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>23 years old
>only had prostitutes
>haven't even had friends for years, nvm a gf
>i did well at uni, lift weights etc

Does anyone else feel a profound sense of passing the point of no return? Women never showed ANY interest in me during youth (ages of 16 - 21) and now I just feel like I'm too far gone. Even if I somehow miraculously get interest from women it will purely be a beta-provider leech relationship they want. There is no redemption from this point on.

I live in the UK. Everyone my age has done loads of shit and I've never even been to a pub / club.

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go to concerts and grope crowdsurfers

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>progressing well academically
>surrounded by beautiful and smart people
>love my work, love teaching people
>move in and out of relationships casually

no, tbh

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I don't want to sound harsh, because it seems you have enough problems already, but you should not made this thread in /lit/

You should consider other boards like this anon suggested>>6815153

Please consider deleting this thread, and finding advice on another board. Thank you.

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all true
the usual case for this /r9k/ cross-shitposting is to have a completely normal feels post then add to the end
>so any books recs for this feel?
We get this kinda feel often, tbh.

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I read this book over the summer. It was beautiful. Heavy feels for a war novel.

>pic related

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Hike with Houellebecq.

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where are the janitors tbh

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is this for a story or something?

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Is that about the prostitutes?

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It's a repost from /r9k/.

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I (the OP) posted it both times and /lit/ is my main board. I've read most of Hoeuellebecq's novels and obviously he doesn't fill me with hope.

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I don't believe you and saying this is your "home board" doesn't make this post /lit/

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>"The things they carried"

Went straight over your head

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Believe me m80. That passage in the elementary particles where the main character goes back to teach at his old school was fucking sad and hilarious.

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ah good one. stds in sex workers. fantastic joke.

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