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Why are all the best philosophers virgins?

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Ascetic ideal brings a great objective view of things.
However, it can also make the prophets stray from what is truly important and become too clouded by their visions.

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>A virgin
He knocked up his maid

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Hegel was married though.

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Kant and Wittgenstein were both limited by a lack of sexual experience and it shows in their philosophies

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Didn't Hegel rape some bitch?

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Aquinas says that sex/sensuality is the greatest obstacle to intellectual powers because they fill the mind/imagination with all sorts of murk that obstruct. Not Catholic either faggots

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Wouldn't it be more accurate to say that emotions are the greatest obstacle to intellectual power?

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No, not really. Shutting out emotions is for intellectual weaklings who can't incorporate feelings into their logic.

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Jesus was a virgin and he didn't contribute a single original thought.

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>Jesus was a virgin
>implying he didn't fuck hookers exclusively

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implying christianism isnt the source of 75% of philosophy

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>forgetting about the damn Greeks

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jesus christ this board has turned to shit

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Idealists almost always were married man who did their duty towards society.

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If psych philosophers can be counted, Freud was obsessed with sex. Maybe because he never got any.

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Sex is a major component of human motivation and psychology though.

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I'm a virgin, and starting tomorrow I'm becoming an ascetic.

I won't masturbate or have sex for the rest of my life.

When I reach thirty in ten years' time, I'll share my original thoughts with you guys.

Oh, quick question: how do Western ascetics dress?

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I'm pretty sure they weren't virgins, fucking was very common indeed

it's just a maymay because today being intellectual means that you failed with girls and then you didn't had anything much better to do than read as a form of escapism. This may happen to some people, but i'm pretty sure no true intellectual would be such a faggot

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>Kant didn't have sex

I for the life of me can't believe people still say this shit.
He told his butler to tuck him in tight so he wouldn't masturbate when he was like 60.

does that sound like someone with a small libido?
In konigsberg when a young man has a reputation fir size the girls use the expression "hung like Kant"
where was a "silent decade" of his life where he shut himself away with a bunch of female servants and didn't even go out with friends.

but of because when he was 60 he said maybe masturbation is treating yourself as a means people think he was a virgin.

Let me remind you his argument against premarital sex was only that people would think the girls a hoe.
AKA he was banging the shit out of his servant girls for 10 years straight.
probably made them wear maid outfits and shit.


witti was a turbo virgin for sure though.

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It's only worth it to be ascetic in terms of sex. Masturbation is the least destructive sensual pleasure of all. Even if you have a highly addictive personality plus lack of self-control and actually get addicted to it, it would still be much better than eating junk food every day.

Asceticism can only work in some areas, even then only partly. This is where Aristotle comes in: it's best to satisfy your cravings for pleasure in a non-destructive manner rather than get rid of them. You'll never be 100% free of all desires, that is lunacy and has no basis in biology. You would cease to be a being.

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Like this.

Love - /tg/

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>"hung like Kant"
You'd have to be hung to get women with a face like his.

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>something important in a fucking relationship

you really don't know how much sex people get don't you?

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>posts on a literature board
>can't speak English

It was a just a jab at his ugliness you faggot

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because of course

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ugh. i can't believe i let 4chan get to me. i broke down and got an escort. now i feel so dirty ;_;

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bullshit, you did well anon, there is nothing wrong with using your life in such things

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Nope, it's all over. He has given up all potential to become a brilliant philosopher.

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many great writers have done the same, you're in good company (minus the 4chan part)

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What do you want him to do about it?

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damn his right hand seems really awkward

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Implying the 25% left wasnt the greek (and arabs)

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>that hoverhand

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>being this pleb

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>You'll never be 100% free of all desires, that is lunacy and has no basis in biology. You would cease to be a being.
You basically just justified Buddhism completely with that statement.

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Is buddism actually all about becoming 'one with the universe'? Ceasing to be or think you are a sentient being and simply just be a part of everything just like the sky or the stars without any concept of self or desires or struggles? You always hear that 'one with the universe' shit so much among new age idiots or on a gag in a dumb cartoon but only recently I've begun to think about it.

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It's mostly about learning how not to suffer by my reckoning.

In order to achieve this the Buddhist must embrace the three treasures; Buddha, Dharma and Sangha.

t. ignorant layman.

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christposting didn't even start until about 2 months ago lol
are you so new you think christians are the norm on /lit/

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Why not read stirner and cure yourself of these debilitating spooks?

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>hung like Kant
Going to need a source on that.

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Buddhism is a big religion. But the core teaching to me is telling us to realize what is happening, and so be at peace with it.

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There was a study that found people who lose their virginity later have higher iqs. Pretty much if there are more virgins at better colleges. They figured you can add about 2-5 iqs for each year after 15 a person is a virgin. So if you die a virgin in old age that's a lot of iqs. That's why they so smart.

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I guess.

Men glädjeflickan smektes
med yrkesmässig kyla
och kunde icke skyla,
hur litet hon bevektes.

Now I'm just like Fröding


I'll get on that.

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You mean he discredited buddhism.

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Actually the point of Buddhism is to escape from the illusion that Being isn't Nothing.

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Ok, OP. Why do you like Hegel? What questions do you think he answered?

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I Like this quote I dislike this quote
“A writer needs three things, experience, observation, and imagination, any two of which, at times any one of which, can supply the lack of the others”

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Heidegger fucked Hannah Arendt

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