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Why is he so right, lads?

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Because capitalism a shit.

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This is the new thread for cool dudes.

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Dude, anime is cool as HECK.

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that's pretty long, can you sum it up and give me the important points?

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People should only work for 4 hours instead of 8.

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>Modern technique has made it possible to diminish enormously the amount of labor required to secure the necessaries of life for everyone. This was made obvious during the war. At that time all the men in the armed forces, and all the men and women engaged in the production of munitions, all the men and women engaged in spying, war propaganda, or Government offices connected with the war, were withdrawn from productive occupations. In spite of this, the general level of well-being among unskilled wage-earners on the side of the Allies was higher than before or since. The significance of this fact was concealed by finance: borrowing made it appear as if the future was nourishing the present. But that, of course, would have been impossible; a man cannot eat a loaf of bread that does not yet exist. The war showed conclusively that, by the scientific organization of production, it is possible to keep modern populations in fair comfort on a small part of the working capacity of the modern world. If, at the end of the war, the scientific organization, which had been created in order to liberate men for fighting and munition work, had been preserved, and the hours of the week had been cut down to four, all would have been well. Instead of that the old chaos was restored, those whose work was demanded were made to work long hours, and the rest were left to starve as unemployed. Why? Because work is a duty, and a man should not receive wages in proportion to what he has produced, but in proportion to his virtue as exemplified by his industry.

>This is the morality of the Slave State, applied in circumstances totally unlike those in which it arose. No wonder the result has been disastrous. Let us take an illustration. Suppose that, at a given moment, a certain number of people are engaged in the manufacture of pins. They make as many pins as the world needs, working (say) eight hours a day. Someone makes an invention by which the same number of men can make twice as many pins: pins are already so cheap that hardly any more will be bought at a lower price. In a sensible world, everybody concerned in the manufacturing of pins would take to working four hours instead of eight, and everything else would go on as before. But in the actual world this would be thought demoralizing. The men still work eight hours, there are too many pins, some employers go bankrupt, and half the men previously concerned in making pins are thrown out of work. There is, in the end, just as much leisure as on the other plan, but half the men are totally idle while half are still overworked. In this way, it is insured that the unavoidable leisure shall cause misery all round instead of being a universal source of happiness. Can anything more insane be imagined?

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You might like this

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Thanks, looks interesting. I really like sloths.

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it's the only thing compatible with human nature

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>Why is he so right, lads?

Too bad we are further away from what he says than when he wrote it. Globalization is just going to/is making it worse. Competition between all the worlds advanced economies is just going to force us to work more and more. We will never see a reduction. At least not in our lifetimes.

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The idea of basic income is garnering support and has been very effective where it has been trialled. I think we will see it tried properly somewhere in the next ten years.

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We are when automatisation gets to the point that we won't be able to make up bullshit jobs any more. There's already barely anything to do for a lot of first worlders.

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>Muh human nature

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the neet age is coming

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There will be more produced, not less worked.

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What are we going to do with all the stuff?

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store it or try to trick people into buying it

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Automatisation necessarily implies less work and it's inevitable.

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>tfw laws against planned obsolescence will never be put in place

Everything would be practically free within a decade.

Of course this would be bad because >muh jobs, but just imagine a world where value produced by work constantly accumulated. We'd all be living like kings while working 3 hours a day.

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>We'd all be living like kings while working 3 hours a day.

I really don't think it'd work out that way. Even if it did, is that good? Should the automatization of labor be something to strive toward, given how humanity up till now has kind of been defined by struggle? What happens if we no longer struggle?

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Get out nerd

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We might end up with pre-IR Britain aka the greatest time to be a poor farmer.

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> Everything would be practically free
No, as wages would plummet as the production of industrial goods would have to face reduced profit margins.

Albeit this can be beneficial in accelerating the move to service economy.

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Why is it necessary to struggle for material goods?

Why not just spend more time with family, or on hobbies? American Indian tribes used to pass their time having big feasts and destroying excess production/priceless relics and art. Personally I want to see something like that.

Maybe we should have a control economy then, where those unneeded workers are put to work building roads and train systems or designing rocket ships.

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Working isn't exactly a struggle. In developed countries the majority of jobs are cushy. They are just monotonous and force a boring routine where many feel unfulfilled.

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>Even if it did, is that good? Should the automatization of labor be something to strive toward, given how humanity up till now has kind of been defined by struggle? What happens if we no longer struggle?
Ask the Greeks. They founded Western civilisation because they outsourced the labour to slaves.

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>tfw no technocratic society of NEETs

Anyone want to take over Alaska with me? We could get obscenely rich off oil money, automate all our labor, and force everyone to devote their time to exercise, military training, philosophy, and butt-sex. When SHTF we take a chunk of Russia for slave labor. It would be paradise.

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Nice dubs but doesn't constant toil to preserve the state defeat the purpose of NEETdom?

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>not already being a welfare NEET (if you aren't rich)

There's the idle life already. Feels good man.

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Pretty based.

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you'd have to be a weeaboo faggot to deny the value of good, honest hard work but at the same time I think it's tragic we get one life to live and it's spent slaving away doing the kind of work i pretentiously call "entropic upkeep". clerical, mopping floors, bagging groceries, stupid bullshit that just needs to be done.

what a fucking shame.

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Thomist viewpoint incoming

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Can't muller the Fuller.

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>on 4chan
> liking anime unironically

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I agree with the circumstance of jobs but some people are just better off working than thinking, especially manual work

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>human nature

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No because that constant toil would consist of acting macho, working out, and taking Russian sex slaves.

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I want to into this welfare thing, but how? Sounds comfy tbh

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its a huge over generalization but yes, there are things we typically like doing as humans.

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emps take a break

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Well banged, my friend.

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I love anime.

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>work has inherent value

What makes you think so?

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>In Praise of Idleness
>People in thread like anime

I'm not surprised. Enjoy making more and more excuses for your worthless lifestyle.

ITT: NEETs trying to justify their miserable lives.

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I both love and dislike Bertrand Russell. I dislike the strongly acedemic philosophy he helped to create, but think he was a genuinly great guy with an almost mystical personality despite his own reservations about such thinking.

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What do you mean by worthless? Not economically productive?

That's a pretty sad standard to live by.

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As if NEETs who watch anime are productive in any way.

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Who said that they were?

Why are you obsessed with productivity?

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who /never work/ here?

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To the communists of lit

Is being a NEET even a good idea?

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It's a great idea, mainly because you don't have to work.

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working is a condition. By not working, you force other people to work more.

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NEET is a terrible social concept, to be honest. For example, people said that NEETs are unproductive. However, a social worker on the internet (I forgot what site it is) admitted that the presence of NEETs created many types of jobs for people in the UK. This just shows you how much bullshit they came up from modifying Marx's original concept, 'reserve army of labor'. Except that, instead of people who tried to redefine academically the concept within contemporary context, 'NEETs' are a concept which only function is to be a source of income, literally NGO and contractor money tree.

If you come out with a counter-argument that 'NEETs are inherently unproductive' then you're massive retard. Economy is a social phenomenon, thus an isolated agency within the economy is nonsensical.

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NEETs are productive as long as they spend money.

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What exactly do NEETs produce? Jobs?

And what do those jobs produce? Nothing?

Sounds pretty unproductive to me. Production entails aiding society in some way, not putting a drain on it's resources.

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Those jobs give money to people who wouldn't have jobs otherwise, buying goods and paying taxes to fund more jobs doing the same.

If you think this is absurd, consider that modern economies are absurd generally.

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You mean by rather hiring one guy full time than four guys part time, the bourgeoisie is forcing some people to sit around doing nothing and others to work their ass off.

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Most jobs aren't 'productive' any more because we have become too productive already at this level of efficiency. We're already making more stuff than we can possibly need.

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>People should only work for 4 hours instead of 8.

I do this. It's still too much.

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We could be down to 10 hours per week now tbh.

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Same here. I went from working 48 hours to 20~ and it still feels just as long.

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Like Russel says, consumption is just as important as production. People like you never seem to think about this. It's all about muh productivity.

The handful of NEETs in a country (relative to it's population) don't need to work. Modern economies already vastly overproduce. They already help the economy plenty by consuming.

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I work 20 hours a week and am completely fine with it, but my circumstances are fairly uncommon. I'm a cashier at a local store, and my boss allows (hell, encourages) me to bring books and read during downtime (which we have plenty of). Fucking hate jobs where you're expected to maintain the guise of productivity even when there's no actual work to be done.

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my main problem is that, although i only work ~20 hrs a week I still have to work 5 days per week.

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>Fucking hate jobs where you're expected to maintain the guise of productivity even when there's no actual work to be done.

This is why i hate my job. If they let me bring books or something i would be perfectly content.

I work on the backdoor in a supermarket unloading trucks, which usually takes 2-3 hours on most days unless it's really busy. For the rest of my shift i have to stand around pretending to do busy work even though i have nothing to do. It's fucking maddening.

Don't know why employers do this to people.

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In fact, giving NEETs more NEETbux so they can spend more would even be advantageous to the economy.

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>welfare queens trying to justify their leeching

Why not de-fund the NEET Coddling Program and lower taxes?

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idleness and leisure is soul rot. you might think, "Oh well ill be doing things i like to do, how could that be bad?" but you'd be working towards something, probably writing or making music or whatever.

work, as an expenditure of energy towards some desired goal, is great, but the connotation now is "cleaning lanes at a bowling alley" so it leaves a bad taste in everyone's mouths

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more people would be looking for jobs, wages and conditions would be lowered, and everyone would be worse off.

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less taxes = more consumption = more business = more jobs

Do you not understand basic supply-side economics?

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are you trolling?

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>work, as an expenditure of energy towards some desired goal, is great, but the connotation now is "cleaning lanes at a bowling alley" so it leaves a bad taste in everyone's mouths

Except that's not the definition anybody here is operating on.

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'The impact of science on society'

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Rich people tend to stack their money, poor people tend to spend their money. Therefore less taxes would mean more money sitting idly in bank accounts. More welfare would mean more money spent and put back into the economy.

If you want to guarantee that money stays in circulation, give it to a poorfag.

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I thought you meant work as in employment. I don't see the inherent value in that, although voluntary purposeful activity can be a great thing, like the creative activities you mentioned.

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It is not long you lazy fuck. For Christ sake, read something for once

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>too lazy to read In Praise of Idleness

I think he's got it down.

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No, they're worthless in the sense that anime, and video games, are a waste of intellect.

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the only way to be lazy is by exploiting the labour of poor people. congrats on being a shitlord.

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/lit/ I'm bored and want some action, with some bloodlust too
Should I join the Special Forces in order to achieve Kleos