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did any great writers have dogs. i want one but they are time sinks from the sounds of it

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Steinbeck had Charlie

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Look up Byron and his dog. Classic stuff

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If you're worried about a dog being a "time sink" then don't get one. You don't deserve a dog.
Getting a dog because other great writers have had one is some tier 1 faggot shit.

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Just shut them up in the basement and fire a bb gun at them if they get too rowdy.

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Dog fuckers sure are friendly.

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rip boatswain.

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You probably have a lot of time on your hands op, why not spend it taking care of a best friend? Training a dog is so rewarding and having that smiling face to come home to everyday makes life worth it. It can be hard at first but fuck I'm so glad I've got a dog.

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get a cat

you can ignore them as much as you want, and you're only required tasks is filling up the food/water dish ~2x a day and cleaning a litterbox once a day (or every other day or two, at most, but i really don't recommend that)

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You'd be better with a Cat if you view Dogs as 'timesinks', they're not accessories, you're supposed to look after them.

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kill urself

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most cat owners in america don't touch their cat's litter for weeks

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Plato had Diogenes

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