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Okay, Anonymous. The Legacy of Totalitarianism in a Tundra Presents: Kolsti's Adventure in the Everglades: a Novella is officially in phase two. We've already got most of the main content down, now we're polishing, re-arranging, and overhauling.

Here's where you come in.

Right now, the story lacks meaningful ties to Tundra I and II. Sure, there's shitposting and maymays, but that's not the point. We need more Dakota Fanning, Supremacist Mice, Tao Lin. The works. Tundra I contributors, now's your time to shine.


1. Go to the Google Doc
2. Make new chapters. Wherever, whenever, just make sure to put in a page break and give it a header.
3. Fill said chapters with continuations, sidestories, character studies, or whatever from the first and second books.

1. Go to the Google Doc
2. Scour the document for typos, grammatical errors, etc. and fix them. DO NOT change content outright.

Good luck out there. As of now, publication is set for Feb. 14th, but that can be pushed back if there's enough interest.

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go to bed kolsti

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Kolsti's too busy being an activist to shitpost :(

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What should the blurb on the back be this time?

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Damn it I forgot to link the document


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Oh shit

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It's not finished? It's over 100 pages.

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See >>6083187

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This fucker is a high schooler? Why the hell are we writing about him?

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it's just him shit posting promoting himself

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Because he's kind of an embodiment, an actual reincarnation of /lit/ shitposters. Needlessly edgy, massive faggot and constantly revving up havoc without much insidious intent.

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What is on the back cover?

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I already have some quotes queued up, going to wait on creating a summary until later

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If you guys put this much effort into your own writing you might be published authors by now.

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so true

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the acronym is deliberate isn't it

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you're so clever anon

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it's not my wit that came up with the Fucking Brilliant play on words

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This cover is horrifyingly awful. This isn't a lotiat book. just make a new cover.

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This. Why not make it its own entity? Then we won't have to worry about allusions to the rest.

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Not OP, but in defense I'd say without allusion to the Tundras this work is fatally inconsistent, shitposting with maymays and copypastas allover. Maybe OP thought they could make a conclusion instead of just ripping off ideas from the series.

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Because TLoTiaT is /lit/'s collective nom-de-guerre, as much as it is a series of books written by /lit/ as a collective.

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>collective nom-de-guerre

Not necessarily, just an hour ago there was another spinoff with Joyce and Pinecone.

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stop making this shit no one thinks its funny

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OK, yeah, I guess that's fair.
But there's still a distinctive "TLoTiaT way of doing things", which this work seems to embody.

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if your beginning a new chapter at least make a better hardcover

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This isn't clever, artistic, or interesting.

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I hated that cover, so I remade it in a NYRB style.

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I'd buy that for the cover alone. Good job.

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100 pages is nothing

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it doesnt have a spine?

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Needs a spine.

also, why is it a black guy crying?

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Make a spine, anon. Also move the period to before the second quotation mark, so it goes "socially anxious attention whore."


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Because he's on /pol/

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You've got it wrong though, pol is crying because black people exist.

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Thanks anon. I've never done a book cover before, so I have no fucking clue what I'm doing. Feel free to suggest other publishers for me to blatantly rip off.

Updated with spine attached. I dislike it, but it would probably look fine in print.

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The immigrants didn't destroy white cultures, the cuck whites who let them "integrate" into white cultures did.

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You fixed the first punctuation problem, but it's still there in the last sentence of the description.

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Surely only my opinion but: make it Wordsworth-esque. Y'know, image covers two thirds the front cover from the bottom with a broad Title in Times Roman. Instead of having the title overshadow the portrait.

Also, maybe anything but that fucking Kolsti copypasta on the back.

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jesus christ I'm a pleb. Thank you.

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Beautiful. Now we just need a conclusion to the book after Chapter Ch-ch-chia

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You know that cuckolding has nothing to do with race, right? It's just about your wife sleeping around and it is seen as more humiliating if ti is a black guy fucking a white woman.

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Can you find an example of what you are talking about? All the Wordsworth Classics I have look like shit. As for that copypasta, I had no clue what to put on the back. Leaving it blank seemed wrong aesthetically.

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Much better, this will be the official cover unless something amazing pops up

Just one more thing, could you re-factor it according to the dimensions of this cover? For instance, the text on the left at current would overlap onto the spine.

Specifically the requirements are:

PDF, JPG, GIF, or PNG (no shit)
Spine width: 78.162 Postscript points wide (2.757 cm) (326 px)
Spine begins 429 Postscript points (15.132 cm) (1788 px) from the left.
Total cover width: 936.162 X 613 Postscript points (33.022 cm X 21.623 cm) (3901px X 2554px)
If using an image, its resolution should be set to 300dpi

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Summary on the back needs touching up but I like the design and quotes a lot.

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Of course leaving it blank is a horrendous suggestion. I thought perhaps we could leave it for the summary or for a temporal end.

pic also related

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change it to native american

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Make it increasingly self referential, not increasing.

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>words can't ever develop new meanings based on context
learn some pragmatics nigga

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Agreed, any suggestions?

Working on something now

fuck I need to learn to proof. Thanks man, fixed.


Done and uploaded. I had just copied the dimensions of the OP.

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Absolutely love everything, but maybe you can replace a landscape (like pic related) with the lamenting black dude if you're going by >>6084145 's advice, I mean after all we're in the evergreens.

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did we even improve Miami in the first place

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We don't talk about Miami 'round these parts
post your copies of miami

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filth. i liked the first book tho

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I ain't got shit for this. I don't really dig the aesthetic. Best I've got is attached.

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Tokio Drift when

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I'll fuck around with it. The black dude is an early Cezanne painting.

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change it to "plot solely progresses through"

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the cover should have the legacy of totalitarianism in a tundra as an acronym at least

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the last sentence should be "Also dicks."

for more self-subversive patriarchal fallocentric writing yknow

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done. Also, still accepting suggestions for the back text. Mine was basically the meme equivalent of lorem ipsum.

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I have no idea how to word it, how does this look?

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Why not just stick with "TLoTiaT Presents"?

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Idk, something about that seemed cheesy. Attached though.

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I can dig it

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maybe "In Fulfillment of The Tundra's Legacy"

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nah, i don't dig that. I'll think of something.

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Maybe do it how the real NYRB writes AN NYRB CLASSICS ORIGINAL at the top of the back of some of their editions?

Write something like A TLoTiaT ORIGINAL?

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excellent idea! thank you.

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Consolidating, but we'll have to move that one line in praise over the quick summary, guessing that's fine since we're still in preliminary.

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lel, forget what I said. Could you try spelling it out and not put it in acronym? It looks awkward.

>> No.6084508

I like it, would be funnier if the description on the back took the contents of the book more seriously

>> No.6084521

I think it would be funny if we took the summary in a high-brow, Barthelme direction. It would fit the cover. Something like

'Written exclusively by anonymous edits, this epic crowd-sourced vaporwave post-New-Sincerity masterpiece follows Kolsti Nguyen in his travels through the Everglades.

Kolsti serves as the reader's guide through this Late Capitalist landscape. He clears a path through mazes of dead narratives, wades through bogs of nihilism and anomie. He experiences residual feelings of purposelessness in the wake of postmodern deconstruction and irony, which left us nothing. Now in his journey, with no hint of recess, he learns that the swamp grows in size every day. He asks himself, will he ever find a [way out]? Does it matter? Is it best to settle down, to call the swamp home? He contemplates a new civilization, one which pretends Derrida and Barthes don't exist. Is such a place, in the Age of Information, anymore possible?

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"progresses" on the back cover is missing an r

Now get back to writing, negroes

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fixed on all future updates. Thank you. I forgot Illustrator has a spellchecker because I'm an idiot.

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Hello, primary editor for KAitE. What serendipity, only shortly before had I known my accomplice created a thread in discussion of the book. I haven't coordinated my schedule for this project so I'm accomplishing what I can as I extend my day's hours. Will work some description if needed, for now I'm too occupied with making the damn thing cohere.

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Not subtle enough, needs to be presented as "2deep4u"

>> No.6084544

We definitely need to change the summary on the back

>> No.6084548


Doing God's work, son. Nester (responsible for this thread and hosting project) will surely throw her "design" from the mezzanine when she sees this.

>> No.6084552

I like it because it has absolutely nothing to do with the story inside. But it needs work

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>tfw made it on to the cover

might have to buy it if this the final version now

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Hi, editor here. Suggestions, anyone?

>> No.6084595

Write another chapter with Allen and Dubs

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Grouse here (monitoring thread from work lel).

Absolutely, the new design is infinitely better than mine (literally just a color swap from Miami). Is now official cover. Keep up the good work guys, I'll check up on the Google Doc when I get home.

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silly grouse, get back to work!

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>all those new adjectives

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>Tundra I and II
Shit. There are two of them? I just downloaded the first one and I'm reading it in my spare time. You motherfuckers: it's ~300 pages long! Do you expect me to read the second part too?

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I really, really don't like that Kolsti is in the title of this. Don't put that faggot in the title.

>> No.6087257

Give it up you guys. one was enough.

>> No.6087280

so long as one person keeps making money off of these shitty self-published books these threads will never stop

>> No.6087287

Can't approve this more. Kolsti is shit and you all must feel ashamed he wrote a COMPLETE chapter about god-knows-who-doctor-caught-in-fatal-accident.

>> No.6087290

Could someone explain to me the practice of putting 'A Novel' after the title? I mean, what the fuck else is this book gonna be confused for?

>> No.6087299

Editor: too late now. Our original plot was with suggesting "A Novella" and were determined our opus be over 200 pages just to mindfuck the audience.

we all went "meh" and let slide that option.

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I love this MASSIVE butthurt. Back to reddit your cucks.

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>implying otherwise

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>on 4chin
>concern about an extinct species.

W're also concerned about people of color, too.

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So because some teenage attention seeker sprays his name all over the place, /lit/ will play along and write some piece of shit about him?

>> No.6088505

See >>6083445

he even made a chapter. editors are conspiring to get rid of it (i heard)

>> No.6088536

This thing is actually getting worse from all the editing.

>> No.6088549


What about you actually tell us what you want and don't want to see, instead of just stating what's unfortunately obvious to us?

>> No.6088559

Keep contributions over for another week. I want to write a chapter.

There is literally no reason not to allow submission for a bit longer, and if you believe otherwise you've completely misunderstood the point of TLoTiaT

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i want editors and the idea of editors to absolutely fuck off. I want Kolsti and you other tumblrites and actually every histrionic cunt attached to this fucking mimicry to stop fucking appropriating /lit/ culture for le notes and upvotes on your garbage fucking segment of the internet. fuck. off.

>> No.6088741

This guy is being a drama queen but I left in the early stages, came back, and the Kolsti story did get worse

>> No.6088759

that's not one guy lmao.

ecelebs and their followers fucking ruin everything they touch. the point of this shit is that there isn't an author, that it's fucking anonymous, and making it about this kolsti autist to the extent that his name is in ThE FucKinG TiTle is absolutely fucking moronic in this respect and in every respect.


>> No.6088771

It's not one guy? Then the second idiot answered a question he wasn't even asked. Kolsti is a part of /lit/ culture now. He might be ephemeral, but so is our taste and every other pop culture reference in the fucking thing

>> No.6088793


Editor here, working independently on deleting tumblr maymays, Lulu TV intermissions, all those ridiculous cuts, shitposts and everything that's absolute shit-tier. Also thinking of deleting Kolsti's chapter, but need Nester's concordance to act according to that.

It'll take a while. Also, I'd like a critique of the beginning page (since it's an ideal example of my prose.)

>> No.6088899

Well, anyone?

>> No.6088941

>single editor cutting everything
Who died and made you king?

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>> No.6088958

>lulu tv intermissions

Those are good faggot, fuck off.

>> No.6088981


I agree with you there, but five of them is just too much. (Well, four and one in non-oppressive taco-speak.) I'll make it up somehow.

>> No.6089013

seriously, the Quagga Project is going to become HL3 at this rate

>> No.6089045

The writing is fine, if you want to write in that style go for it, just add more to the story. We had some good character development going on, and we should continue that

>> No.6089049

Don't delete a single thing, you fucking shitlord. It's not yours to delete, so let the shitposting stay. Actually there should be no editor at all save for maybe having the formatting consistent, and even then that's probably too much. Look at Tundra I, even if it's shit it's still way better than this sanitized piece of reddit-tier crap.

>> No.6089087


>forgetting Tundra I began as a closed project.
>actual timeline and not incoherent vibes and feels and not excremental leftovers.

I'm only deleting what takes away from the user's experience. If you miss shitposting and so want to embrace your faggotry I suggest you go subscribe to one of those reddit-writing symposiums.

>> No.6089096

Don't fucking dare delete the lulu tv or Kolsti's chapter. Those are the best parts.

>> No.6089113

But I'm a user and I like the shitposting because that's what I expect from a book made in a somalian cartoon imageboard.

>forgetting Tundra I began as a closed project.
what's the point of bringing that up now? It's not closed anymore, is it? No more than this book

>> No.6089145

>deleting the best parts
>highlighting muh prose
>implying you're not just as big an attention-whore as kolsti

yes, I'm mad

>> No.6089158


I suggest all of you (samefagging or not) exercise your rights in making this collaborative work compatible to your tastes, then. I inquired for suggestions twice now, instead your incitement is found put in terms of nonconstructive judgment. It's your prerogative and you fail to exercise it and spoil for yourselves. We've made this progress-report for the collective to advance the art, all I see here is whining. Here's your chance, /lit/.

>> No.6089166


This is a prime example of Reddit culture invading 4chan

>> No.6089168
File: 228 KB, 338x420, 1406764639496.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Grouse here. You went too far, m8, I'm revoking your editorship. Feel free to keep contributing, but don't forget rule fucking 1: don't delete or change anything not vital to the success of the book. Personal tastes are out of the question.

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with or without editors this thing still reads like shit

>> No.6089281



>> No.6089339

Good. Deleting Kolsti's chapter and fucking with the best intermissions makes no sense. Kolsti's chapter is untouchable other than the footnotes.

>> No.6089889


Did anyone come up with a better idea for the back cover blurb?

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>> No.6091776

Maybe do the Yeezus copy pasta but replace it with things about Tundra and /lit/.

>> No.6091787

can we just remove all the shit that isn't kolsti

seriously, kolsti is the only good writer, just have him do another chapter and ship it

>> No.6091803

He's already writing a novel of his own. Yes his part is good but it works best as an overview of an introduction.

>> No.6091862

That would be 20 pages max.

>> No.6091883

What page is Kolsti on?

>> No.6092243

It is a little weird that Kolsti's part is significantly better than everything else.

>> No.6092686

how is that remotely Barthelme diction?

>> No.6093927

I only buy these to be able lean over every now and then and read the spines on my shelf and have a chuckle. The cover is great but add the legacy of totalitarianism in a tundra to the spin and front cover even if its just small.

>> No.6094713

I can't make it fit without looking ridiculous.

>> No.6094781

Where is the Kolsti, I want to read him

>> No.6094799
File: 487 KB, 1931x1221, ss+(2015-02-04+at+02.22.23).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Isn't the whole point to be ridiculous? Ok, I see how it might be hard on the spine (though here is a suggestion) but at least put it on the front

>> No.6095787



>> No.6096121

It's toward the beginning, idk what page it's on because I'm on mobile but it has a bunch of parentheses.

>> No.6096386

Can we just somehow finance a whole book of Kolsti? That one chapter stretched over a novel would be gr8.

>> No.6096881


>> No.6096913

Kolsti sucks, man

>> No.6096931

i sincerely hope that this fails.


>> No.6097216


>> No.6098541


>> No.6098567

Anon who made that cover here, I don't really like the look of that, but it's up to everyone else.

>> No.6098729


You made it. If you honestly think you can outperform yourself, go at it now without hampering.

I'd really like a more subtle, flowing or soft outlay, this one just screams at you from every angle and isn't all too aesthetically appeasing. Go for minimalism, Anon, but don't leave out too much detail.

>> No.6098838


>thinks lightning ever strikes twice

this won't be good

>> No.6098870

Lightning strikes a lot.

>> No.6098874


>> No.6098882

>good things only happen once

>> No.6098884

Here, boys. Contribute.

>> No.6098886

Going for quads? massive faggot.


>> No.6098890


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File: 787 KB, 1963x2560, minimal.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I kinda of like something like this, basically a knock-off of Autobiography of Red.

>> No.6099084

But instead of that painting lets do Kolsti at the swamp

>> No.6099090

is there a link, or do I actually have to get off my lazy ass and illustrate something?

>> No.6099097

I'm on mobile but there's a picture floating around somewhere of Kolsti on a swamp with a lizard and Harold Bloom.

>> No.6099319

I don't care what it looks like as long as it has "The legacy of totalitarianism in a tundra presents" on it.

>> No.6099384


>>6098729 guy here. Font fades with background, unmistakable contrast in cover picture and background. White is hideous, or somewhat contrived, when aiming for subtlety. I'm no critic but I'm confident when I say your previous artistry is much finer than this to a large magnitude.

Also, >>6099319 knows what's up. Don't put pictures of Kolsti up, the work may be filth but that's no excuse to be lazy about perfecting your work.

>> No.6099468
File: 10 KB, 226x346, 41CVIU-VxLL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oh, that wasn't supposed to be white. It's supposed to be like the attached cover, very slight red. I'm still fucking with it.

>> No.6099601


Fuck with it good, man. Hammer, heave and repeat cycle until you have it hosed. Gather some muster and really squeeze through that bitch, however the formidable fuck you want it, just remember doing it not-so-nicely.

>> No.6099834