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>There are two kinds of people in this world

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those who shitpost, and normies

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>opening paragraph is just the narrator being ambivalent

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Those who post literary trope threads, and those who post in literary trope threads.

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>I am here.
>Here I am...
>So there I was,

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been reading dfw?

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>It was an X day

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Excellent use of image and filename.

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I don't get it.

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Those who exist and those who don't.

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Kant slept in a self-woven cocoon of quilts every night, as he believed any movement stifled his thought.

Every morning, he had to be unravelled by his man-servant, Lampe.

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>"""""""all of a sudden"""""""""""

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>There are three kinds of people in this world

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Literally a sign of autism

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All great minds have autism.

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I always get excited when an author says there are two kinds of people

definitely one of my favourite things

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That says more about you than those authors.

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>having a man servant
>using people as a means to an end

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God the cringe. This is why I wish I was a psychopath

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He was a means to Kant's means.

Thank me later.

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No fucking shit Kant was autistic. Even today, there's the Kant walk throughout Königsberg/Kaliningrad, so named because Kant went on the same walk every single day for years on end, with such autistic precision that it was said you could use his progress on the route to set your clock. He would always walk alone, because he believed he had to breathe through his nostrils to be brilliant. If he had to talk to people, it wouldn't work, he'd have to breathe through the mouth occasionally.

He'd also throw a temper tantrum if de Quincey, his PA in his later life, served his coffee a few seconds too late.

All these little personal quirks as proof of his autism are still pretty much nothing when you consider the weapons-grade plutonium-enriched autism of the categorical imperative.

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Robert Frost and Robert Frank.

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Myself and My property

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>Chapter One
>Describes setting

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>it was as if

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>people who think the ring cycle should be staged as wagner intended
>fucking degenerates

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>You're about to begin reading Italo Calvino's new novel, If On A Winter's Night A Traveler

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>Der Ring being staged as a bunch of business people or whatever

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>tfw the nibichung vassals are factory workers living on the rhine

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People and black "people"

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I can't help it, man. I don't have any idea what other, better phrase to use.

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God damn, you are retarded

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I remember I had to read the introduction to the second edition to Critique of Pure Reason and being baffled by the autism of it all, which I ruled as a translation problem.

After learning about Kant's routine, and having studied (very little) of his work, I can say for a fact this man was knee deep in the spectrum.

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>All these little personal quirks as proof of his autism are still pretty much nothing when you consider the weapons-grade plutonium-enriched autism of the categorical imperative.
top kek 2bh

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If there really is such a tour it is a sham, which would not surprise me, really--the tourism trade in Kaliningrad probably revolves exclusively around Kant, and he's a pretty tough sell on his own.

Kant was a renouned lecturer and a critical figure in Königsburg's intellectual society. He hosted dinner parties frequently, and was known for his lively conversation and sense of humor. Does that sound 'autistic'?

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It doesn't take a lot of social skill and humor to please a german, my dude. It's like that guy who can only play 5 songs and yet is regarded as a musician by his friends who can't play none at all.

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>Thus ended the

Thomas Pinecone did it right though.

>staging the ring cycle at all
Let me guess, you're the kind of people who line up to see Faust """"""productions""""""

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>It doesn't take a lot of social skill and humor to please a german
think you mean prussian, those are the cunts who gave germans their modern reputation

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>you're the kind of people who line up to see Faust """"""productions""""""
christ no, how does that even follow

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>I am dead.

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>Book has words in it

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cuck faggots that unironically like staring at papers with boring text for hours and people that actually do fun things in life like playing sports, banging qt3.14s, and watching movies

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