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What book will convince me that there is anything more to life than masturbating and shitposting and having no friends and so on

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Goethe's Conversations with Eckermann.

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my diary desu

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Kim, by Kipling. Crazy shit happens out there in the world and you can only absorb like 15% of it through a screen.

Prometheus Rising, by Robert A. Wilson

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looks boring af

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Why do people think there's some magical book out there that will fix all their problems?

It's ink and paper, not a fucking wand.

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If you want your life-changing efforts to be entertaining, you will never change your life.

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both look shite

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experiencing success in something you tried at

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never going to happen

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How good is Kipling's work? I have a few volumes of his stuff.

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Ahhh...but what are wands made of, if not ink and paper?

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"The Fox and His Grapes"

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trying to figure out a few things

1) why you are posting a sport pic on /lit/
2) what point you're trying to make by showing Monreal's foul on Vardy, because Arsenal still won 2-1.
3) it's very debateable about whether or not it was actually a foul, Vardy made the most of it desu
4) why the hell you have this cap of a game from february

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one of the greatest writers in the history of the enlgish language, dismissed because muh racism

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the holy bible

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Sweet. I actually have Kim in that collection, so I'll read it next.

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A single book will not change your life.

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1. it was one of the first non-offensive pics to use available from desktop and I cba finding a relevant one from the internet

For the rest, I used it as an example in a debate about whether Vardy should've been sent off when he was against West Ham. My point was that if he was to an extent running into the player and doing that is deemed a dive worth a yellow then why wasn't the monreal one deemed a dive worth a yellow.

Absolutely no one was saying the monreal challenge was deserving of Vardy gettting a yellow, some said it wasn't a foul at all but that's it, there wasn't even close to being the suggestion that vardy should be booked in that case. Seemed a double standard

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ahh, ok it makes a little more sense now. refs are inconsistent and fans even more so

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growing up and having to do something with your life will

lol a book

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>having to do something with your life

there is nothing one has to do

>growing up

define and give reasons why

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You're boring af.

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>some ancient cunt talking for 500 pages


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vardy is a diving faggot and he'll get btfo in the euros

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he probably won't even play

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I just here for the captchas

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A really shitty book that will bore you so much you'll get you off your NEET/NEET-wannabe ass and go make friends. Go.

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>taking advice from new pleb butterfly

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>taking advice from got-off-her-ass-and-went-out-and-made-friends butterfly

>I'm cool cuz I don't use proper caps
Shameless cur.

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haah ;;-_-))()

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one terrible tripfag leaves
another fills their place
every fucking time

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How's your Dat Boi folder coming along, memerboy?

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Harry Potter ya fukin muggle

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I check often. It's true.

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Why are all tripfags insufferable morons? Here's the question I want answers to. What drives you to be a fucking fagot and be despised by the rest?

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I beg your pardon, ma'am.

Because you have a screw loose. You despise because YOU are the insufferable moron.

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Why would anyone but an insufferable moron try to stand out with a name on an anonymous Akkadian knitting academy?

Theyre the same kind of people making funny face prank videos on youtube only less attractive

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Here's anon chatting shit again

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