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Pic related is one of the most enigmatic, complex, and thought-provoking lines in hip-hop/rap history. Many have tried but none have been able to understand its meaning.

Can /lit/?

here is the origin


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Why is complexity so worshiped ?

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I'm glad nothing changed in the time it took me to read that sentence; I'm always worried it has.

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Complexity is simplicity confused with intelligence.

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uru calls into question the visceral nature of the human condition. If something was “popular” at one point in history, who is to say that at any one given point it becomes unpopular?

Guru wants to prevent his listeners from quantifying themselves down to likes and dislikes. We are a complex people and to treat ourselves as otherwise is to ignore essential truths. As simply as it can be put: maintain an open mind and ‘do you’ for the benefit it for the youth.

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You are talking out of your ass. Some things are just simple.

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Just came here to post the superior Gang Starr track


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Like your language.

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The statement is redundant. Lemonade is currently popular... and it is still popular.

>rap lyrics
>enigmatic, complex, and thought-provoking


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Correctness does not equate to effectiveness.

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>copy/pasting from rap genius

hola reddit

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OP talks like a fag and his shit's all retarded. The song clearly says Lemonade WAS a popular drink...

go suck a bag of dicks

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Anyone with an understanding of semantics can clearly see that the time gap between reading the beginning of the statement and the end of it constitutes its reasoning.

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It calls to the listener's attention the passing of time.

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wowe so deepe!!
the likes of sophocles are just a footnote compared to this titan of thought
how can we even comprehend his full genius

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And yours.

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and the Bible's

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he has plenty of lemons

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