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How has literature changed your life (if it has)?

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it got me through many nights of imprisonment without committing suicide, it gave me insight into a world of those who were dead long before me but had experienced everything i had. it prepared me for nothing, yet made me aware of everything. it breathed life into me unlike any other art form in existence. all in all, eh.

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it's made me infinitely more empathetic

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Helped me realize how beautiful life can be

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It has made me humble in the Socratic sense; more hedonistic in the Epicurean sense. Death is coming to me, but it is Death and that is all.

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>it got me through many nights of imprisonment without committing suicide
you been in prison, senpai?

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Stoic and buddhist books have me a little less of a whiny bitch, so had the Old Man and the Sea.

I'm still a hateful and spiteful person so the whole 'love everyone despite their faults' is never going to be for me but I can appreciate other aspects of buddhism and stoicism.

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Learning the craft of writing is the whole point of my existence.

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i have, yes.

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how long for? what did you do? If you're on 4chan you must be at least relatively well-adjusted.

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Has been a good way to ignore the fact that I'm a jobless loser with no friends or direction.

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It has helped me appreciate life and art more, as well as mitigate a sense of crippling loneliness and impending disaster.

So all in all, time well spent.

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i've spent about a year inside, and another year in various other institutions. I got caught with a few ounces of bud and the guy driving drove off, it was my car and they picked me up about a month later. I didn't rat, so i sat in for a year. inside i read Dumas, Dostoevsky, Tolstoy, Joyce, hell, i read 2/3rds of the divine comedy in there. it was the only thing i could do. read everything i could get my hands on. that was when i realized my passion was literature, actually, so i guess there's good mixed in with the bad of being beaten up on occasion for being austistic as fuck.

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These. Though stoner alone can do that tbqh. I'd say in general literature has, whether I'm aware of it or not, added to my worldview without radically altering it.

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>you get to read what you want and have all the time in the world to do it

Take out the other inmates or put me in a low security prison and it probably wouldn't even be a punishment. Sounds pretty good actually tbqh.

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it oddly was, during the more peaceful moments. though that was back before i had worries in the real world. it's fine if you're already a hermit or fairly anti-social, but if you have loved ones that you worry about, or a significant other, it can be some of the worst torture imaginable. Hell is other people.

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>Hell is other people.

Another blatant misinterpretation of Sartre.

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Words can be used in a range of ways. You are a sad person.

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It made me a depressed misanthrope, and now I waste hours of my life posting on 4chan

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>You are a sad person.


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Holy shit, that sounds better than my life at the minute.

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By reading I am able to expand my knowledge and understanding of various /lit/ meme that involve obscure works of literature

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i also read beowulf, paradise lost, an abridged don quixote, and a tale of two cities. it's amazing how much of your concentration can go to a book when you're stuck with only that. I remember reading the count of monte cristo in a single cell during intake, and when i came out, i spoke in an accent and barely anyone could understand me. it was pretty weird.

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>not making you into you a happy ubermensch
doing it wrong tbqh

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>/lit/ memes
>related to obscure works of literature

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I am a much improved writer, student and thinker. I'm happier in some ways yet sadder in others. I have a deeper appreciation for art and beauty, and I'm more self-aware than I've been in my life.