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tinychat com /4chanlit

friendly people pls join and have great time thanks

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ebin thread m8

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Ah, found a new dynamic IP from the last ban, have we?

If you want a memeclub with names, I'm sure you'll enjoy reddit

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is there reddit tinychat? i would happy to go there

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join us

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Logged in... No one talking

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This is just the most pathetic thing I've ever seen on this board. And I've seen a thread that was literally just a picture of shit in a toilet with the comment 'rate my poopie tb.h'

You redditors come here and get BTFO, so you set up a little hugbox memechat for yourselves where you can all have epin personalities and usernames. It's a failure because nobody here wants to deal with your crap, so you take turns spamming contentless advertisements on this board to lure other redditors and narcissists into your trap.
Even still, nobody wants to deal with it, and it keeps getting close to pruned. You then bump it over and over again with the hope that even one imbecile sees it and is dumb enough to follow the link. Then the IP count shows that aside from me and the first guy to respond, there are only two of you running this little scheme.

You need to rethink your life and priorities.

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Most insufferable retards of 4chanlit:
1. Orpheus
2. Top_guest
3. Ceit
4. Tammy

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Ceit seems cool and if Orpheus is who I think he is then he is alright so far.

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Sup Ceit, how's the being small and ugly going

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Not ceit though there is more to live than being huge and a model.

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Nice non-sequitur Ceit, catch you later m8

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>le reddit boogeyman
Wow, it's like I'm on /tv/.

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I'm not him - but why would you want to talk face to face on an anonymous imageboard? It contravenes the site's very core values or meritocratic and non-egoistic contributions to discussion. Typical that a tripfag is interested in it, and the formula of a site like reddit would seem to be much more pruned towards your interests.

The reasons for this thread is narcissism, not a vice many of us here are above but one a site like this should always avoid like the limiting cancer it is. There is no other explanation that you can give me for wanting to behave like this that I would believe. Kindly fuck off.

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Lol Ceit was in the group for a bit and fucking left with his tail between his legs.

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Yeh, thus site's core values are amazing, nothing but brilliant discussion goes on here.

And talking to people in a group 8s definitely narcissism, great point, well made.


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Orpheus and guest get my vote too

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Ceit is insufferable
So is the fat gook

Orpheus is ok.

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Dxr is a dirty stinking memer.

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I find it worrying that people on /lit/ cannot apply critical thinking and logical reasoning to a situation.

The reasons for people wanting to be able to talk to those from 4chan with a persistent identity is to form friendship and discuss ideas and multiple different topics with those people in an organised forum.

If we wanted to talk to 4channers in standard 4chan environment and format, then we can just as easily come back here, as this is where we all originate and spend our free time.

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Booze run and pee touch..

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Good ol pee hands with that thumbs up.

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stop biting your nails jesus fucking christ

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i enjoyed the tinychat on a few occasions, but i respect your autism comrade

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you're disgusting and that is some shitty writing

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top kek

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Criticism is a total bone lord

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"Father dubs" almost had a seizure trying to speak to a chat room with a woman in it. It's glorious.

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this tinychat is the den of bone lords.

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At least gaskun's live feed adventure to the liquor store get bourbon was eventful.

>> No.7398082

Ceit is basically reading literary porn right now to try and pick up the two qts on cam.

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Whoever gaskun is he is a legend and I wish he'd have done even more exciting things on his adventure.

>> No.7398088

He took us to the liquor store on his phone and bought a small bottle of woodford reserve, chugged it in the parking lot and then crossed traffic to go back to a comic book store to write

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I saw what he did duh. Freaking pee hands also. What a quality troll. Just wish he'd have went bigger with his antics.

>> No.7398103

They're clean.

On a different note, the connectivity of the tinychat thing is cool but I found the interactivity with the others to be underwhelming

>> No.7398108

You did a great job. Some people just wanted to be salty shits. Please come back.

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Motherfucker just banned me for ironically using the n-word after some paki used it like 4 times

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you were being a huge retard

didnt say one thing of value once

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That african american canadian shouldn't even be in there. Fucking randoms taking over lit chat.

>> No.7398117

You should probably kill yourself, though. The only reason people were reading Dante was because I brought it up

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it's a 4chan chat man u gotta give ppl room to be themselfs, on the other hand the guy who kept bitching about the hat was wack

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i cleared the banlist

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Fatherdubs was such a sweaty mouth breather. Jesus. "Huh uh huh I'm talking to girls..."
Fucking spare me

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Is omni still there?

It looked a bit too packed with people for me to sit in right now.

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There's nothing 4chan about that room.
That's Reddit level horseshit. "Let's all have internet names and herp a derp!"
At least gasbro just filmed shit other than himself

>> No.7398135

omni is a mod.

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It didn't seem bad the first time I popped in, but that was months ago, and there were only about four people at most.

It looked like mostly teenagers from the camera feeds, anyway.

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I had fun when I got on. I was having fun with the fellows they banned however.

Riddle day was fun too.

Koan fag checking in.

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Nobody remembers you.

>> No.7398157

who was banned?

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>fat gook
who is the fat gook?

>> No.7398171

Cant remember.
Some post ironic new zealander

>> No.7398176

fat her dubs

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No clue. That group is hardass and uptight.

>> No.7398199

We just ban stupid faggots. Not so uptight.

>> No.7398202

Eh it's been a lot better other times different people have shown up.

>> No.7398205

good night lint

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They just ban anyone he doesn't politely go along with their insufferable Faggotry

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This. Gaskun was fun and a lot of people there thought he was amusing.

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>this butthurt
He stopped being fun or contribuing to the chat

>> No.7398228

His adventure was a lot more interesting an interactive than most of the other activities going on up until a certain point in time.

>> No.7398234

thats not a good crowd. its too much like the writers groups i go to where everyone wants to pat each other on the back for doing nothing.

>> No.7398237

Lol that's why they need someone in there to break up the lil hugbox. At least if they aren't going to do anything productive we can all have some gaskun fun!!!

>> No.7398283

this is either a fake gaskun or gaskun is a retard

>> No.7398295

this thread is being spammed more than a fat hawaiian


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Doesn't this belong on >>/soc/ ?

>> No.7398362

You'd think. (Eye roll so strong it throws the earth out of orbit and kills the whole human race)

>> No.7398367

If you want lit people to go to something it'd make sense to post it on lit instead of soc which would mean that they would never see such a thread.

Lol the gaskun hate is strong tonight for whatever reason.

>> No.7398371

Ask for lit ppl on soc...

I guess the mods are ok with this. What can ya do.

>> No.7398379

Have you forgotten how to use the sage function or was that before your time here? I don't really see why you keep bumping the thread just to say how much you dislike the thread.

>> No.7398385

Lit people are more likely to be on lit than soc by virtue of common sense. Therefore you get more members of the community you are interested in hanging out with.

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>> No.7398398

Aye but who are you? There's about maybe 90 people on here through the day and 5 people max in the chat at any point. Who are you anyway?

>> No.7398402

Eh chat looks pretty active tonight so I'd beg to differ on those numbers.

>> No.7398418

Bump. But please withhold that impressive number.

>> No.7398472

Lol nothing to be secretive about. If people want to find out they can come see for themselves.

>> No.7398525

What does it matter who I am?

>> No.7398539

Stop fighting you two. You're arguing over a shit chat room that isn't even within the confines of 4chan. Sure the shitposter running it put the word 4chan in the title but anyone can see it's the same "what is a good comfy/redpill/equivelant of Neon Genesis Evangelion" cancer bullshit that runs rampant on Reddit and tumblr. Stop. Just fucking stop. By its admission of using a setup that allows others to see their faces, it undermines the very substance of what makes 4chan different in that the individual doesn't matter but the substance of what they bring to the board does. Hence the collective name Anonymous. That's the draw, you have to submit worthy content or insight on a thread topic or your get BTFO. Don't like it? Don't come back. Play by the rules and people won't accuse you of stockpiling weapons grade autism.

Just...... Stop.

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Top guest? How dare you

>> No.7398576

whats wrong with /soc/?

>> No.7398601

i shitposted about nabokov while some girl sucked on a lolipop

enjoy lit

>> No.7398605

I bailed. That shit is retarded. It's like a freshman level English class for the clueless.

>> No.7398606

did you bail voluntarily or are you the guy who got banned?

>> No.7398608

Yeh blob likes top guest. Makes me think she might be a literal retard

>> No.7398612

considering that the only person to leave in this timeframe was

Gaskun: i threw my back out banging your mom
[6:39 PM] ceit: orf remove autism pls
[6:39 PM] fatherdubsfan: of pale fire?
[6:39 PM] orfeo: k
Gaskun was banned by orfeo (4chanlit)
orfeo (4chanlit) banned Gaskun

make your guess

>> No.7398616

Both. It's just awful. It's like everyone's brain got swapped for a bag of cats. It's really low tier. Nothing will be gained or learned. It is now my mission to kill any thread those fuckers try and promote here.

>> No.7398620

both? I see, you were hovering over the x button as the ban came in, is that is? what a fascinating coincidence. tell us more about your books please

>> No.7398621

Father dubs doesn't need a literary group, he needs a caseworker. It's just painful

>> No.7398622

>It's really low tier. Nothing will be gained or learned.
holy shit it sounds exactly like /lit/

it sounds exactly like /all of 4 chan/

>> No.7398623

I figured the mom joke was the best note to bounce on. I figured they'd ban me. Trust me I'll survive without them

>> No.7398626

Okay, see you when you rejoin the chat yet again in twenty minutes or so.

>> No.7398627

oh, I see, it was calculated all along.

>> No.7398631

I really want to buy one of your books, please tell me how to get them

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No. Bedtime soon. Have to get up early and finish cutting some spray can art stencils for an upcoming art show. It's generic stuff but it's a quick buck

>> No.7398635

Orpheus is one of the thickest people I've ever heard talk, genuinely

>> No.7398640

Still working through agents. You'll have to wait. To be completely honest, the joy of writing it was far more rewarding than I could have imagined. If it never sells a single copy I wouldn't love it any less. I'll shop it for a period of time and if nothing pans out I'll combine ALL of the files into one and sell it on amazon for 9.99.
You can buy in bulk. Less than a dollar book? Crazy talk! And I don't want my face on it either. I'll pull a daft punk and keep my privacy

>> No.7398643


Sleep well, gaslet.

>> No.7398652

Is there a preview?

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Thanks. Same to you. Sweet dreams.
Go write a book. If I can do it, so can you.

>> No.7398661

Hold on. Tell ya what. Since you've asked and that red bull from earlier still has me wired I'll stay up another 10 mins or so and show you something I rarely take pics of.

>> No.7398662

True t b h

>> No.7398669

This book is the visual compendium I've been amassing for ten years. Any time I saw something on the Internet or on deviantart that looked like what I was trying to create with characters or otherwise I I clipped it and saved it along with all the notes and plans for the series. Would you like to see a few pages?

>> No.7398673

I lurked tinychat for a few nights.

Orpheus is just some guy who wants to read poems and listen to boring music.

Fatheadubs is some autistic pseudo intellectual sperglord who exemplifies the lower NEET stereotype.

Ceit looks like a really bored hipster. Idk what his deal is.

That clover girl was a super standard Internet attention whore. People sperged over her pretty hard but I guess it's not quite r9ktier.

There was that fat neckbeard litnerd guy who looked like he came straight from reddit.

And I think I saw some euros who just came and said nothing this one time but stand super creepily.

Overall pretty boring chat to be quite honest with you. Standard Internet losers. Not convinced anyone in the chat reads more than your average betanerd. So pretty reflective of /lit/ as a whole I suppose.

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File: 1.00 MB, 3264x2448, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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File: 1.66 MB, 3264x2448, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I think he reason I kept them is because I somehow thought the series could move to different mediums and it would be easier to show an artist what a character should look like instead of relying on a verbal description

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>boring music

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>> No.7398693

There's no need to be upset

>> No.7398694

Are you seriously coloring in pictures?

>> No.7398704
File: 1.44 MB, 3264x2448, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

On a few. Some were close enough to what I envisioned it WERE the subject matter I based my own on. I can draw technical things but my freehand for standard characters blows ass. Found a few mockups of SCUD and added some bells and whistles. This is all DIY. While pounding out a full length novel sometimes within the timeframe of 6 months a pop. Here on the right you can see my sketching a and why I pulled a cut and paste with templates.

>> No.7398707


that was some of the funniest shit i've ever seen but i had to go

i hope someone recorded it. please put it up on youtube or something.

>> No.7398713

Sorry. Wasn't recording.

>> No.7398724

Almost 4 in the morning. Time to knock out. For what it's worth, Nanowrimo isn't over yet so there's still time to get started on something if you haven't already. It's never too late to start a project of your own or finish one

>> No.7398736

like isn't a strong enough word to describe my obsessive feelings

>> No.7398784

I'm a retarded angry pleb too, can I get some love?

>> No.7398805

holy shit lay off him

>> No.7398869


>> No.7398986

How the fuck did you guys let this thread get 127 posts?
Advertising is against global rules, this should have had 33 reports instead of 33 IPs.

>> No.7399087
File: 251 KB, 1391x733, the-arrival-of-the-boats-1907.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

advertising: the activity or profession of producing advertisements for commercial products or services.

we gain no profit or physical goods from tinychat visitors. It can only be of mutual benefit

>> No.7399113

Is it mostly filled with undergraduates, or are there a few graduate and post-grad students in there too?

>> No.7399374

Tits or gtfo, femanon

>> No.7399383

some graduate students yes

>> No.7399574

Yee some qt teaching about physiology was the only thing happening besides the mindless listening to music that occurred.

>> No.7399599

TAR 2.0

>> No.7399701

last night we had too many trolls/people who dont even read

>> No.7399709

Can anyone give a run-down of their research areas?

>> No.7399808

There was some sort of an adventure to get bourbon.

>> No.7399922

How about you look at the google definition for the verb itself, and not the gerund as a separate object, Mr. Prescriptive?

>describe or draw attention to (a product, service, or event) in a public medium in order to promote sales or attendance.

You are bringing attention to a service to promote attendance

>> No.7400101

Oh god all of the cool regulars are gone and now it's just some boringfags rolling off about some shit.

>> No.7400176

thats funny because my psychoanalyst actually recommended I participated in more online social communities.

>> No.7400241


>> No.7400265

come in and listen to the most autistic scotsman of all time ramble about how he's solved philosophy. yes, it's real

>> No.7400267

at least he talks about ideas and not his boring as fuck life

>> No.7400398


>> No.7400473

Spaft is out of fucking control

>> No.7400484

I can't join this until I'm off of work, but I'm still really curious about >>7399709. Just an idea of what some of the users tend to the read most of would be neat too.

I'm sure you guys have to go through that every time someone joins, so it might be useful to have it out here to begin with.

>> No.7400520

Spaft? More like Spaz

>> No.7400564


>> No.7400581

I'm scottish and I can't even listen to that guy speak without disliking him for autistic reasons sorry lads

>> No.7400613

/chat/ =\= /lit/

>> No.7400617

/chat = /soc/

Upvoted XD

>> No.7400638

its /lit/ culture though.

>> No.7400655
File: 4 KB, 349x55, 1448738364851.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If 'lit culture' is namefaggotry and attention whoring then sure.
And it's still against global rules

>> No.7400667

we will let the mods decide that. so far the threads aren't being deleted.

>> No.7400678

hope they get rid of this so the tinychat doesn't get more fuckbois like spaft who play to the swooning qts

>> No.7400874

I agree Spaft is an audible train track and hopefully when the real brains behind this operation get there they will overshadow and remove this scottish shitstain.

>> No.7400885


>> No.7401086

Oh god now some noisy racist pol neet has joined the call and won't stop blathering.

>> No.7401138

Some annoying misogynist pig is now talking about rk9 and pol while bitching about Stirner and the "Someone bring back father, ciet, and the other good regulars.

>> No.7401147

Keep the updates coming, anon.

>> No.7401150

No problem to be honest senpai. The "sensible" people aren't here so they are letting the inmates run the asylum right now. Getting a fucking giggle?

Hopefully Gaskun will grace us with his presence again tonight.

>> No.7401152

I'm not sure what to make of him but we don't need updates in this thread, thanks.

>> No.7401164

Who are the sensibles? Do you think they'll be on a bit later tonight? It does seem less comfortable than it was earlier on.

>> No.7401177

As much as people hate him on here father knows best. When burnt gets on cam/mic and contributes she is cool. Ceit on cam or when he wants to be a good mod doesn't stand up for shit.

Lol look at the salty fucker. Oh well too bad so sad.

His laugh is fucking loud and he seems to enjoy a cheap laugh and dumb degenerate conversation.

>> No.7401188

I agree. New guys with super deep voices are fucking pretentious.

>> No.7401198

Sis or whoever is a walking British stereotype.

>> No.7401207

Seems to also be the type of guy who might like the British National Party.

>> No.7401237

We /pol/ now boys.

>> No.7401249

>muh ironic self-deprecation

>> No.7401269

muh they are just desperately reading other threads and joking about suicide because the pol goy is so edgy and retarded.

>> No.7401282
File: 59 KB, 211x266, 1402434919448.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>people dicking around, not talking about anything of importance
>not reading
It's /lit/ in real time.

>> No.7401284

Don't worry, I'll pop in and get things in shape in a couple of hours

>> No.7401288

Lol they need to just boot sis so they can do what they were doing earlier which was actually critique the literature of various people from the tinychat and also reading works of literature.

>> No.7401293

Gaskun is that you? :o Or is it one of the mods of the tinychat that actually does its job?

>> No.7401323

hist4life is a good name indication that the user should be banned on the spot.

>> No.7401325

If I hear sis laugh one more time I'll go insane. Hurry up family we need your help.

>> No.7401415

These guys are watching Flight of the Bumblefucks and shit, screaming ayy lmao with benbong accents, praising the new bieber album.

Where is the literature talk?

>> No.7401459

Exactly why I'm waiting for the real mods to show up. There is a guy from hist who appears to be wearing a beret and was spouting off commie shit before. He and sis both are making the quality of the group a lot worse than it use to be. This plus random chatters like vagina wolf who should also be banned on spot are a reason I just lurk in the off chance I run into someone I like and will probably just talk to via dms.

>> No.7401465

>Where is the literature talk?

idk, but last night the bolivian chick read the first canto of the divine comedy in italian
and the asian guy read some poetry too

>> No.7401473
File: 497 KB, 500x375, 1444842965282.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Guess I missed the boat on the good shit.

>> No.7401486

I think the Bolivian chick will be back soon and hopefully Asian guy will get on sometimes and kick off some off these jokers who are using mic right now to be honest family.

>> No.7401493

Hey mods, we learned our lesson, we will never post a thread advertising the chat again. Please let this thread die or delete it.

>> No.7401494

How did you let yourself get memed into following the link? Did you really think something that they spam advertisements to every day was going to be good?

>> No.7401497

She's in the room
not on cam

>> No.7401540

It would be nice if the misogyny were toned down. But I suppose it still is 4chan.

>> No.7401554

Honestly if the mods starting banning people or at least closing their cams/mics then things would start to improve and be more friendly to sincere genuine people and those who wanted to do things worthwhile.

>> No.7401559

I don't see why neither of them in there are doing anything.

Someone seemed to be reading a moment ago, but it was overshadowed by the gay flirting.

>> No.7401564

I think there are more people in their interested in actually doing stuff literature related but they aren't even trying because of how futile it'd be to try and turn course with a bunch of shitposting shittalking betamales doing things like gayflirting and women bashing. Not to mention the indifferent attitude some of them have towards suicide.

>> No.7401568

Suicide is just death, do you cry over every dying man on the planet?

>> No.7401572
File: 29 KB, 300x312, edgy.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.7401573

Yeah, I had planned to talk tonight, but the woman hate is off-putting. It's seemed like a lot of the people worth talking to in there end up being women anyway.

>> No.7401574

nice reply, mind if I save it?

>> No.7401576

Hmm I wonder who you are. I think if enough people get pissed off something is going to be done about the problem so realize you aren't the only one and people are trying to work on the situation.

>> No.7401578

You are the bolivian chick.

>> No.7401581

Neither Bolivian nor a chick here. Amusing of you to actually think this. Thanks for considering me on her level.

>> No.7401582

She ain't exactly on a high level

>> No.7401586

She is a grad student in med school while you're probably another NEET.

>> No.7401588

>level of education as a basis of hierarchy


>> No.7401592

I'm new to this particular group, so I hold no weight.

But I would prefer to talk about literature rather than how much one or another of them wants to have sex with another, no matter what sexes are involved.

>> No.7401595

Yeah, banning is smart. Thanks.

>> No.7401606

Well no one seems to be tired of Sis. Unlike gaskun this guy is legitimately annoying and is a barbarian.

>> No.7401622

Thanks babe

>> No.7401631

Little beret boy having a fucking chuckle. Hist is basically pol 2.0 so he should gtfo.

>> No.7401637

ragged looking like irl feelsguy, but comfy

>> No.7401640


>> No.7401647

Update: Based father just banned sis and sis was btfo!!!

>> No.7401651


he looks like he's either a fascist or some kind of bob avakian maoist, either way: mong status

>> No.7401653
File: 22 KB, 600x378, 1447365870140.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Cringe-worthy. The whole thing. Especially those on cam/mic.

>> No.7401654

Please stop posting in this thread.

>> No.7401655 [SPOILER] 
File: 2 KB, 235x21, 1448772441981.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

first and last night

bye elya :)

>> No.7401656

tyranny desu

>> No.7401657

Way to ruin the chat by banning the only reason anyone was on

>> No.7401659


>> No.7401661

Come back bro

>> No.7401662

When sis was banned, fun was banned. /lit/ needs a new room.

>> No.7401663

good fuck off and nice dubs :-)

>> No.7401665



goodnight boys

litn hmu :)

>> No.7401667

sis is autistic. Fucking motor-mouth.

>> No.7401670


>> No.7401673

Sis was kicked too? Hahahaha fuuuuuck lit tinychat then. Gj.

>> No.7401677

Spaft his leprechaun counterpoint is back from his fucking ban earlier.

Childish beta males running their mouths off.

>> No.7401679

tfw qt clover left after sis was banned

chat ruined

>> No.7401680

Betas kick ppl. Usually the dominant ones. Like sis. You all aren't even talking about literature. Just take it to /soc/, please.

>> No.7401682

burntflower is back and she's hotter and not autistic, plus yam bonus cutie

>> No.7401685

Well it was at least fun while it lasted

>> No.7401691

Dearest MODS this has nothing to do with /lit/, why is it here? They do not discuss literature. They talk about /pol/, jews, muslims, music, date rape, bestiality, pedophilia, and that's it.

>> No.7401696


>> No.7401699

>Betas kick
that explain why dubs kicked sis

>> No.7401706

rule of tchat is to never ban someone the room is enjoying

>> No.7401710

>I actually can't stand SJWs.

>> No.7401717
File: 41 KB, 720x400, Grisha.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.7401721

Kicking ppl you disagree with? Really? And it stays on p1 of /lit/ and the MODS don't give a shit.

>> No.7401747

that spaft guy is the biggest sperg across the pond kek

>> No.7401750

he was fun to fuck with though

>> No.7401752

>people wondering why spergs and horrible moderation are happening
>in a literal memechat
Is this the population from the 'sci fi fantasy general' threads? I find it hard to believe I share a board with people this naive

>> No.7401756

Don't such an elitist, you're on a cuban cigar trading forum

>> No.7401769

This is still a >>>/soc/ thread. One guy has his dick out, another is shouting poetry, one is talking about jews and another is LITERALLY WEARING A FEDORA.

>> No.7401770

Spaft the spaz is back like the Cat in the Hat to ruin lit chat. The mods just need to keep btfoing him each time he returns so we can actually get comfy and talk about literature like before.

They banned him once and it was actually really nice after that happened.

>> No.7401776

What chat are you in? They're discussing Lacan and drawing hirigana.

>> No.7401779

Do you all not talk to yourselves in the mirror to re-evaluate yourselves? Bunch of autists.

>> No.7401780

I wish you were kidding.

>> No.7401784

Whose penis is out? I can't see it.

>> No.7401791

Never saw a penis and I've been here the whole time. Right now it's pretty intellectual since spaft is stfu and behaving his wee scottish self.

>> No.7401792

Pls, >>7401769 and >>7401780 is samefagging. We're reading out poetry and learning hirigana.

>> No.7401800

Been there every other night. No benises but no lit talk either.

>> No.7401803

Oh nvm there's the jackass with his penis out.

>> No.7401805

All I hear at the moment is the drunk scottish man rambling and it really makes it harder for anyone else to join in or contribute. Father would probably btfo him if father was still on. Same goes for the other mods who actually did their job.

Like I said the moments he was gone the other people actually did lit tier shit.

>> No.7401808

cant diss the sis

>> No.7401810

>its a spaft didn't take his meds night

>> No.7401818

Two dudes whacking it, another reading poetry. 4chan. Lmao.

>> No.7401821

So this is tripfags but with penises? Jesus christ...

Oh my god it's a containment area. That's why it's allowed.

>> No.7401826

Still don't see anyone wacking it. All that is happening is Japanese lessons with comfy poetry readings.

Oh and spaz is being an autist who won't shut up. He took the scottish version of meds aka booze. He's probably fucking up like this sober and regular anyways so he should just be removed by the mods each time he comes in.

>> No.7401828

stop trying to scandalize litchat. its just a bunch of people from this community who like having cozy discussions

>> No.7401829


>muh tinychat power structures

>> No.7401836

>Muh Cultural Marxism
>Muh Haggas
>Muh Misogny
>Muh Hatred of Striner.

>> No.7401842

Still no literary discussions. Literally a chikd wearing a fedora, two penises flopping, 4 blank screens, and >>>/soc/...

>> No.7401843

Screenshot pls fa.m

>> No.7401844

Still don't see any penises so back up your claim. (You can't because it is false).

>> No.7401846


>> No.7401848

So no penises and no book talk. Why bother?

>> No.7401854
File: 76 KB, 1014x380, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.7401857

That's not this chat..

>> No.7401863

Stop fucking with the thread please.

>> No.7401874

Lol putting a random tinychat up. Nice.

Poor little fucker. Guessing spat got his kilt in a wad and is lashing out against
>the tinychat power structure

>> No.7401879

Why do you keep samefagging? What's up?

>> No.7401881

Are people from /lit/ so cringey and anti-intellectual that they ban the one guy that disagrees with them instead of discussing opinions and ideas instead?

>> No.7401885

I wish spaz would put his shirt back on. No offense

>> No.7401886

7+ people have been kicked in the last two days

>> No.7401898
File: 76 KB, 680x664, 1443480321594.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Lol I love when people use this as an argument.

>> No.7401902

What happened to the foreskin guy? That shit was hilarious.

>> No.7401904

>They deserved it.

>> No.7401909

tfw want to read to you guys but can't stop coughing and blowing my nose why live

>> No.7401913
File: 61 KB, 708x718, Zizek Cat.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.7401971


>> No.7402164

amazing thread

>> No.7402847


>> No.7402850

good post

>> No.7403213

>tfw you are spending more time on litchat than lit

anyone else?

>> No.7404085
File: 98 KB, 497x498, itried.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oh when my mod, my father
You've banned me from the chat
I'll walk the streets of Lit
Which once seemed all our own
The vast suburban shitposts
Together we have found:
The ones which spooked of Stirner
The ones in Slavoj drown'd

>> No.7404103


>> No.7405289 [SPOILER] 
File: 553 KB, 810x592, 1448857548904.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw clover is never coming back
she was the only reason I came there tbqh

>> No.7405362

When was this? Just now?

>> No.7405558

weeks ago

>> No.7406012

reasoncam2irritated on the other hand cant take his eyes off it

>> No.7406919

post more clover

>> No.7406963



>> No.7407192
File: 164 KB, 401x298, 1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

so qt

>> No.7407196
File: 196 KB, 396x297, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.7407201

She has "resting bitch face" 2/10

>> No.7407208
File: 149 KB, 399x299, 2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>mfw when reading your comment

>> No.7407213

>people actually save screenshots of random tinychat girl

thought this was /lit/ not /r9k/

just kill yourself desu

>> No.7407297

I can't hear you over the harpie squelch of your tinychat spamming resting bitch face. Go back to Reddit.

>> No.7407331


she definitely doesn't have a resting bitch face, maybe a resting sad face

>> No.7407369
File: 14 KB, 300x300, that_feel.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw you will never squeeze clover's breasts because she has tiny mosquito bites

I don't want to live anymore

>> No.7407370

Silence, panty sniffing gutter dweller. I know a horrid, stankface when I see one. Perhaps you should take your weak shit elsewhere, el fagot

>> No.7407867

tfw you are pretty sure dangies has a criminal history and has just been really creepy to the point he should have been banned right away.

>> No.7407870

Oh that dude? Yeah he had some pedobear like comments that he made in the chat the other day.

>> No.7408242

>leave for a week
>come back
>see 300 post tinychat thread on fp
>skim through an entire thread of ???
>go on tinychat
>20 people
>dont recognize anyone
>talking about r9k

wtf happened here friends

>> No.7408246

i wrote a poem about clover

Clover should get on my dick
all the other girls on /lit/ make me sick
there has to be some trick
which would enable me to give her toes lick

>> No.7408274

a lick, anon. A lick.

A for effort, though.

>> No.7408282

This is what you get when you spam ads here.

>> No.7408349

I wrote another one

Clover lovers rising there,
where four-leaves place and young dank-creepers,
with rising shafts and horny thoughts.

Laugh or not I shall screen capture,
to stoke the fire of my illusions,
while neet and lonely living high,
oh shit I wish could poe -heh- tree.

>> No.7408378
File: 65 KB, 670x335, pxl_041015_11799431.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.7408450

I wrote one for her as well

Haunting love never pretended so deeply
Hanging upon your grace like moss upon a logBeauteous sunshine veils your hair like a fog
A godly glimpse of you reduces me
To the lowest crustacean of the sea
Your devoted based man or your loyal dog
Or Actaeon with his mouth agog
Clover please let me give you the "D"

>> No.7408612

very nice anon

>> No.7408725

Hah I think they gave spaft mod. Hopefully it's just an honest mistake and they fix that problematic issue rather soon.

>> No.7409592

a_sad you fucking fascist faggot mod banning people for disagreeing with your poorly formed opinions on things you don't understand what your saying you fat fucking kek

>> No.7409594

true t b h, you've become a power drunk faggot orpheus, grow up man, you used to be cool

>> No.7410038
File: 4 KB, 125x121, 1448378461457.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>being this butthurt

>> No.7410094
File: 2.26 MB, 1242x2208, image.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That channel is shit. Earlier it was just some guy droning on about pseudo intellectual shit. Fuck me tenders.

>> No.7410099


thank god this trainwreck of a thread is finally over 300. can't believe this didn't get deleted.

>> No.7410226

Which one? There so fucking many.

>> No.7410625

Someone said clover is back and has mod now?!?!?

>> No.7410695


>> No.7410964

Same here to be honest family.

>> No.7411468

yeah, turns out he's a pretty unpleasant person. seemed nice at first

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