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What happened to bibliotik? Is it gone for good, or what?

Am i going to have to start paying for books again?

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good riddance, that community was terrible

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There's more than one pirate site lad

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You know you can go to the library for free books?

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who the fuck cared about the community, it was the best source for books by far.

in any case, they were under ddos attack for quite some time and are now looking for new hosting options. the admin posted in /r/trackers as recently as yesterday saying they're still working on it.

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Bookzz, mobilism, libgen and mirrors, bookfi, ebookee, btdigg are all great sites. Use a library and get overdrive. Bibliotik was a great collection maintained by egotistic Incompetent assholes

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I use all of those but absolutely none of them are as good collectively or individually. Really don't care about their egos, you don't have to interact with them.

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It's currently under DDOS according to folks on /ptg/ and what.cd

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How does one go about getting an invite to this horrible community?

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Power User What.cd for 6 months. You must have Overdrive to get an invite. To get onto What.cd interview (you have 3 tries to pass) or get an invite off someone (not recommended because if they sell invites you will also get your accounts across a lot of trackers banned).
All current recruitment threads were deleted as of late because of DDOSing.

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I wonder who, any speculation? They're not so high-profile that editors would have at them (though their asian holders, you'll say, but wouldn't those swing at sci-hub and lib-gen instead? or are those already shielded against ddos of this magnitude?), much less to warrant government group attacks like protonmail.

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is there any advantage over libgen if you're only interested in academic books?

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Actually nevermind, if they're only half the cunts everyone says they are it's no wonder someone would have it this bad for them. Proof being the anon who's still (understandably, yes, but not with truth) crusading against them on every thread here.

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aaaaarg is better, tbqh

Bibliotik wasn't a fulfilling experience for me. They had something I think one time, Greek poetry, but everything else they had I wanted either libgen or aaargh had it, and sometimes the latter two had something bibliotik didn't have.

#bookz is awful too

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IPT is responsible for a lot of DDOSes (PTP and BTN come to mind).

However GGN and AHD is also down so some people think that the folks behind those are also behind Bibliotik being down.

I think it's more likely that springer or someone is behind the DDOS. According to /ptg/ it's DDOS 'season' where a lot of people get bored and decide to DDOS sites.

Uh. Well so you basically have to get 100 books uploaded in order to get ratiofree, right. Which means that every student goes and uploads whatever the fuck they can get off their academic access (because uploads which aren't self deDRM'd can get trumped or 'replaced') which means you have a fuckton of retail quality academic books that aren't available anywhere else. Of course the number of books on bib wouldn't be comparable to your academic access but chances are they have something you don't have. However there's also a ton of random shit that people upload like cookbooks so your chances of getting something varies however it's usually better to get access to as many sites as possible and Bibliotik is one site in your arsenal.

I have been trying to get onto bitme but apparently that's almost literally impossible.

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Or like another anon already said >>7525229 here. Thanks for the update you fucking slowbee

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Once you have ratio to spare you can place bounty on books you need, and people will get them for you. I have gotten way crazy out of print books by placing large bounties. The advantage to bibliotik is that people care and people look - books are the life of people there, and that makes all the difference in the world.

Again, if the 5-6 admins are all egotistical dicks, the only people who care are other egotistical dicks, because it as exactly zero effect on anyone's enjoyment of the collection/torrents.

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I was banned for being part of an invite tree, despite receiving my invite from a coworker and being a poweruser. I would burn their site to the ground if I could

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libgen is a treasure, if you cant see that, even compared to bibliotik, there is no arguing

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Treebans mean that somewhere along the line someone sold or traded or gave out invites on a public forum. If you got in via official recruitment like what.cd it wouldn't have been a problem.

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fuck what.cd. bibliotik clearly allow invites to family and friends and there are forums posts indicating such, and their rules are clear... nowhere does it state that you get banned because the person who invited the person who invited the person who invited you traded an invite to torrentleech

I am not interested in being part of powersharing witcher 3, all I care about is books.

And using>>7525434 is far better than jumping through hoops trying to provide content for a community full of semen slurpers. Not even sour grapes, I havent had one problem getting a book since. All I want is their precious little tracker to fail.

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bookzz is the current king, and its direct download op

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>nowhere does it state that you get banned because the person who invited the person who invited the person who invited you traded an invite to torrentleech
Every private tracker is autistic about that, except the shit trackers.

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>All I want is their precious little tracker to fail.
Not to go all moralising on you, but remember when you were throwing out "egotistical dick" accusations here?
Either way, and for all its flaws, nobody is going to lie and pretend it isn't a valuable tracker to the community just to make up for your grief. Sorry.

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wots wrong with libgen?

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Consider suicide

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Happens a lot that they don't have what I'm looking for. Recently, there was no copy of the three stigmata by pkd

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What would you use over chrome or utorrent?

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So from what I gather if you got invited on Bib you're going to get banned, right?

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There are three copies of Three Stigmata by PKD on Libgen. One PDF and two Epubs.
Don't blame Libgen for not being able to do a proper search. Do you want me to go get them for you?

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Not necessarily. If you got invited via user invites all it takes is one person trading or selling down the chain on any private tracker and you'll get your ass banned even if you're innocent. However you could go for many years. It all depends how liberal the person you invited you is with their invites. If they don't invite anyone at all and/or is good at knowing who they can reliably invite and sticks to the rules you won't be at any risk.

However, for anything as easy as Bib to get on via what.cd when they're recruiting, official path is best.

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