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The worst is when some asshole who's probably laughing his ass off puts "5s" in some arbitrary equation you have to solve.

You had to use the letter s? Nothing else? Just s?

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