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I'm thinking of reading some of Žižek's works. Are they any good or will they be full of shitty jokes and anecdotes about his leftist friends and his conscription time like his speeches and lectures? Anything interesting you can recommend?

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why would you bother reading a leftist

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Always start with his masterpiece "The sublime object of Ideology". It's awesome. He's awesome. Prepare to break your head about Lacan and Hegel. He's intro to the book is harder than the next 100 pages.

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read the sublime object of ideology. all of his work is more or less the same as that.
honestly though, if you understand how ideology operates and understand the lacanian triptych of psychoanalysis, you don't really need to read him.

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Can someone even explain to me how Zizek even came to be? Like how he got famous or was discovered?

Is it just because he started as a meme because of his coke twitches and then people started reading what he had to say?

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he ran for president in his country back in the 90s n everything, isnt just a meme

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he was popular before 4chan made him into a meme. the meme is generally accredited to his general hyperactive disposition and nihilistic outlook on life.

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>hi i am an American

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Cool. Thanks.


Yep. You got me.

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>in my country, the USA, people usually only get famous because a camera is pointed at them enough because their funny or interesting to look at.

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i'm on the right and love reading him. I think I first saw him on british television when "First as Tragedy..." came out

He's entertaining, I suppose. His writing is more observational comedy than philosophy plus there are the references to film, tv, popular music and so on *sniffs*

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I've never really read any philosophy apart from Darwin's Worms and Straw Dogs. Can I start with The Sublime Object Of Ideology?
> In terms of phil I am a pleb

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> Not knowing the distinction between their and they're

I'm sorry, you must be looking for >>>/illit/

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cant listen to zizek or chomsky. god sniffing, and "and, eh", "the eh"

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Don't fall for the "Sublime object of ideology" meme unless you've actually read Hegel, Marx and Lacan.

Start with The Parallax View; his main work and easier to read than tSOoI, this is basically where he outlines his system of analysis.

How to Read Lacan is also good for a more in-depth look at Lacan from Zizek's perspective.

After you have familiarized yourself with his thought and vocabulary read some of his "analysis" books; "The Sublime Object of Ideology", "Living in the End Times" and "Welcome to the Desert of the Real are all good.

IMO Zizeks best work is in his shorter essays rather than his published books: I liked his Essay about Object Oriented Ontology and Mao Zedong, they are very easy to read and you can do so in a couple of hours if your interested in them.

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This tbqh

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showing your new real hard famalam

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Thanks for the advice, family.

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Tell me about this essay on Mao, Anon

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Mao Zedong: the Marxist Lord of Misrule

Zizek is good at providing an intellectually honest look into the failings of the past communist projects and particularly the theoretical works that lay beneath them.

In the Essay he mainly deals with Mao's "On Contradiction" and, what Zizek views, the fundamental errors of Mao's dialectics.

He did a similar piece toward Stalin, though it isn't an essay, thats IMO very good; its a collaboration with a non-leftist historian so its quite rooted in fairly objective historical analysis as a bonus.


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Slavoj Žižek – Objects, Objects Everywhere:

Is the one about OOO and the Specreal guys that I also mentioned.

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Requesting more of these Zizek memes, they always make me chuckle.

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Perfect, thanks for all.

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