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>What is Dreamscape?
A collaborative work of fiction about a commune of new sincerists.

>What is "the Dreamscape"?
Only you can answer that.

>Who can contribute?

>My contributions are gone!
Go find them in an older version of the document and add them back in. Or, they might have been merged into other stories/excerpts.

>Someone deleted everything!
Look through the document history and revert to the last copy which looks good.

>How do I look at the document history?
>How do I add images?
You need to log into a Google Botnet account. Then go File -> See Revision History.

>Why doesn't the new Google Doc have my contributions from the old Google Doc?
The copy I have is an older version. I've added missing parts from memory but couldn't recover everything.

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Fuck yes, the word from our sponsors is still there. Fuck me clean bb

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Also, we already wrote 2 books:
The Legacy Of Totalitarianism In A Tundra

And yes, they got published



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not as bad as i would have expected, carry on

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the title is bad, though
generic, boring

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Title's not set in stone by any means.

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Can someone remove the jew nose?

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Thanks new OP, I was getting worried.

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Where can I find the first two titles? I am interested in reading them.

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got ya [email protected]


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Thank you very much

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working on a compilation of shortform and failed /lit/ projects, what does everyone think of it?

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Thanks- will post my earlier contribution from the previous attempt into our new drive doc later today, anon.

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what are the rules? dO I just start writing/. Sorry for thi s ppst. nnew keybord and sleep mediacation re too strong

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no its just a collection of old stuff that people made together for anyone whos interested in reading it.

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Thanks. I'll keep the tab open anfd read it whenever I come t my senses

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I know this breaks convention, but what do people think about going off anon (could be a throwaway google email address (still anon)), so we can better organize this drive doc through email coorespondance or gchat?

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you might be overthinking this.

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Can we replace the nose with a stirn? I don't know how to do it desu

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>new sincerists.

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Which of these is essential /lit/ and what order should I approach them?

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Tundra is the one that started it all, and although pretty fucking terrible overall is the best of the "trilogy".
Hypersphere is the other work of some tiny bit of significance, and while it has again the same kind of of penis vagina lmao tier """humor""" in it as the others do, its nonsense is actually tied to the thematic, sort of.

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Almost 20k words guys

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Haven't checked the doc yet, I thoroughly expect it to be filled with "nigger" and memes but I will contribute if you sauce me on that lovely artwork OP.

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Kudos to this nigger

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those are awful, and they're not even rhymes, anon, are you even trying?

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Come on, it sort of works. I was making shit up on the spot. I also didn't bother with a meter, because I never would have gotten anywhere.

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Sorry but no, I uphold my previous opinion.

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it's not bad. It's not great, but it was amusing and that's the best post modern meme books can hope for

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You can always leave comments in sections or use this topic to communicate ideas.

Hua Tunan. Found it on his blog or something.

Also I think you'll be surprised. It's better than "nigger + memes".

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Am I James Joyce yet??

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Not verbose enough. Like a joint with lots of tobacco little weed. Joke I didn't read it. Might later...won't...

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thanks for deleting 10 pages you CUNT

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just you wait ;)

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OP restore please

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we will restore it and it will be stronger

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memescape will prevail

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we have the technology

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its anonymous turtle, what a cunt

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jesus christ people just keep deleting shit

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"Dreamscape?" More like:

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fuck. some cunt has gone and deleted the drive doc again

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The Democratic Era has inevitably met its successor Chaos.

If the project is to continue, the Chaotic Era should be succeeded by the

· Theocratic Era of the God-Author of single power, followed by the

· Aristocratic Era of authority distributed to a few "Giants" and demigods of Gmail-account possession, building stability for a reculmination of the

· Democratic

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i'm ready for a theocracy desu

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Anonymous Turtle, I will make it my life mission to end your miserable existence. I will bring hell which you can't even imagine. To you, your family, and all your 2D. I swear to God I will cum in your nostrils while choking the shit out of you.

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what if he wants globs of sticky icky in his kawaii nostrils

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Then after the best experience of his life, I will end it. That makes it much sweeter desu.

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whoever owns this doc: restore it and put it on comment only mode and start a new chapter so that vandalism doesn't fuck it up. using multiple docs is basically the reason why Hypersphere and TLOTIAT survived and other projects like Quagga are dead

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shitposter here

I agree

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I wrote a short piece in ms word, do I just paste it to the end or what?

>> No.8332711

OP unless you're hard gay you're gonna have to do this

>> No.8332714

It doesn't matter

It will either

A) Get deleted

B) Get ignored and forgotten like the rest of this shit

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also this

>> No.8332725

What's the point in these?

People complain about the vandalism, but even without vandals it's just a load of meme shit that nobody reads.

>> No.8332727

What motivates you to shitpost? I am wet and intrigued

>> No.8332732

a plethora of reasons


sometimes it's to change dialectic

sometimes it's pure arson

in the case of this, it was to wind up ""author"" faggots who took the shite too seriously and to have a cheeky laff before bed

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>change dialectic

kek, first day on /lit/ and trying to fit in


you fucking cuck

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Why the fuck do you do the same thing over again and think it's in any way interesting?

It's like a band who hit their peak 3 decades ago continuing to release new records every few years.

Try something new in rules or something. This is in no way interesting anymore.

>> No.8332744

>kek, first day on /lit/ and trying to fit in

been here a year

I bet you like Dostoevsky

>> No.8332748

This. It's just a samey collection of "quirky" prose and mindless shitposting.

>> No.8332750

>taking a 4chan meme collaborative project seriously
try having fun sometime lmao

>> No.8332754

>taking a 4chan meme collaborative project seriously
>try having fun sometime lmao

I'm feeling a mixture of second-hand embarrassment and disgust

>> No.8332755 [DELETED] 

bet you haven't read anything authored by him
bet you're an NYRB fan

i'm correct in my assertions- no need to dignify with a response

>> No.8332756

Holy shit dude, it's just for fun.

>> No.8332758

yeah duude like chill out lmao muh nigga lol



haha lmao chill it's just a firegging meme

>> No.8332761

that's what you get when you start analyzing an intentional shitfest as if it's supposed to be a work of art or something

>> No.8332766

>start analyzing

All I said is that it was a mixture of "quirky" prose and shitposting

try reading some proper literary criticism sometime lmao

>> No.8332770

>bet you haven't read anything authored by him
>authored by him


>bet you're an NYRB fan


>i'm correct in my assertions- no need to dignify with a response


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>I have autism and it shows: the post

>> No.8332779

>trying to hurt somebody's feelings

Holy shit dude, it's just for fun.

>> No.8332783

>Holy shit dude, it's just for fun.

try having fun sometime lmao

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I wish I was as cool as you.

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forced meme

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thankyou and goodnight

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Actually I agree with >>8332738. I mean sure, it's fun, but it also gets fucking exhausting to read the same retarded dick jokes for the nth time. I think Hyperspace is the apex of what current generation "meme literature" can be, any other meme books will be total hack shit like Tundra Miami at best.
How about making something like a zine in the vein of the amateur publications of old? It can even be composed of mini-zines, one of which can be for the exclusive use of ebin memers who like dick and shit "stories", and maybe one for memes, while the rest will be for genuine attempts at writing (even if they're memefic- we had some such stories in the previous books). And of course, there can be non-fiction segments as well.

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He sits there, idly picking his nose. As he does he happens upon, and dislodges, a massive continent of cured mucous. He marvels as his eyes focus on the magnificent patina it has acquired after years within him, a pearl of himself. He promptly replaces it in its rightful home within his nostril.

>> No.8332806

what dyou guys think of my joke y'all forgot to reply

>> No.8332810

it made me eject a viscous paste from the rubbery nostril of my giant twix bar

>> No.8332826

Yeah but there are people like>>8332732 who consider that meme writing too serious. People here are too scared to write anything with even the slightest sincerity.

>> No.8332963

OP here. I've restored to an earlier version from 2 hours ago. As far as I'm aware, you don't have to be me to restore things. Anyone with a Google account can do this.

I'm not sure what you mean by putting things on comment mode. the beginning up to RUMSPRINGA (minus some memeshittery) is pretty good, so I guess I can "lock" that. But I don't want to restrict people from being able to contribute.

Yep. It's a good idea to keep a copy in case your contributions get deleted. Chances are what you write will get mangled in with other people's writings/memeshittery, and sometimes that happens in a good way and sometimes in a bad way.

>> No.8333047 [DELETED] 

Requesting access to edit the drive!

>> No.8333064

If I'm signed in to my account, does it show up for everybody?

>> No.8333070 [DELETED] 

huh, mate?

>> No.8333078

Does it just show up a "Anonymous ___" if I'm signed in?

>> No.8333097

No, your name will show up

>> No.8333133 [DELETED] 

you need a gmail account to access the doc drive, pretty sure you are anon if you are signed into your account. I think if you joint the chat, then your anon goes away.

I made a burner gmail address to avoid anonymity loss.

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It's kind of funny to me that my intentionally shitty three part story actually got integrated into the lore of the piece, and someone actually kept writing too. Btw whoever wrote The Peculiar Case of Jason Phaedon Part IV, I'm waiting on part V.

>> No.8333309 [DELETED] 

yeah, I've done something similar to where i've conformed my diary entries to be that of Jason in his youth. Who the fuck is Jason? I haven't the slightest idea. Hopefully I give readers some context regarding his formative years.

>nice dubs
>nice trips

>> No.8333314 [DELETED] 


>> No.8333331 [DELETED] 

unlock the dock, new OP.
or at least accept requests to contribute

>> No.8333346


>> No.8333366

How do you guys make end-notes? I'm the guy who wrote Benjamin and the Magical Feminine Penis. Someone made a few end-notes for me, but the one's I made were all fucked up.

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that's not how gets work

It shows you as anon unless you were shared the link privately by the author.

It also shows your email to the author when you request editing permission.

And I think once you have editing permission it shows the name on the account.

But if your privacy settings don't show anything on your page then you should be alright.

Can anyone else confirm or deny this? I want to contribute but I don't want to make a separate account just for this. My google page is already stripped of all info.

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Always wanted to participate in one of these but never found the time to read it nor catch it when it's starting. What do?

>> No.8333510

Just write anything you want, man. Simple as that.

>> No.8333521

Not him, but I don't have editing permissions and I'm probably not alone.

>> No.8333528

You should give the other two a look and see how little knowing the material actually matters.

I'm pretty sure this painting's not part of the Hudson River school, but I can't actually find the original painting. Mind helping me out, anon?

>> No.8333530

You have to request perms, then when OP gets off his ass he'll probably accept your request.

>> No.8333561

Jay Phaedon seemed to be the only recurring character so I just changed the names of some other characters and integrated them and then wrote a shitty part IV.

Read from the beginning until RUMSPRINGA. That's the only really cohesive part thus far. Then contribute what you like.

Relax fucker, I was at university and work all day. Document is open again. Didn't mean to turn off editing.

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File: 1.10 MB, 1182x878, James Olley.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm not sure, it's in my lit folder so I got it from here but I didn't save it with a name. I'm also not sure about the Hudson River school, what's that about?

If you happen to find out I'll post some other sauced art for your troubles.

if permission is granted does that remove the anon label from your viewer icon in the top right?

>> No.8333588

They were a gaggle of romanticism-inspired artists who painted scenery from areas around the Hudson river valley in the United States. Eventually they expanded outward, but the general themes and tone remained.

The picture you posted has an active volcano, though, and what look like classical-styled columns. I wanna say the landscape reminds me of some interpretations of biblical scenes or time periods, but I might be bugfuck nuts.

>> No.8333591

what about new sincerity do you find so offputting?

>> No.8333594

remove the commas, then yeah.

>> No.8333623

I was just joking OP, you know we love you

>> No.8333638

Anon lemur, your edits are terribly unfunny. Kindly end your life.

>> No.8333644 [DELETED] 

chill, guy - we appreciate what you've done and continue to do.

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>le kys meme

>> No.8334042

dreamscape ha more like memescape

>> No.8334293

you change it from people with the link "can edit" to "can comment". this means that we can still write stuff on the document but it has to be approved by you, so nobody can delete the entire thing.

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File: 40 KB, 634x346, article-2432922-18472EF100000578-249_634x346.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>people are taking collaborations seriously now

And the reddit cancer continues

>> No.8334480

I fucked up my suggestion like a the mongoloid I am.

Please add my poem

Greater Memes

Dank memes are not so Dank
As the Stacies kissed by the Nigger's stank
Dankness of robots and traps
Seems pale to to what the Nigger claps
O Wojak, your eyes lose lure
When I behold Frog, Pepe's allure

Your /thinspo/ attitude
Trembles not sexually like Bear-modes ass-pooed
NEETing and NEETing there
Where God seems not to care
Till the fierce autism they bear
Cramps them in Mum's basement's extreme decrepitude

My waifu's voice not so soft
Though even 2d is'nt real though I oft
Masturbating to futa is not okay
Gently and softly my dick sway
As the 2D which none now care
Now the robots has stopped their piteous eyes that stare

Memes, you were never Dank
Nor ebin, nor full of life like normies sliced by my katana
And though Harambe eats banana
DAVID FOSTER WALLACE wears a bandana
You cross through memes and cocks
Weep, you may weep, for you may shitpost not

>> No.8334494

Eh. It's better not to have a "lead editor". People can throw shit at the wall for now and then we can go through and clean it up into something nice.

>> No.8334558

Why didn't we call it Runescape?

>> No.8334562

>Elementary rhyme schemes
>Crude and uninsightful memery
>Buzzwords, Buzzword every where

Go work for BuzzFeed, you'd fit right in

>> No.8334591


>> No.8334874

>Elementary rhyme schemes
I don't see how this is bad. If Wolfram von Eschenbach and Hartmann von Aue and co could tell entire epic tales in couplets, I don't see how it's "too elementary" for you.

>> No.8335207 [DELETED] 

You can't argue with pretentious posters, they're just doing their job as angry maladjusted faggots.

>> No.8335214

You can't argue with pretentious posters, they're just doing their job as angry maladjusted faggots.

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File: 116 KB, 500x667, tumblr_l22b9wOmz71qbui8qo1_500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Were the last two books made during the summer? I feel like there would be substantially less cancer if it was done during the winter when the underage b&s are busy.

>> No.8335264

what IS New Sincerity tho?

>> No.8335276

they are all cancerous

people just make one then jump to the next

>> No.8335391


not sure but this one is too memey

>> No.8335657

Im inclined to agree with
The final stanza in >>8334480 is shit, the pacing is awful, and the rhyme scheme is broken with that terrible katana triplet.
Also, not and cock do not rhyme
Even as some post-irony meme shit this is bad, have some decency and revise this

>> No.8335713

Don't get me wrong, it's beyond dogshit, and the rhyme scheme is fucked up, no doubt, but "basic" is not the problem here.

>> No.8336014

can the fucker with editing privileges at least get rid of the stupid header fucking everything up

>> No.8336061

>taking memes this seriously

>> No.8336075

Surely you mean "may may"s (fuck whoever did that btw)

>> No.8336089
File: 198 KB, 1024x914, 1468363468583.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Who the FUCK is this "Alysia Gonzales" and why is she suggesting dogshit edits everywhere?

>> No.8336120

I¡m scrolling trough this. The shitpost is still loading. Anons this is beautiful. I¡m going to print this once the autism finally loads. This is art.

>> No.8336146

agreed. these are pretty cringe edits

>> No.8336187

Why don't you disable headers

>> No.8336599

this is fucking awful

>> No.8336648

kys pleb

>> No.8336670

OP said he had a job so calm the fuck down. theyll do it whenever they have time.

Either way this is more like a short story collection so order isnt really necessary.

>> No.8338010

dude just start a part two document and put this one in comment mode so the whole thing doesnt keep getting deleted and fucked up. ANYONE can edit it, you just have to approve the edits now. We can do it with voting on edits like we did with Hypersphere even.

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