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At what age did you grow out of Marxism?

Me? I was 16.

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I haven't read him yet

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20 year olds really are the worst people on the planet

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How do I grow out of Marxism? I need help.

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I was 17.

ask yourself when his theories have been put into practice and what were the results?

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12 or 13

I grew out of Rothbardian libertarianism when I was 17

I'm not interested in political ideology anymore. The worst ideas are great ideas. I'm a republican and a Democrat.

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I was also 16. Coincidentally it was the same time I actually started studying politics.

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I never grew into politics

All politics and ideologies are inherently pleb, unless it's for memes / laughs

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people that use the "communism has never been tried" are idiots though, but marxism clearly has a lot more to offer than stalinism

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if youre using fuckin chavez as an example well lol

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I stopped being a Marxist not because I disagree with anything about Marxism but because I know people like OP exist out there and I no longer believe in building a better world if it means helping them.
People deserve to suffer as much as possible and capitalism is the most expedient end to that.

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Chavez and Mahkno were totalitarian dictators. None of those people created prosperous states that any sane person would point to as a success story. Marcos is a nom de guerre of a bunch of rebels who live in the mountains and steal most of their food for god's sake.

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cold modafuka

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not mahkno I meant meant tito.

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>anyone who sincerely hates people is just being an edgy contrarian

grow up, meet some people, learn some things, read a book.

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I was never stupid enough to ignore my history or economy teachers.

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If you can't see even the smallest shred of good in people you're an edgy misguided fedora

Even Hitler liked dogs and believed in welfare

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hello reddit

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Hitler didn't have to live in the 21st century.

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Can we really not say that after the entire 20th century, "BUT GUYS REALY NO OEN HAS TRIED REAL MARCXISM/CUMMIMISM"

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*reblogs on tumblr*

you forgot to shill for bernie sanders in your post, though

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It doesn't fucking work. The closest thing to a real communist society would've been Pol Pot's Burma and they couldn't even get it off the ground.

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>muh memes

It's always easy to spout the brainless /pol/ tards.
If you actually read books you would probably have something more clever to say about this.

>misanthropy is tumblr
>misanthropy is reddit

I'm sure I would have gotten thousands of upvotes on reddit for my post :/

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>Chavez and Mahkno were totalitarian dictators

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In Marx's defense he argued that Socialism had to be implemented in advanced industrialized societies. That was something that was never tried. It was Leninists who decided to do it in the poorest countries possible. While it was easier to get those people to rebel and get behind the idea of Communism because they were more directly being exploited by imperialism those countries were too poor at the outset to be economically viable as socialist states.

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hello reddit

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nice shitpost can we let everyone get back to their thread now?

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I would argue that Marx (and not to knock him on this) didn't foresee robots or the widespread use of mind-numbing entertainment. For that reason people will never care enough to implement it in a real society.

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Have you read Marcuse? He updates the Marxist position to provide an account of the social control that comes along with technology. Pretty much comes to the same conclusion you did about how we're not living in remotely revolutionary times.

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hello reddit

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>this whole thread
>this in particular
>Pol Pot's Burma
Jesus Fucking Christ, you people. We get it, go away.

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If you think "Marxism" is a thing then you haven't grown out of Marxism.

All the most defensible ideologies today are various strands of neo-Marxism.

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>Marxism isn't a thing
>neo-Marxism is

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I was around 15 when I realized that the rich didn't give a single fuck about the rest of the world, and 20 when I realized that liberal or socdem politics to make them care has lead nowhere.

I find it hilarious how none today can really critique socialism without resorting to the grade-school Stalinist boogeyman such as "communism wants a dictator", "private property is personal property" or "Hitler was a socialist".

>not being a orthodox marxist

Also, sage because we have this thread far too often.

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frequent /pol/

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I agree.

Accelarationism is the fastest way to make life on earth a neo-Darwinist hell.

Only from the ashes of an unbalanced world can Communism arise.

Gotta go fast.

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Once it became mainstream.

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15, but I was only marxist for a couple of months.

why do you say that?

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My friend is 23 and still quotes "Religion is the opium of the people" whenever a religious topic comes up, and wears a Che Guevara shirt.

I have an unusually high tolerance for cringe, so I oblige his crazy rants.

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I was never Marxist, because I wasn't tricked by Democrats.
I read Bakunin and Kropotkin instead.

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>At what age did you become unable to think critically and enjoy being a wage slave cuck?

Hasn't happened yet, but good luck OP and anons!

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Who shall till the fields?

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People who enjoy it. Robots too.
And I promise you, there are people who do enjoy it. I know some.

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There aren't enough people who enjoy the tilling of fields to fulfill the need.

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There will be when the food runs out.

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my nigger

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Nothing has, quite literally, more to offer than Stalinism.

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Why not kill all humans then? then there would be no injustice.

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Honestly probably 14. Maybe younger. Basically back then I would think about how *I* would rule a country, instead of thinking about it from the perspective of the regular citizen; ergo, who I would end up being.

It was a fun exercise to think about how I would run a society but ultimately useless and not in my best interest to support as somebody who is now an entrepreneur and full on capitalist.

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Never got into him because I read the Manifesto and was intelligent enough to realize it's too naive.

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What was the Nietzsche critic of Marxism?

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Understand that to apply Marxism on a given society you'll have to change the nature of the human beings living there. Then, study ontology and understand that it's not compatible.

>pic only for distraction

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Politics belong to /pol.

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There is a real lack of understanding how transition happens.

Capitalism didn't become dominant through a couple great events. Strategic legal restructuring, the unleashing of credit/debt relations, ideological revolutions, technological advance, and other factors moving at uneven paces, in non-linear fashion led to what we have now.

If the communist hypothesis is a correct one, them we'll see the 20th century developments as part of a longer move towards radical transition. Soviet Republics, Maoism, Eurocommunism, pink wave, western insurrectionaries, "lumpen" discontent and such aren't necessarily antithetical to one another. There is no correct, narrow road through history.

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or rather when america controls the entirety of global economy and pushes us into a police state? Wanna read a great book about communism? Pic related

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Typical /lit. I bet none of you have read Marx's Capital. And to think you know best before you're 25, 30?

When you're slaving in a factory or a petrol station for a few years, not having the time or energy to achieve anything but be ready for work the next day, not having enough money to lift yourself out of it, Marx will be laughing at you from the afterlife.

Memo: You are not going to win the lottery tommorrow.

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sounds like the millions of peasants who starved to death gathering resources for their "country"

Marx win right?

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17 I think

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Man you really must be well read you just destroyed Marxism and all of his three volumes of Kapital with your high-school knowledge of literature.

Please tell me more!

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Try learning English before coming to /lit/

thank you.

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Yeah i am pretty well read, I read Atlas Shrugged too! And a little bit of Keynes

Heres some more, man:
Mao Ze Dong
Gr8 communist win

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What's wrong with my english? Are you going to attack my argument or keep spouting out awful liberal fallacies?

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>Human nature

Metaphysical bullshit


Metaphysical bullshit

>Your post

Metaphysical bullshit.

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More evidence Marx was right in this post

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please develop.
Human beings aren't just a social construct btw.

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Stalinist Russia was totalitarianism.

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no, but their identities are

Thats the goal of communism, to give every single person the same identity. Incase you misunderstood Marx's words.

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That's what communism is. It's the opposite of democracy. Incase you didn't understand what communism means.

Citizens may be fooled into thinking they're voting on something but really its all towards complete government control

Incase you haven't been paying attention to our president's actions or the rapid degredation of our society

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Your empty brain is most certainly certainly a social construct.

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You empty brain is certainly not a social construct, that's for sure.

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Wow you have great taste and knowledge of economics.

Are you a phd student by the way?

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ad homineeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeem

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People like you actually exist? How does someone get to the point where they legitimate hate others and want them to suffer because of a difference in ideology. It's understandable to think somebodies a moron, but actual hatred? chill out and put away the fedora.

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law school

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you are retaaaaaaaaaaaard

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Willfully ignorant people deserve to suffer

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No you're wrong

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Nice argument is this b8???

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I am not a Marxist but there are plenty of concepts in Marxism which are very useful if you separate and decontextualise them from the philosophicaland political tradition of which they are a part. For example the concept of the Culture Industry and the concept of Social Alienation are very useful and could easily be used from a variety of political perspectives.

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This Alex Jones is telling the truth!!! They are putting chloride into our water!!!!

Hussein Obama is a muslim and not a US citizen!

Gas the kikes race war now 14/88!!!!!!!

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It comes down to the fact that not all human beings are created equally

Sorry, trannies

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I outgrew out of Marxism for the following reasons:


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all of these reasons are so legit

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i was a socialist from senior year of high school to sophomore year of college but i was never a marxist.

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lost at anti-freedom obongo
>mfw I didn't know shitposting was also in /lit/

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This pretty much sums up what's good and bad about the historicity of communism.

When will /pol/ leave?

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>Incase you haven't been paying attention to our president's actions or the rapid degredation of our society
oh man

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this is great tbh

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17. When I got my first job.

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>mfw you havent even read marx

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Agreed, humanity doesn't deserve better.

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>I'm a republican and a Democrat.
dat political dichotomy

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you gotta be careful with that many edges youre liable to cut yourself

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yesssss memedegger is back !!

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you have to be a troll

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Never grew into it fortunately. Instinctively knew it was all bullshit before I've read it, and after I've read I knew for sure 100%.

Today I buy Marxist literature by dozen at flea markets and use it to fire up my grill. It's best use for anything leftist in general.

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15. I stopped being an atheist at 17, and stopped being a feminist at 18.

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Funny, Lenin explicitely states in The State and Revolution that he 'doesn't try communism'. Equating the Red Terror with the Stalinist purges is really fucking dumb, too.

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I need more friends like this. Always a good time

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Euronymous, is that you?

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Perfect graph, OP.

You, you're alright!

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Edgimus Maximus

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Read a book about Chavez and all the good hiz government did.

You are buying into western propaganda, and hard.

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> economy teachers


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My nigga

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Someone post that picture of the kid holding a squirt gun to his head and holding atlas shrugged

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I doubt that any person that grew out of Marxism up to the age of 22 actually had enough knowledge on this topic to call himself a marxist lol.

>> No.6991231

this picture is at least as stupid as its counterpart.

as if fucking Chavez and Tito were good examples for a post-capitalist society, fuck me

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>the more u disagree with my favorite thing the more u dont understand it

>> No.6991315

I don't believe in Marxism but I am a communist because it's fun to be edgy.

>> No.6991335

Sounds like non-circulating vouchers and militarization of labor to me

>> No.6991339

>implying you need to hate someone to want them to suffer

>> No.6991375

i've pretty much always been a libertarian as long as I've held a political opinion.
My parents were republicans and I shared their (for the most part) economic sentiments while holding more left social policies.
Not like universal healthcare mind you, I mean like equal rights, and no not the bullshit that is affirmative action, both legally and on an individual level.
Basically short of basic human rights, murder, rape, etc with some business safety and monopoly regulations, the government should have little to no impact on my daily life, regulating it and the like.
Not to say military shouldn't exist, but no were near on the scale the U.S. Has it at today.
Though I agree with the the tactic of technology > numbers (to a reasonable degree.)
Eisenhower was the best president.

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le psycho face >:DDDD

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>Never questioned yourself and blindly believe whatever you already perceive to be true
>Research Bias
>psst nothin personnel kid

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>implying you need to be a psychopath to want someone to suffer

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Why are you implying that everybody goes through a Marxist phase?

Are you an idiot?

Answer truthfully.

>> No.6991757

Only plebs grow out of ideas. Curious people grow into them.

>> No.6992545

Anarchism is so dank if only people would listen bro.

Wanna pass that joint dude? we got to go back to 8th grade in a couple minutes

>> No.6992605

What if they're bad ideas?

>> No.6992653

That is pretty much everyone bud.

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>defending an ideology based on a spoiled brat's misreading of David Ricardo

>> No.6992937

>daily Marxism troll thread
>bump limit reached

>> No.6992993

>4chan: Notorious haven of the elitist bourgeoisie where one-upmanship forms the basis of almost all social interactions
>distaste for Marxism

Well I never.

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back to cripple chan my friend

>> No.6993009

take out three or four people and the group would seem pretty decent

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>I'm a marxist

>> No.6993018

I think a group of regular of /pol/ users would be much larger, and way less faggier

>> No.6993020

I find your conviction entertaining tbh, if a little crude.

>> No.6993026

for marxists one up a man's shit forms the basis for all social interactions

>> No.6993034

lol find me a single picture of a 4chan irl meet up that doesn't consist solely of autists and nerds

>this conceit

>> No.6993044

>*tip top

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i'd be surprised if there's 3 prople in the whole thread that have read das kapital

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Regular /pol/ users are too busy still being in high school to ever meet up. I guarantee you at least 90% of that board is populated by underage children who just don't admit it. I refuse to believe that adults earnestly spend their time posting fedora memes, nigger facts, "cuck", and evo sci shit about how men evolved to want to impregnate 13 year old girls. Go to any other board like /lit/, /sci/, hobby boards like /diy/. Then compare them with /pol/ and /r9k/. The rift between the sorts of audiences that visit these boards becomes extremely apparent.

>> No.6993207

>hanging on to every bullshit idea you had as a teenager

Keque. Learn to forget, m8.

>> No.6993231

evolutionary psychology is real though. Our brains evolved, retard

>> No.6993248

/pol/ is literally a world superpower influencing world events and highly influential figures post there, also /sci/ has a huge crossover with /pol/

/lit/ is a bunch of hipster fags and is just as dumb as /mu/ but less funny and more smug

>> No.6993250

>Grew out of Marxism

Sure /pol/fags

Marxism isn't a "teenager" ideology, most get into it when their well into the workforce and are fucked over by their employer (myself) or when they are in College politics.

The vast majority of teenagers I meet are either Liberals or Libertarians. I don't think I've ever met a teenage Marxist, I don't even think the vast majority of Teenagers would even know what a "Marx" is. The only experience most Teenagers would even have of Marxist ideology is a Che t-shirt and that's worn more about anti-American imperialism, not Marxism as an ideology.

>> No.6993260

Evolutionary psychology might be real, but that doesn't mean it gives any ignoramus license to go around making shit up on the go.

>men evolved to be better at le stem than female wymyn because in the stone ages the females sat in the cave eating stone bon bons while men spent time calculating the trajectory of an arrow in order to hit a gazelle

>women subconsciously want to be raped because everyone reproduced via rape in the caveman days

And before you call me an SJW, this is exactly what happens all the time. People seriously, unironically, think that "cavemen" lived just like in the Flintstones.

>> No.6993276

Also pretty much this.

/pol/ is underage edgy teenagers and incredibly immature NEET Hikki's who still think they are teenagers in their early 20s.

Also the best part, /pol/fags will just ignore all science, sociology, anthropology, psychology when you start to bring up actual studies to show they are full of shit.

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>tfw 20 and still an anarchist
Fix me, /lit/.

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>> No.6993299

>Che Guevara shirt
Can you at least smack the shit out of him until he appreciates the metaphor in the appropriate context?

>> No.6993304

>Also the best part, /pol/fags will just ignore all science, sociology, anthropology, psychology when you start to bring up actual studies to show they are full of shit.

Jewish overrepresentation in academia means of course they're not going to let something that even hints that jews are bad or white goyim are good through. You can't pretend it's not highly politicized.

>> No.6993306

Try being 23.

I'm long past incurable.

No regrets tbh.

Authority can choke on my swollen hatecock.

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Haven't you heard? Academia has been infiltrated by judeobolshevism. The only trustworthy science is popular evosci, pickup artistry, and phrenology. As a notable retail worker and civil engineering freshman, I think know a thing or two about a thing or two. I've already gotten my results from numerous credible free online IQ tests that say I'm a genius and my 23andme says I'm carrying a high concentration of precious Neanderthal genes.

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>Who shall till the fields?

>> No.6993310

But their evaluation that American women are become culturally, morally degraded whores is spot on. Anyone who disagrees is only doing so because they're mad and crave Tyrone and Jamal's dick (at the same time)

>> No.6993313

that's the equivalent of saying astrology is real because there are stars

see section 9

>> No.6993315

You mean they'll avoid fallacy ridden feminist logic and "literature" because they know its complete bullshit?

>> No.6993317

>Academia has been infiltrated by judeobolshevism

Good jokes but it has. Jews have a worldwide population of less than Holland.

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Hey man, DON'T kill yourself.

>> No.6993331

The fact that they have such a small population and control such a large amount of the economy should be a red flag. If you don't believe me or want to tell be to gb2 /pol then just google Rothschild.

>> No.6993332

How old are you?

>> No.6993335

>pickup artistry,
How do you expect people to take you seriously when you don't even know what you're making fun of?

>> No.6993336

>Has a trait of being greedy with money
>People think when they promote 'anti-racism' it's out of the kindness of their heart

>> No.6993339

Does it matter? You'll just say he's either underage or immature for his age.

>> No.6993341

So, shouldn't I feel ashamed? I just never had contact with a better vision of world besides an anarchist one.
>>6993295 here, and sorry about my English, by the way.

>> No.6993344

>How does someone get to the point where they legitimate hate others and want them to suffer because of a difference in ideology.

Having to actually deal with other people is a good start.

>> No.6993345

I'm curious.

>> No.6993346

10,000, ive seen all this stuff happen before, just warning you that communism will mark the end of the world

>> No.6993348

Yes, you should be deeply ashamed and I want to the virtues of civilization into you with a stick.

>> No.6993362

There's a big overlap with PUA shit on /pol/. Even if a large contingent of them regard promiscuity as a vice, many seem to readily embrace the ideas which form the basis of pickup evo sci woo; ideas of the "sexual market place", neurolinguistic cues, men stratified along intrinsic social castes based on dominance and submission (alphas, betas, any other Greek letter you want), the belief that women have ulterior motives informed by an all-female groupthink based on "reproductive strategy". I could go on. If you start a typical woman-related thread in /pol/, depending how serious your tone is, you're bound to get some of this pseudo scientific shit thrown in between the typical 'bitches and whores' style posts.

>> No.6993366

End of history. Communism will mark the end of History. Not the end of the world.

>> No.6993368


I have to agree that some bullshit on PUA are far too reaching... but you have to admit that books like the rational male make yourself so much more aware of the cues when relationating with woman

I remember once I learnt about shit tests and then saw how people shit tested me all the time my life objectives completely changed

>> No.6993373

you can post whatever you want on /pol/

left-wingers seem to flock to places with heavy censorship

>> No.6993380

Girls do have a collective uncousciousness though. At least millenial girls do. It's called Instagram, and top 40 hip hop. AKA Vapidness

Daddys little girl is more than likely a whore now, and she's going to justify it in any way she wants.

>> No.6993386

Or you know, I'm buying into what my friends who actually live in Caracas and lived under his terrible rule tell me.

>> No.6993388

>ideas of the "sexual market place"
But that one's real. Most chicks probably don't want to date a NEET who still lives with his mom.

>> No.6993394

I'm apolitical. I have long ago realized that to have meaningful political opinions, people have a responsibility to stay informed. I decided it wasn't worth it, and by extension I have pledged never to espouse a definite opinion about things because I am almost surely ignorant of the topic being discussed. I see unsubstantiated opinions posted all the time, and that is exactly what I want to stop doing. Regardless, /pol/ of all places is hardly a place to have a constructive discussion when at any moment, most people are liable to simply call you a cuck or chalk up inconvenient facts to a conspiracy targeted at making them look bad.

>> No.6993396

It's 99.999999999% certain that the universe is a simulation meant to solve problems for its creators through chaos so what's the point in that?

>> No.6993401

>inconvenient facts

can you give an example

>> No.6993405
File: 7 KB, 276x183, transhuman.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Girls do have a collective uncousciousness though. At least millenial girls do. It's called Instagram, and top 40 hip hop. AKA Vapidness
It means they're one step closer to reaching the singularity. Now who's the less evolved gender?

>> No.6993412

i think everyone on the internet is part of a collective consciousness and the world has become an ouija board now

>> No.6993414

>left-wingers seem to flock to places with heavy censorship

Because the left wants to actually discuss political issues, right wingers want to shitpost and derail conversation.

I'm part of numerous political forums and political science forums. On literally every one it's left wingers and moderates actually discussing events and politics, then right wingers come in with "OLOLOL! LEFTARDS BTFO", then start just ignore all debating or conversation points and start going into thinly veiled insults.

It's also interesting that /pol/fags claim they are for free speech, yet seem to do everything in their power to shut down left wingers, I mean, fucking Gamergate? Sad Puppies?

Also whenever you post a left wing thread on /pol/, it's shitposted to oblivion almost instantly.

The idea that /pol/ is anything but a far-right wing echo chamber full of shitposters and stormfront astroturfers (Stormfront literally has board dedicated to brigading 4chan and reddit) is laughable.

>> No.6993423

Chavez is a shithead, but anecdotic evidence is completely irrelevant. A rich guy is likely to have a perception of chavez government completely opposed to that of a poor person.

I hope more people had this approach to knowledge in general. I'm tired of edgy teens spouting their opinions after reading some blog or a /pol/ thread.

>> No.6993428
File: 318 KB, 1600x2133, Tito.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Idiots with no experience with girls actually believe PUA shit and "Sexual market places"

Want to know the trick to "getting laid"? Treat females like fucking normal human beings and don't be an awkward desperate retard.

I've never had to resort to even trying to "pick up girls" to have sex with them.

>> No.6993430

No, the left discredits any form of politcal debate with the "you're a moron" or "racist conservative scum" fallacies, and then consider these as valuable and factual, important political arguments?

Lefties are almost impossible to have an intellectual debate with because their entire worldview is based on misinformation and lies that they have ignorantly absorbed. They are the brainless sheep ruining society.

>> No.6993432

Oh no. A bunch of people shitposting on the internet

>> No.6993438

Those forums you talk about have moderators that rule with an iron fist against political incorrectness. People know they're going to get banned if they show that they aren't left-wing so of course they're going to put in a parting blow to make people sore along with the point they wanted to sacrifice their account to make.

You talk about shitposting but the fact is leftism is one big concern troll on behalf of secular judaism.

>> No.6993443
File: 162 KB, 452x452, aurini.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>the face of the contemporary right wing intelligentsia

>> No.6993447

> live in Caracas

Ding ding.

This is where the hate of Chavez comes from. The rich and upper middle classes of Caracas.

There is a reason Chavez wins elections, he appeals to rural Venezuelans and the poor and essentially everyone outside of Caracas inner city.

The reason you don't see them online is because those who are poor literally live in giant fucking slums, before Chavez, thousands starved to death, 40% of the country didn't even have access too water.

When those "protests" were going on, I remember international reporters noting "There were no actual protests outside of rich neighbourhoods" and that the poor were actively destroying the barricades.

The PSUV are corrupt and Maduro is retarded, but the vast majority of what is said about Venezuela in the western media is full of shit. It's confirmed that the US is engaging an economic war on Venezuela, the documents have literally been leaked.

>> No.6993458

ask /pol/ what they think of him

>> No.6993461
File: 107 KB, 399x482, trump.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

17. After watching two sheboons take over a Bernie Sanders rally I knew it was over for me.

>> No.6993465

happy birthday

>> No.6993474

>implying there aren't equally ridiculous arguments from sanctimonious assholes on the right

pls anon.

>> No.6993478

like wot

>> No.6993479

No doubt, that he's a Jewish false flag that is intended to make them look bad.

>> No.6993486
File: 35 KB, 467x415, 1437545654222.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.6993488
File: 143 KB, 1024x683, 1439504133004.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

do you think /pol/ would hold this guy up as the face of your lot?

>> No.6993490

>No, the left discredits any form of politcal debate with the "you're a moron" or "racist conservative scum" fallacies, and then consider these as valuable and factual, important political arguments?

Absolutely wrong. Again, the right wing doesn't even try to engage debate. I can tell you how almost every "debate" with the right wing goes down in forums

>People discussing some form of policy say that cuts wages to the poorest workers in society


"Why do you support this policy? It even economically makes no sense? History shows us it won't rise employment, it isn't supported by economic data and it's very specific against one sector that also suffers from wage theft and low wages and zero benefits"


"but that doesn't make sense, if this was a factory maybe, but employment in this sector is driven by demand, why would a business owner eat up more of his profits to hire more workers he doesn't need?"


then the flat out shitposting and spamming begins.

This literally happens on essentially every political forum on the internet. This is how essentially every debate I've ever so go down with the right.

>> No.6993495


>> No.6993496
File: 25 KB, 510x325, racist misogynist voting block.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Sad Puppies?
Do you even know what that is?

The voting body for the Hugos is Worldcon, which is basically just a scifi fanclub which anyone can join (for a membership fee). They have a policy that anybody that buys a ticket to the awards can suggest 5 or so books that they think should win.

So one guy has the of encouraging like-minded individuals to join the club, and vote for a pre-made slate of nominees which he laid out. This group refers to themselves as the Sad Puppies. This was the third year that he tried this, but the first to be successful.

So now all the members of the organization (GRRM included) is mad about each other and people are basically saying they're a bunch of misogynists and racists because of a voting block for some shitty sci fi pulp award.

>> No.6993498

I think PUA stuff about evo psychology is worthwhile. They came from a place of 'how do I sleep with lots of girls' and studied and applied it in real life. It wasn't an academic exercise for them. They wanted to know what would work and found out.

>> No.6993503

Since we are in a thread about marxism and you, unlike those ignorant lefties, research the subjects you talk about instead of "ignorantly absorbing" them (from /pol/), could you describe the marxist worldview and how is it based on misinformation?

>> No.6993507

>your lot?
Not my lot, but they do. All the time.

The go-to reply to any remotely left wing related thread is either a picture of this guy, or "Stalin and Mao killed 999999999999999999999999 therefore checkmate."

>> No.6993508

>saying they're a bunch of misogynists and racists

Perhaps because they've literally appeared on Stormfront radio for interviews? That his entire argument was "The feminists and Jews have taken over literature!"?

>> No.6993512

>Capital letters for LOL DUMB STRAWMAN PERSON

>> No.6993513

>They are the brainless sheep ruining society.

any other statements you'd like to contribute?

>> No.6993515


>> No.6993518

>Since we are in a thread about marxism and you, unlike those ignorant lefties, research the subjects you talk about instead of "ignorantly absorbing" them (from /pol/), could you describe the marxist worldview and how is it based on misinformation?
STOP! He's going to post the Yuri Bezmenov video again!

>> No.6993522

Except it's not a strawman.

that is actually how they post, leftard tends to be the most common word used by the right on forums. They tend to be very abrasive and abusive and just exist to shitpost.

>> No.6993524

It's funny because "trickle down economics" was entirely made up by the left as a strawman. It's so bad even Paul Krugman attacked it as if it were a real economic theory.

>> No.6993528

Of course he isn't. He doesn't just ignorantly absorb information, so he has to have read marx and will explain the errors in his analysis of capitalism shortly. Stay tuned!

>> No.6993529

It is a strawman you faggot, doesn't matter if there might be such a person somewhere, you're posting about it like an idiot and not convincing anyone of anything.

>> No.6993532

Who fucking cares about what they appear on?

The claim is they're racist and women haters, despite them voting for books and shit made by people of different races and women. What's the issue? "This guy who does the interviews appeared on a neo nazi site, but the block is still voting for non-white people"?

I honestly think the outrage is completely fake, probably so GRRM can continue blogging about science fiction award show drama instead of writing his fucking books.

>> No.6993536

>Yuri Bezmenov

Why do right wingers love this guy? He's so obviously full of shit and his stories are so fantastical, ahistorical and full of shit they sound like something out of a poorly written James Bond ripoff.

"The Soviets actually infiltrated Hollywood and are now using subconscious messaging in films to turn people into Marxists, they also collapsed the USSR on purpose to pretend they were defeated, but in reality they've actually taken over the vast majority of the world banks and Government institutions and they will soon use their subliminal coding from Hollywood to spark a world wide Cultural Marxist revolution!"

>> No.6993537

What is your goal with marxism? Because something vague like "more happiness" isn't going to cut it with no valid proof and results.

>> No.6993539

It goes down like this

Right wing person explains their idea, logic, and evidence. Immediately, 40 diffferent individual SJWs emerge from the depths of hell and immediately begin "NO HOW FUCKING STUPID CAN YOU GET LIKE OMG IM CRYING AT YOUR STUPIDITY CAN YOU JUST STOP??? YOU ARE SOOOOOO UNEDUCATED LIKE SERIOUSLY DO YOU LIVE IN THE 1800S OR SOMETHING????"

The attacks continue repeatedly and without end, each agreeing with the last and then proceeding to say "DO YOU LIKE SEE HOW NOBODY AGREES WITH YOU??? THATS BECAUSE WERE RIGHT!!!!!! DUMB CONSERVATIVE REDNECK DIPSHIT!!!!!! EVERYONE SHOULD BE LIKE AN EQUAL"

>> No.6993542

>despite them voting for books and shit made by people of different races and women.
I too have a black friend.

>> No.6993548

Thats why capitalist countries have the highest GDP/quality of life even for the poor, right?

>> No.6993549


Who exactly who shutting down who? anti gamergate are the ones who try to bully people out of their jobs

>> No.6993550

>The claim is they're racist and women haters

Because they are Stormfaggers?

>despite them voting for books and shit made by people of different races and women

I literally did the numbers, they had only 1 woman or one "non-white" for every few categories, clearly just there for diversion, most of those authors have also distanced themselves from Sad Puppies and some even said they didn't give permission.

>"This guy who does the interviews appeared on a neo nazi site, but the block is still voting for non-white people"?

"I have a black friend, I'm not racist!"

>> No.6993557
File: 187 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

When it got popular. I was 12.

>> No.6993563

I'm not arguing against capitalism, I am a huge supporter of it. I'm just saying that trickle down economics are a misrepresentation of the economic process made up by the left.

>> No.6993564

These people should be lined up on the streets of Russia and judged by ex soviets tbh

>> No.6993568

It's not a strawman, that is literally how the vast majority of debates with the right go down on forums, identical to that.

>was entirely made up by the left as a strawman

Yeah Reagan, that left winger.

>> No.6993573

The so-called "oldfags" say a new group made a voting block because they hate women and different races.

Then the voting block votes for women and different races.
>they had only 1 woman or one "non-white" for every few categories
Oh, so they just don't have enough people of different races and women? Is that what makes them racists and misogynists?
>clearly just there for diversion
Yeah and the jesw and the lizard men run the world from atop of mount doom! Fucking delusional.

>> No.6993575

You can't use a strawman and then say it's not because someone like that exists. It's literally a strawman argument, you're a fucking idiot. You typed the entire opposing view in a silly way in capital letters. Are you fucking 15 years old?

>> No.6993579

I mean even this guy took it as real >>6993548

>> No.6993583

>Thats why capitalist countries have the highest GDP/quality of life even for the poor, right?

You mean like Bangladesh? Nepal? Congo? Eritrea? Malawi?

>> No.6993586

>clearly just there for diversion
If they cared about not appearing racist they probably wouldn't appear on stormfront

>> No.6993587

I'm not a marxist. And the question is retarded, marxism doesn't have a goal. Marxism is a materialist analysis of history, a sort of post ricardian view of economics, etc. I'm just tired of 15 year old /pol/tards that have absolutely no idea of what they are talking about making/posting in these threads.

>> No.6993589

>the ones who try to bully people out of their jobs
Didn't Gamergate send false claims of "harassment" to get advertisers to pull out of Gawker after they ran a news story they didn't like?

And what about the harassment of Anita Sarkeesian and that woman programmer with the manface? Was that not harassment? Oh right, they just sent those messages to themselves. It's all a conspiracy, yet again.

>> No.6993592

What do marxists want to achieve? What kind of goalposts do they have in modern politics?

>> No.6993595

Still waiting for you to answer >>6993503.

Please stop writing like a retard, this isn't /pol/.

>> No.6993597

>Is that what makes them racists and misogynists?

Oh look, another right wing faggot being obtuse. No, what makes them racists and misogynists is the fact they are literal stormfronters, the list was created to stop the "Wimmenz and the darkies taking over literature" and to reassert white male conservative dominance on the genre.

>Yeah and the jesw and the lizard men run the world from atop of mount doom! Fucking delusional.

Yeah, a tactic that the right constantly uses "Oh look, here's a black person so all this racist shit we are saying isn't really racist!" is some crazy conspiracy theory.

>> No.6993599

All of these countires have basically no politcal or economic organization whatsoever. They could never pull off capitalism.

>> No.6993604

Harassment isn't "shutting down". There was obviously harassment from both sides because they're "movements" that anyone can immediately join and do whatever they want in the name of their side.

But it's clear that one side was often ignoring any valid points from another by compressing everything into "you're sexist if you disagree".

>> No.6993609

They are Capitalist countries you fucking retard.

"All the countries that's aren't the most developed first world countries are all Socialist! apart from the fact they all have private ownership, all have free markets, all use a capitalist economy!"

fucking lol.

>> No.6993610

What's wrong with white males dominating the genre?

>> No.6993616

Again, marxism doesn't want anything, it's an analysis tool. If you mean communism, they want a classless, stateless society, where workers own the means of production.

>> No.6993617

>everything would be better if everyone was equal
>people should all get everything for free no matter how much work they do
>the bourgeouise are out to ruin our lives
>collective identity is good for society

Want some more? Unlike other "/pol"tards that you immediately discredit because of their faction, I've actually read Marx.

>> No.6993620

>"you're sexist if you disagree".

Says the right wing who ignore all sociology and anthropology because over a 150 years of PhD reviewed studies in scientific journals doesn't agree with essentially any of their points.

>> No.6993622

Why do they want that?

How can a stateless society happen with current technology?

>> No.6993626


>> No.6993628

What are you talking about? What points?

>> No.6993629

>a tactic that the right constantly uses "Oh look, here's a black person so all this racist shit we are saying isn't really racist!"
See >>6993586

I honestly barely care about science fiction(and even less about some shitty science fiction awards) but as an outsider I honestly think it's just an excuse for GRRM to blog about stupid shit instead of working on his books.

Seriously I don't even know when this stupid internet drama started(looks about February) but he's STILL writing shit about it


>> No.6993632

EvoPsy, PuA, 17th century racial theory.

>> No.6993633

I never called them socialist, I called them unorganized. Capitalist countries use the money they have to make more money. If a nigger country is too stupid to spend their money properly, then why would they have success? Would they be better off as socialist countries? you realize that can only be achieved by a completely authoritarian government right?

>> No.6993637

Jews promote open borders because they think removing ethnic homogeneity and creating ethnic tensions will allow one race to protect them if another turns on them.

Jews don't consider themselves white and consider themselves exempt from white privilege. Any time a jew journalist says they're "white" get ready to hear about how evil 'we' are. They are very sneaky about this.

Nationalism becoming taboo after 1945 was due to jews collectively blaming all white goyim for the holocaust and treating even the people who fought and died against nazism as nazis in waiting.

This is all true and knowing it doesn't make you an icky nazi. Guilt by association to stormfront or the fat guy you saw in American History X doesn't mean knowing this means you're a hater that wants to kill all jews.

>> No.6993641

What does this have to do with my points about gamergate?

>> No.6993643

typical marxist argument

cant refute anything i say, just writes it off in a bath of their own ignorance

>> No.6993654

when a bitch is a whiny cunt, people are going to tell her

just because youre a girl doesn't mean you can't be a whiny cunt

>> No.6993656

>Harassment isn't "shutting down".
Apparently we live in a causal vacuum where harassment and intimidation that arise as a result of voicing a certain opinion have no bearing on the speaker's decision to proceed with the offending speech.

>But it's clear that one side was often ignoring any valid points from another by compressing everything into "you're sexist if you disagree".
On the other hand, being a sexist is the TRUE censorship. Checkmate, communist faggots!

>There was obviously harassment from both sides because they're "movements" that anyone can immediately join and do whatever they want in the name of their side.
Gamergate didn't have to be a movement that anyone could join if it was really about "journalism ethics," but that isn't what it was about. It took off because a vindictive boyfriend decided to post a dubious breakup story on the internet and called on le 9gag army to get revenge on his ex. That was the straw that broke the camel's back. The reviews Zoe Quinn got for her game in exchange for precious pussy currency never materialized because they didn't exist.

>> No.6993663

>they had only 1 woman or one "non-white" for every few categories
So what? Due to time constraints, there are very few female or non-white authors worth reading. In terms of the living, there are zero female authors worth reading and there's not a single living western female author that is creating anything beyond pulp trash. The situation for non-white authors is slightly better but still dire.

>> No.6993666

*being called a sexist
My bad.

>> No.6993670

check my dubs

>> No.6993672
File: 124 KB, 980x1154, 1439198736287.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Races don't exist (but racism does)

Races don't exist (they're ethnicities, by which I mean the exact same thing but I'm arguing semantics)

Race is just skin color errr I mean it doesn't matter that ethnicities are different because people from the same race can be different too!

btw you should give black people more money and apologize for slavery, asshole racist

>> No.6993674

Marx doesn't say those things. In fact, 99% of marx economic work is about capitalism, not about communism.

Now that we've demonstrated that you haven't read marx, take a time to realize that you criticized leftists for absorbing missinformation while you were talking about a subject you know nothing about, based on missinformation. Be humble enough to admit to yourself that you don't know shit, and that to be better than those that you criticize you should read the shit you post about.

Be more specific in your questions or read marx yourself, i'm not going to write a summary of his entire work.
I'll just point out that your question "How can a stateless society happen with current technology?" is marxist in itself, since you are implying that modes of production determine the organization of society. Congratulations, you are a (proto) marxist.

>> No.6993679

>that woman programmer with the manface
That's actually a man.

>> No.6993682

You mean, the movement that claimed it was for journalistic ethics while specifically targeting women and minorities and cultural analyists? The heads of the movement have zero to do with video games and are from far-right wing organziations and think tanks (Milo, CHS, Aurini, Owen, Sargon)?

The movement that had a wiki page listing out home addresses and phone numbers and employeers of people they didn't like?

If you honestly think that Gamergate was anything but a far-right counter-culture movement that was quickly latched onto by groups that represent the Republican Party, then you have to be fucking blind.

>Caring about "ethics"

>> No.6993684
File: 42 KB, 500x496, 1437957434001.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Epic, simply epic.

>> No.6993687

You shouldn't be proud of a country just because you happened to be born in it!

You should feel guilty about the historical crimes of a country you just happened to be born in!

>> No.6993688

>Gamergate didn't have to be a movement that anyone could join if it was really about "journalism ethics," but that isn't what it was about. It took off because a vindictive boyfriend decided to post a dubious breakup story on the internet and called on le 9gag army to get revenge on his ex. That was the straw that broke the camel's back. The reviews Zoe Quinn got for her game in exchange for precious pussy currency never materialized because they didn't exist.

There were reviews where someone praised her game without declaring their relationship to her.

Then many other examples that have nothing to do with her came around.

Wtf are you even doing here? why don't you go on tumblr or reddit? Everyone will be happier.

>> No.6993692


Leftist HIV+ kool-aid is truly amazing, they are literally worse than the most retarded christian fundamentalist creationist.

>> No.6993693
File: 70 KB, 429x286, 1414623612509-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.6993696

>is marxist in itself, since you are implying that modes of production determine the organization of society. Congratulations, you are a (proto) marxist.

It doesn't mean I want it

What is the goal? More happiness? More equality?

>> No.6993698

>*What was the Nietzschean critique of Marxism?

>> No.6993699

>There were reviews where someone praised her game without declaring their relationship to her.

Because the relationship didn't exist at the time of the reviewes. The time lines don't match up.

Also it's a free shareware game made to promote charity and mental health awareness. How exactly did she profit from reviews that didn't exist for a free shareware game made for charity?

>> No.6993700

His name is John Walker Flynt and he has a penis.

>> No.6993702

You just called Marx a capitalist. Is that argument really solid enough for you?

>> No.6993703

>Far-right wing

>> No.6993705

>There were reviews where someone praised her game
Produce the review (s).

>without declaring their relationship to her.
Was it confirmed that there was one?

What makes one obligated to "declare their relationships"? What breech of 'journalistic ethics' does failing to do so constitute?

>Then many other examples that have nothing to do with her came around.
How many? Which ones?

>why don't you go on tumblr or reddit?
May I inquire what your age is?

>> No.6993709

>Thread has just turned into right wingers shitposting and posting /pol/ images

Wow, how surprising.

Why are the mods sleeping anyway? I reported this thread hours ago.

>> No.6993710

So they aren't people because they have money? Why is their opinion any less valuable than rural voters? I personally believe each voice should matter, but if you want to argue one voice over another, it's actually a lot more rational to argue for the educated bourgeoisie than the proletariat.

>> No.6993712

Do you have long greasy hair and wear death metal tees and washed-out bluejeans with holes in the knees, and sleep on a mattress on the floor of your sparsely-decorated trash-filled apartment?

>> No.6993713

Most of society is like flies who will do exactly what they're told, and anyone who chooses not to follow will be persecuted

Also happens to be the Gospels critique of communism, lol

>> No.6993715

Yeah, the White and Male supremacist isn't a right winger, he's totally left wing and progressive, just like Gamergate amirite!

Just like how Briebart is totally a left wing and progressive news source because they want to legalize weed!

>> No.6993716

If you have a problem with a 'far-right counter-culture' movement being a substitute for soulless corporate shills toeing the line then you're probably a shill for secular judaism.

>> No.6993719


>> No.6993722

>You mean, the movement that claimed it was for journalistic ethics while specifically targeting women and minorities and cultural analyists?

I guess by saying "cultural analysts" it allows you to include any white man that has been criticized thus including literally anyone and acting like a victim about it.

There's no heads of movement, but if you want to call them such and then disregard it because they're right wingers (not all of them even are), then the other side is disregarded for being left wingers, great point.

To be honest you reek of feces and AIDS, I don't really see a reason to continue this discussion.

>> No.6993723

>he thinks the report button actually does anything
/lit/ is essentially unmodded. it serves as a place for /pol/ and leftypol to debate each other.

>> No.6993726

I don't see what your point is. Am I supposed to become unsympathetic because this person is allegedly not biologically female? Does outing this person amount to discreditation? Why do you believe that is?

Do you think digging up a person's past and mounting smear campaigns makes you righteous?

Keep on memeing, internet warrior.

>> No.6993728

Sadly, everyone is a racial supremacist or an unwitting shill to one.

>> No.6993729

Jesus m8, i've already answered this, it's like i'm talking to a wall. Don't worry your analysis of history can be marxist even if you aren't a communist.

I see that you'd rather read what you want than admit to yourself you are talking out of your ass. I hope you reach intellectual honesty some day, anon.

>> No.6993731


I feel indifferent.

>> No.6993736

you mean, right wingers making valid politcal arguments and left wingerers telling them to gb2 pol because anyone who doesn't share their opinion is automatically "like sooooo uneducated"

>> No.6993738

You said 'man-faced' when you knew we're talking about a tranny? That's some really compartmentalized not-being-transphobic m8

>> No.6993739

>Was it confirmed that there was one?
Yes. Zoe admitted that she slept with all of the "5 guys." Whether it matters or not I'm not sure.

>> No.6993740

>So they aren't people because they have money?

They are people, but constant elections have shown they are the minority in their views

>Why is their opinion any less valuable than rural voters?

Because they lost the election, they don't get to rule.

Also the fact that the media in Venezuela is incredibly bias to the right wing, Koch Industries pumps millions into Venezuelan right wing groups and student organizations, they actively engage in mass violence, they have a history of smuggling and hording goods and engaging in economic sabotage and blocking goods from going to poor neighborhoods.

>> No.6993742

Still free advertising with no disclosure. If the times don't match up then sure, then she's not valid and the other things are. Game journalism is shit and this is a movement about that.

>> No.6993745

What the fuck are you doing here? How do you even operate?

You're the epitome of mental weakness.

>> No.6993746

> In fact, 99% of marx economic work is about capitalism, not about communism.
But I'm reading what you wrote? Care to explain what you mean before discrediting me as "intellectually inferior"?

>> No.6993747

>he says in a marxist thread after proving he hasn't read marx

>> No.6993750

Why don't you go to tumblr or reddit instead of here? I'm 23

>> No.6993751

>programmer with the manface
Transphobe much?

>> No.6993752

>and posting /pol/ images
Yep, all 1 of them.

Did you make this post for yourself or for other people?

>> No.6993753

bump for visibility

>> No.6993754

90% of the users who have posted here are lying. They probably didn't even really hear about Marx until coming here or going to /pol/, let alone learn anything about him. "At 14-17, while playing Call of Duty and watching Death Note, I sure did give this complex political ideology a fair shake."

I have read "Das Kapital," a few times, actually, but I am a Marxist, so I suppose I'm exempt.

Clearly you know nothing about Marxism. Just stop trying.

This is literally Shitposting: the Thread.

>> No.6993756



>> No.6993761

Das Kapital directly relates to capitalism and its effects. Much of the criticisms made in it directly parallel problems brought up in Adam Smith's Wealth of Nations and his further writings.

The dude never called Marx a capitalist. It is undeniable that Marx's primary works are, however, about capitalism.

You should do the reading. I don't even just mean Kapital and WoN, but Hayek, Keynes, Friedman, Kropotkin, etc. etc.

You're really doing Capitalism a disservice by arguing against things people aren't saying. Honestly, /pol/ is better off without you, because at least a handful of them have actually read the things they're arguing about.

>> No.6993763

Transgenderism is a mental illness

>> No.6993764


>> No.6993765


>> No.6993768

I was never into marxism. I grew out of anarcho-capitalism at 15, though.

>> No.6993769

His most important work is Das Kapital, which analyzes how capitalism works. In fact, communism is barely mentioned in his works.
The fact that you don't know this show give you a hint at how ridiculously little you know about the subject.

>before discrediting me as "intellectually inferior"
Can you stop making up quotes? It's retarded and leads to straw men.

>> No.6993771

>Still free advertising with no disclosure.
This is an absolutely worthless statement. You haven't explained what obligates people to "disclose" private relationships.

You still haven't presented the alleged favorable reviews.

>Game journalism is shit and this is a movement about that.
Which is why Gamergate goes after the triple-A developers who pay big sites like gamespot to give each CoD 95% every time without failure, right? Oh wait, that isn't what happens. GG only cares about AAA when the possibility arises that "artistic integrity" might be compromised if the tits in your games aren't big enough.

>> No.6993772

This. This guy needs to leave, he's embarrassing the right here

>> No.6993774
File: 19 KB, 300x300, the-klabnik.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's surprising that there are still educated people that don't identify as socialist communists.

>> No.6993777


>> No.6993780

U mad /pol/?

>> No.6993781

Why are men better at certain things than women and vice versa?

>> No.6993787

before anyone responds - Nope, chess

>> No.6993790


>> No.6993791



>> No.6993794

Did Ronald Reagan read Capital? No? Well stfu bitch

>> No.6993801

>CoD 95%
The sad part is that garbage like CoD is still far better than any of the games produced by SJWs. Shit like Depression Quest fails on every level.

>> No.6993803

>their entire worldview is based on misinformation and lies that they have ignorantly absorbed. They are the brainless sheep ruining society.
this viewpoint of your opponents is literally the most likely to garner productive debate and discussion, guaranteed.

>> No.6993806

>90% of the users who have posted here are lying.

90% of users are lying?

100% of them are. Again, Marxism isn't a teenage ideology.

How many teenagers are interested in doing advanced sociological, economic and historic analysis with methods you won't even begin to be taught until you are well into college/university?

When I got into Marxism well into my 20s, I found Marx's writings a slog to get through and incredibly dense.

Das Kapital has a word count of over 250,000, how many teens are going to read a dense, advanced economic treaty that is 25x over the size of a standard PhD thesis'?

>> No.6993810

Shit like Depression Quest doesn't sell for $60 a pop either.

>> No.6993815
File: 66 KB, 850x400, reagan communism.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.6993816

>After watching two sheboons take over a Bernie Sanders rally
literally nothing to do with marxism idiot

>> No.6993822

Why do i need to address? Guilt is not hereditary, and races exist but aren't significantly different from each other. You are arguing against a caricature of the left, not against the left. Which is what happens when you spend too much time in an echo chamber.

>> No.6993823

My parents grew up in soviet russia. They taught me about communism and its bullshit and I read the manifesto and marx when I was 15.

When I first heard about communism as a kid I thought "huh it sounds reasonable and good and equality is good, why not?". And then I applied critical thought after reading it and viewing the real world.

>> No.6993824

Said by a senile old man who destroyed the economy and fucked geo politics for decades to come.

here's a quote from me

"95% of the shit Reagan said was full of shit"

>> No.6993830

So? $60 is nothing and Depression Quest isn't worth any amount of money.

>> No.6993831

Give us the one about running out of people's money too. The sad thing is that catchy slogans is all that right wing audiences seem capable of comprehending.

>> No.6993835

>And then I applied critical thought after reading it and viewing the real world.

Yes, as a 15 year old, you applied your vast intellect over a dense academic analysis technique that is still used in most social science fields today (History, Economics, Sociology) and rendered it debunk.

>> No.6993838

What is "significantly"?

Left thought and policies agree that racism exists but claim that all races are equal besides skin very often, it's a common line in media and anyone who mentions other differences gets treated like a lunatic.

The entire western world is a leftist echo chamber.

>> No.6993841

After seeing the flaws in the soviet union and other attempts, as well as statistics about welfare programs and other such things, sure.
Not sure how retarded you were at 15 but this isn't unrealistic.

>> No.6993842
File: 172 KB, 451x377, 1434402045587.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>destroyed the economy

>> No.6993852

Why do leftists tend to be weaker physically and mentally?

>> No.6993860

It means we aren't different enough for me to give a fuck about races.

>> No.6993868

They typically lack discipline.

>> No.6993871

What would be different enough? How different are we?

>> No.6993877

He used his charm to reduce nuclear weapon stockpiles dramatically. He prevented a nuclear war by taking the risk of admitting he was unwilling to use nuclear weapons to the general secretary. The general secretary responded in kind and because of this they cut the warheads down from 60,000 to 2,000 or so. He also created communication channels to prevent any misunderstanding between the two countries.

Marx got millions of peasants killed for having the Wrong Opinions.

>> No.6993880

Right wing=masculine males and feminine females.
Left wing=feminine males and masculine females.

There have even been studies showing this through facial structure.

>> No.6993881

The deconstruct and dismantle any higher values (aside from equality), such as honor, courage, strength, loyalty, purity, etc.

Those are all oppressive unequal things, so they must be destroyed and ridiculed, because equality is the most beautiful goddess of all.

>> No.6993885

Seems about right, do you have links?

>> No.6993910


>> No.6994086

None of those worked tho

>> No.6994094

>wage slave
A voluntary contract is slavery?

>> No.6994235

the only thing funny about /mu/ is itself

you'd realize how much of a normie infested shithole it is if you weren't fresh off the boat from Reddit

>> No.6994239


>> No.6994295


>> No.6994927
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>racist conservative scum
well when you say racist things thats what tends to happen

>> No.6994983
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>that woman programmer with the manface

>> No.6994994

reading parts of the communist manifesto does not mean you've read marx

>> No.6995003

if you think nationalism is any thing but bad you have problems

>> No.6995397

If you think nationalism has nothing good in it you have problems.

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