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Thread #4572 about /lit/'s book 'The Legacy of Totalitarianism in a Tundra'

Do we have potential for another book?

Will Moot ever acknowledge us?

Is this the first step towards the literary life?

All these questions and more answered within.

Fasces/tundra (standard b&w)

Fasce/tundra cover (colour, value quality)

French cover (standard b&w)

French cover (colour, value quality)

Pink/green cover (colour)

Fasces hardcover (b&w)

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This is the worst forced meme in 4chan history.

>> No.5478857

I enjoy the fact that "forced meme" doesn't mean anything

>> No.5478858

I have to admit that this state of 'being' goes against the 4chan spirit of 'becoming'

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This is the worst poost in 4chan history.

>> No.5478866

a shitpoost, even

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"Forced meme" is the worst forced meme in 4chan history.

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wait, is this book really a thing or it's all an ebin maymay

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It's an honest-to-god 500-page novel

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There's no quality mobi version, fuck you /lit/.

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here's a great idea: make one yourself

>> No.5478893

And program all the annotations? I'm a literary patrician, not a code monkey!

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> Its a reference to a famous anthropological study by Toimi Linna made in Finnish tundra that examined the effects of Lapland War, caused by two Hegelian dictatorships (USSR and Third Reich), on the native Sami people's concepts of apocalypse (Lapland war burnt down 90% of the towns).
Is this the actual thing behind the title?

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Yes, didn't you get the memo?

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I find this entire fucking thing absolutely hilarious. It's wonderful. Thank you /lit/, truly this is my favourite meme.

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So some faggot is profiting off of this?

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>Tfw this is the first thing I'm buying when my student loan comes through tomorrow.
My housemates won't ever understand

>> No.5479007

I swear it's the same guy posting every time

you rascal

>> No.5479015

No. THe cost of the book is the price of production.

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Its a pretty good study, shame that it was released in French though.

>> No.5479040

Yes. It's me. Thank you for buying.

>> No.5479041

where can i download the free epub

>> No.5479044

Yeah, I've made 400K starting

>> No.5479046

Right here *unzips dick*

>> No.5479048

>he thinks we have anything more than a pdf

>> No.5479050

you can convert pdfs to epubs pretty easily though.

>> No.5479056

>forced meme

No one forced anything. There was a total of about 25-35 people (high estimate) that actually put in a lot of time on the book.

It was volunteer. Sorry your little virgin ass got popped by the buthurt of not being apart of something.

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I have made enough to retire.

>> No.5479070

This is basically Scroty McBoogerballs, with /lit/ memes.

On a sidenote, who's claiming the money for these sales?

>> No.5479074

Moot and the jews

>> No.5479075

There is no money from these sales. The cost of production is the price of the book.

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>Do we have potential for another book?
Yes, like I have potential for my morning shit
>Will Moot ever acknowledge us?
>Is this the first step towards the literary life?

>> No.5479084

>Third Reich
Ernst Nolte pls go

>> No.5479087

More like HEILgelian, amirite?

>> No.5479104

good thread

>> No.5479110

It cant be that expensive to print a fucking book, right?

>> No.5479114

lulu is making money with it.

>> No.5479124

it's 500 pages at bookstore quality, plus lulu needs to make money off it

>> No.5479172

of course, they do
if you don't like it, start a 4chan lit charity

>> No.5479184

Hegel was an avid reader of Hegel.

>> No.5479415

is the official version still coming?

>> No.5479588

>Do NOT buy Anon's for-profit Lulu version: profits raised from the official copy will be donated to Autism Research Center or a charity of your choice.

You heard the man, stop posting the Lulu links.

>> No.5479604

>buying Jewseph Stallion's edited-to-shit version.

Fuck that.

>> No.5479815

What did he edit?

>> No.5480391

So when does work of the companion novel "the death of monarchy in a Monsoon" begin production?

>> No.5480452

nah it should be poems/short stories next

>> No.5480464

it was already poems and short stories for the most part

>> No.5480469

an epic poem would be cool

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What was your favorite part, /lit/?

>> No.5480481


post the torrent m8

>> No.5480484

No, this is as official as it gets

>> No.5480486

just came 2 this

>> No.5480495


Yeah we need to make an epic poem next. We could probably do something pretty amazing with that.

>> No.5480502

Simply epic

>> No.5480505


the part where sonic the hedgehog raped cosmo kramer

>> No.5480507

>it was already poems and short stories for the most part

It looks like it's mostly shitposting and comic sans according to the online PDF at http://www.litwritesabook.com/

>> No.5480531

>mfw when it is always the same poster who starts these threads because he is the one who receives the profit from all of your idiots buying this shit

>> No.5480539

>stop talking about something I don't like

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My body is ready.

>> No.5480762

This is our beta cover, no doubt

>> No.5480773

Everybody get ready for it. Start getting accustomed to 1980s lit and philosophy. Let's take this thing back in time.

>> No.5480904

Oh boy, all those great books

>> No.5480934

this is just everything i always wanted

>> No.5480950


>idiots don't know Trey Parker and Matt Stone ripped off The Vagina Ass of Lucifer Niggerbastard

/lit/ don't know dick

>> No.5480958


>1980's /lit/ and philosophy

You can't even parody the 80's

You can't even make fun of the 80's

The 80's was as bad as culture gets...
Jesus, anything /lit/ tries to do in an 80's esque fashion will actually be Nobel Prize worthy compared to the shit actually produced in the 80's.

>> No.5480961

>vagina ass

>> No.5480963

Instead of a sequel /lit/ should write a book of short stories, short green text stories

>> No.5481037

80's literature did suck for the most part but the decade was a gold mine for low/popular culture. I think we can work with that

>> No.5481189


>> No.5481197

80's revivalism is waaaay too mainstream

I propose a throwback to the atomic age

>> No.5481213

I'm sorry, did /lit/ write this bullshit?

Because it sounds like it was coauthored by /pol/.

>> No.5481222

>Do NOT buy Anon's for-profit Lulu version

>> No.5481242

Part of it is a parody of /pol/ and tinfoils

>> No.5481247

Stallion plz go

>> No.5481270

>buying a fake version
>not buying the OG first edition fasces cover

>> No.5481285

on one hand i really admire the fact that this exists, a book that uses free-association, so much digression it's hard to say it even has a center and scattered pop cultural references is like a real achievement of post-modern literature, even though it lacks anything besides some (unique) literary merit (i'm being completely serious here)

on the other hand


>> No.5481290

Well what?

>> No.5481295

any number of complaints

it being relatively unreadable the only significant one that comes to mind at the moment

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>> No.5481342

so...you've made a cover for a book that doesn't exist yet....

>> No.5481345

>tfw we're going Inherent Vice already

>> No.5481349

I have nothing better to do.

>> No.5481354

Every meme after the invention of the term 'forced meme' has been a forced meme; curious no?

>> No.5481360

Hey now, the text is legible!

Make a tape with some warbling, distorted music and have a doped up, depreased anon read out the book like it's revelations.

>> No.5481363

It makes sense to me. Once the term meme was bastardized and memes became a commodity that corporations realized they could make money from, the spread of information on the internet changed.

>> No.5481368

or some abrasive mechanical stockhausen-esque tune and instead of an actual person some tts program modified through audacity

>> No.5481377

See: space funeral

>> No.5481378

I'm a noise music hobbyist and that would actually be a fun project.

>> No.5481393

Why can't we do a throw back to pompeii? They were just like us?

>> No.5481460



>> No.5481468


I want to contribute to this

There's no way it could be coordinated anonymously, since someone would inevitably shit it up just because, but it'd be really funny if this were a straightforwardly written, non-"postmodern" Elmore Leonard style trashy Miami crime novel, played completely straight except for all the callbacks to Vol. I

>> No.5481480

Has anyone actually read all of this?

>> No.5481484


>not seeing the Vice City reference

oh fuck you

>> No.5481497

Oh holy fuck, I wish i had the time to finish his story.

I only had that part and the one on page 263, that's page 236 (coincidence)

Someone made a footnote ending for him.

I meant to have his story be thrown across all the chapters but never had time to finish.

I think I got two good paragraphs in though.

I prefer the paragraph on 263 though.

>> No.5481518

This guy gets it.

>> No.5481525

Everyone but >>5481468 this guy got it.

>> No.5481688

This is the only guy who gets it >>5481468

>> No.5481693

What's even the fun of doing something like this without the chaos

>> No.5481704

This guy
and this guy

get it

>> No.5481712

none of you get it

it transcends its authors

>> No.5481729

I still don't think we've 'really' gotten the word out about this

>> No.5481730

Okay, we'll reset it in the pacific northwest in 1989.

>> No.5481735

i'm skimming through it right now

never mind what i said. i absolutely need to read it, i don't care if it makes me the most autistic fuck on earth

>> No.5481736

>not in the atlantic south-east in 9891

>> No.5481741

pls lets get a google docs going

>> No.5481744

I read through the entire thing and I can safely say I think I'm a better person for it.

>> No.5481748

>Atlantic south-east

You mean... Miami?

>> No.5481752

don't rush it bro

>> No.5481755

look at a map of the Atlantic ocean

trace your finger down to the bottom-right area and tell me what you find

>> No.5481763

We should spread more word about the current book so we can build hype

>> No.5481764

Sure that's what you meant. You often think of Namibia don't you.

>> No.5481766



>> No.5481770

You just don't get it

and pynchon does

>> No.5481772
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>> No.5481777

We're ruling out Namibia?

>> No.5481780

someone suggested we do an epic poem next, i think we should mix the two just because they don't go well together at all

>> No.5481784

i'm torn on whether we should spread it, i don't want non-/lit/izens do get involved, it's bad enough with /lit/ getting all giddy about it

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>he cares this much
>definite samefag

>> No.5481786

this is no time to be exclusive, we need to push this

>> No.5481791

why, though?

>> No.5481797

We can publish another book, sure, but has our current book reached its potential?

Publishing a second book with an even larger base of readers would be better, no?

>> No.5481798

Just let it be for chrissake.

Idiots don't understand the idea of being anonymous.

The people who actually contributed to this book, we don't give a fuck what happens.

We haven't even bought it.

It's just idiots jerking themselves off.

>> No.5481801

>Pynchon referencing your way out of stupidity

Do you even know Hage Geingob or Sam Nujoma?

>> No.5481802

It isn't about the anonymous thing, it's the fun of spreading knowledge of a tangible item created by this board.

>> No.5481808

Of course, they were the last irishmen

>> No.5481814

Again, idiots jerking themselves off.


Shut the fuck up, faggot.

>> No.5481816

>muh sekrit club

>> No.5481817
File: 43 KB, 652x490, idi-amin.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I see what you did there.

>> No.5481819


some of you guys are way too excited about this. i think it's a cool thing we did, but not to that extent

>> No.5481821

I sent the link to a college professor who likes dfw and other modern american writers. This is how much I think this is a real novel.

>> No.5481822

>muh ebin meem

let's not do this

>> No.5481823

it's therapeutic

>> No.5481829

He's going to laugh at you

>> No.5481830

>then he's going to cut himself

>> No.5481831

>he likes dfw

>> No.5481833

>doesn't understand it's not about hiding nor advertising its just about being and who honestly gives a fuck about what comes out of this place

jesus you fucking cunts need mental help

>> No.5481835

I wonder what DFW would've thought of our book

>> No.5481836

Probably, I would. The thing is how many pages is she gonna read before that.

>> No.5481837

It's pathetic that you are trying to develop a social status by some shit book a few people participated in.

Just let it fucking be. If it gets big (lol) who cares? If it doesn't, who the fuck cares?

>> No.5481840

>social status
what, am I going to tell people I'm anonymous?

>> No.5481841

Who would had said it was a nice effort and that we could had done a better novel if we dedicated time to seriously edit it instead of puking all those pages and then shitting all over the format. That's what I'd think any mature writer would have said.

>> No.5481842


>this is how big of a pathetic faggot I am

Did you buy it and show your mom too?

>> No.5481845

I'm seeing a lot of self-hate here

>> No.5481846

My mom would laugh a lot at it and then erase it from her memory. She would occasionally say that I should write a real book and that it was at least better than 5o shades.

>> No.5481847

You're trying to develop social status through making a shit meme book popular on a board you frequent.

>im finally apart of something kewl
>even reddit has it's own /r//lit/ im so kewl

Fucking pathetic.

>> No.5481850

I just realized that being a part of the authorship of this book is the most significant thing some of you will do in your entire lives.


>> No.5481853

Stop projecting. Hating people on the internet isn't gonna make anything in your life better.

>> No.5481854

>anonymous social status

>> No.5481857

oh please

no one on /lit/ writes well. it'd be like children playing collaborative storytelling. the result would be utterly dull and forgettable.

there is actually something in this. if you think /lit/ could have made a half-decent novel through this method you're delusional

>> No.5481861

Taking part in writing a book should be a highlight in anyone's life.

Don't get too down bro.

>> No.5481862

It's not self hate, it's just hatred for these idiots who feel the need to advertise this shit so they can get some personal self satisfaction about being apart of the board who created it.

It's fucking stupid.

It's a cool book, yes.
It was fun writing it, yes.
Yes, it was fucking hilarious.

But it's done.
It's over.

Why the fuck are you trying to make it popular? Diligently attempting to spread it out of 4chan?

It's fucking pathetic. Just let it fucking be instead of acting like the little faggots you are in real life.

You idiots can at least pretend to be non autistic on this board for the most part except when being fail trolls, but getting all uncontrollably giddy and shit about this book is goddamn sad.

For fucks sake.

>> No.5481864

>itd be like children playing collaborative storytelling. the result would be utterly dull and forgettable.
And when you see that you tell them that it's very nice and they should keep on trying if they want to be better. That's what adults do. Otherwise you'd have to get personal and it's too much to bother.

>> No.5481869

>stop projecting

I'm projecting how?

>>>/AP Psychology/

Seriously, and remember, if your teacher didn't tell you to not go out and start diagnosing situations after passing the class, then you have a bad teacher.

>> No.5481870

>being this mad

>> No.5481873

it's sad that you are worrying so much just because people comment the book with other people. It's not like they are selling copies in the streets, they are doing less promotion than people who like HBO shows, whether they have a feeling of connection or just like the idea it's zero effort.

>> No.5481879

The only thing I am worried about is this board being filled with even more shit than it already is.

Having people come here and consistently creating threads asking for there to be a /lit/ book #2 and #3 and etc etc etc.

This is probably the most active and somewhat tolerable literature community I have found on the internet that I can browse by after work or when I'm too tired to go out and see people.

And you can literally feel, yes literally feel, these stupid pathetic manchildren who hardly accomplished anything in life getting all hot and bothered over this shit.

It's becoming exactly what it wasn't supposed to.

>> No.5481883

This could be a separate project, but I'd like to get a project where some of the best known /lit/ writers (Tallis, Gomorrah Man, Kolsti, Tao Lin if he somehow accepts) contribute work under their own name to put in a /lit/ collection. It's a project of a completely different nature and I'm not sure how exactly it would be coordinated, but I think it has potential to be interesting in a manner completely different from an open docs project. We would need to compile a list of /lit/ writers to contact. Gomorrah Man, Kolsti, and Tao (but there's no fucking way he answers) get an email for sure. Tallis wrote those Nicki Minaj ass poems so he's definitely in. I don't want it to just be tripfags, though. Butterfly and Arrow aren't really known for their writing.

I think a next big /lit/-related project would be a Various Artists of /lit/ type thing with poems, short stories, greentext anecdotes, and scripts. Any ideas?

>> No.5481884

>he's not having fun

>> No.5481893

We're pigs in the mud, why play above our league?

>> No.5481895

I had plenty of fun while writing it.

There were 20 of us that actually worked on it for the majority.

The rest, these people who are sweating from getting so excited, are the same ones who didn't do jack shit and just went in and deleted all the shit for the lulz.

The fun is over.

We had that tripfag cunt who was rather cool who put a great version on lulu. And that was the end.

There is no reason to keep this shit going and trying to fucking force it.

>> No.5481906



any ideas, yeah


jesus fuck no one understands what this book was

Now you're trying to get these two bit fucking retards who thought the /lit/ book was stupid, they have seen it and think 'it's so kewl omg' and they are attempting to try and make a new one so they can participate.

>> No.5481907

The only thing I could think of after reading your post.


>> No.5481912


>> No.5481914

Tao definitely won't answer. That leaves Gomorrah Man, Kolsti and Tallis. At that point we basically have to invite all 4 noteworthy tripfags. /lit/ just doesn't have that many recognized writers and who knows which ones will even want to participate.

>> No.5481915

Yes, you are a wet blanket.

>> No.5481917

You need to calm down, eventually there will be a second book but there's need of far more editors than writers right now.
/lit/ isn't shit or gold, it's a tiny number of users that come and go. Things get better, then get worse, then continue to be with or without us. Just chose when to care and when to stop.

>> No.5481930


>there's need

for fucks sake it's not meant to be planned, to be serious, to be organized prior to actually just fucking doing it.

this is what you idiots who didn't participate don't understand

fucking idiots.

>> No.5481933

god its like an even crazier Illuminatus!

>> No.5481938

We need organizers and writers.

Stage 1: pick writers, the more the better
Stage 2: contact them asking for a poem/prose piece
Stage 3: compile, format, publish
Group email for the book so when the writers respond basically anybody who wants to see it can see it

>> No.5481940

The second part of Don Quixote is arguably better than the first.

>> No.5481960

I like the idea. Tallis, Kolsti, Irishman, Tao Lin, and maybe one piece from a group doc. We'll need more of course. Probably Butterfly. We'll go into critique threads and find people.

>> No.5481972


The death of /lit/

I'm done with this shit.

>> No.5481985

There has to be people checking that fucktards don't keep changing the first couple of chapters or it becomes a circle jerk around the ones who can keep up because they were from the beginning following the revisions. It's boring as fuck seeing the same thing changing the number of pages and chapters because someone wanted to add something somewhere.
Just that, jail keepers.

>> No.5481988

We already had zines like that, they were shit. It's better to have one long team project. It's more fun for the people doing it and the ones following by the side.

>> No.5481990

It'll be impossible to surpass or even recreate the magic of Legacy because its lack of pretense and it's spontaneity were vital to its success.

>> No.5481993

>still doesn't understand that it happened naturally not planned, not organized, just people naturally doing shit

just stop being a fucking idiot

>> No.5481998

Who is the one who sells these books?

I own a publishing company and would like to get in touch.

>> No.5482005

Sent ;)

>> No.5482011

An Australian anon posted a link to buy from lulu first with my cover. There are editors for the book but the book itself is open source and available at litwritesabook.org

There's nothing official at this point to my knowledge

>> No.5482021

It had at least half a dozen editors and people insisting on it and making threads. Things don't happen by themselves, that's a lie your parents tell you to stop worrying.

>> No.5482065

I'd be up to contriboot

>> No.5482257

Who's gonna write the book that fully explains the contents of this one?

>> No.5482260

A reading companion to TLoTiaT? It would be summary of all the knowledge /lit/ has organized on chronological order of mention on the novel.

>> No.5482332

So I think that we can conclude that writing a book as a collective is a bad idea. But I think that maybe we could do a book of poems and short stories and then one of us will put the actual good ones together. Maybe we could even do a collab with /p/ to match some of the pieces with ameature photography?

>> No.5482374

There has been multiple zines in /lit/ just like that
Started decent, at least three really good authors per issue with various degrees of complexity.
It tried to become a really good looking magazine, no one cared enough to keep sending material, the few good people writing became the pillars that people read and the rest was ignored. Some people dedicated absurd amounts of time to trolling them after being rejected.
It eventually became too much for the five guys doing to handle.

>That awful zine
I doubt they even got one issue out

>The april reader
The longest running, it was decent as far as I could see.

>Some pastebin thing
On one hand it was the most true to 4chan, it was basically a compilation of good stuff posted on critic threads for what I can recall. But it's boring as fuck reading a pastebin, just as much as copying and formatting it for yourself.

>> No.5482456

This is what the audiobook should sound like


>> No.5482510

I'd be willing to contribute, as I don't doubt most here would.

I'd like it if we could fabricate some historical events or cultural clashes and get people to build around that. Give it some kind of cohesive structure for people to flesh out. Perhaps the recently uncovered works of a rogue poet group..

in Miami..

...in the 80s...

>> No.5482524

You could ask Brownbear

>> No.5482736

so fuck zines

>> No.5482776 [DELETED] 
File: 118 KB, 801x1239, devnote.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

what satanic literature should i read?

>> No.5483003

80s Miami themed epic poem.

>> No.5483007

I'm putting it on my CV when I graduate.

>> No.5483011

The reading companion to TLoTiaT should just be a paper copy of the entire /lit/ or 4chan archive.

>> No.5483013
File: 1.84 MB, 2592x1936, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Handwriting thread.

>> No.5483592

I think we can lay this one to rest

>> No.5483630

What's even better is that there are people who think we should do a compilation

I'll say this again, there are no good writers on /lit/ (and most places, too, don't feel bad). This only worked because it was collaborative. Anyone who thinks a /lit/ compilation or a straight-forward novel written by us would be anything but pure shit is delusional

>> No.5483813

Gomorrah Man and Kolsti are pretty great

>> No.5483834

>tfw you probably own the only copy in your country

>> No.5483858

>there are no good writers on /lit/
People's insistence to this effect is pretty strange. I mean, it's totally unfalsifiable. There's no evidence of it at all, but so many seem to just use it a premise; as though it were already agreed to be self-evident.

>> No.5483877

Highly doubt there are no good writers on /lit/

>> No.5483879

>there are no good writers on /lit/
mm, nah. lurk more

>> No.5483885

Kolsti, Tao, Tallis, Gomorrah Man, and one random anon per critique thread

>> No.5484007

/lit/ could probably make a half serious book if there were enough editing and somewhat of a storyline to follow

>> No.5484040

I heard someone saying that you guys wrote a book called Beowolf, is it true?

>> No.5484041

Yeah that was us

>> No.5484064

We made a fantasy book a while back, about the sexual adventures of some dwarves, but we didn't bother keeping it.

>> No.5484150
File: 105 KB, 1920x1080, 1411625061384.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>mfw I imagine a bunch of Anglo-Saxon monks sending circular letter around Englaland and collaboratively writing en epic
>mfw this is the reason for the contradictions int the text

>> No.5484961
File: 663 KB, 785x916, Untitled-1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ok cunts, these are the covers we've got so far, are there any more suggestions? Colour palettes can easily be changed if anyone wants a particular combination for himself.

Drunkard, report for duty.

>> No.5484974

anyone knows how many actual copies of this have been sold?

>> No.5484992

I'm here but those are too small!

>> No.5485002

yes, it might helps with the sales

>> No.5485004

Choose the 4chan cover. It was the best one.

>> No.5485023


>> No.5485031

Is the book finished I wanted to be part of it?

>> No.5485044

I was just uploading the snapshots to see if anyone's got something more to say before I upload them to proper size. Gotta run now though, catch you in a couple hours.

>> No.5485051

I like the addition to the eyes. See you.

>> No.5485053

We should write a point of view piece, where each anon is in the exact situation, but everyone sees it differently, from slightly skewed viewpoints.

>> No.5485056

Tao? Seriously?

Are you new or retarded?

>> No.5485066
File: 223 KB, 900x600, Mestia,_Georgia_—_View_of_Mestia.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Why don’t you guys try to actually write something good together? Yes, trolling is funny; yes, it is much more pleasurable and easier to do then to really make effort, but c’mon: I think /lit/ could do a lot better. Maybe writing without a particular and private need to succeed, without the ego-threats that arise when we work in a particular project that we really want to be significant, might free the creative spirit of many people around here.

I think you could do it. Don’t know exactly how, but I guess there might be a way. For example: create and think together a story, a plot; create and think together the characters. All those main sinews of a novel.

After that (the voting and electing of the main directions of the book) divide the chapters: each Anon write one. Then join the chapters. Anons then polish and remold the collected chapters into a cohesive whole.

Just a suggestion, but you could do it: it would be something quite new in the internet, I guess.

>> No.5485069

Nobody else find it amusing that the literature board wrote a book and it was unspeakably shit? Also that everyone involved knew it was total shit the whole time it was gestating?

>> No.5485072

>nd easier to do then to really


>> No.5485073

also that no one at any point thought it was good or attempted to write something good?

oh wait that just sorta ruins your point doesn't it

>> No.5485082

the only reason tundra was fun was because you could write stupid shit whenever you wanted, edit other people's pretentious dick stroking, and it was all printed because lulu will print any goddamn spam. All this talk about HEY /lit/ LET'S WRITE AN ANTHOLOGY OF POETRY/SHORT STORIES/A NOVEL/etc. is an idea on par with /co/'s Premier Pulp monthly comics. It just doesn't work.

>> No.5485086
File: 58 KB, 500x334, fosterwallacefranzen.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If we do write another book (which we should) it should have a structure or a sort of prompt. This is just clustered madness

>> No.5485087

Just shut the fuck up for fuck's sake

>> No.5485089

It's a collection of memes, just like the next one will be.

>> No.5485093

I disagree about this. The whole message of the book was to deny the hierarchical structure of art (totalitarianism of the mind) and to create some sort of free collaboration.

>> No.5485099

Seriously. Total Reddit mindset. I can't believe someone who has been on /lit/ for more than a few months can actually suggest this shit.

>> No.5485100

>Imposing a structure on a structureless work about denying structure.

>> No.5485108


What I'm saying is exactly that though. It was exactly what it was supposed to be, but it was still disappointing.

>> No.5485116

>but it was still disappointing
In what way?

>> No.5485117


Well, then you are all just wasting your time and being proud of it. You guys know that nobody will read that thing, not even the small bunch of /lit/ users. Don’t know what’s so funny about writing something bad that nobody cares about: thousands of people are doing this on their blogs every day.

>> No.5485124

>You guys know that nobody will read that thing

No one gives a shit.

>> No.5485137


I'll admit that on some subconscious level I thought it might have turned out to be at least funny in how shit it was.

>> No.5485162

But that's subjective, isn't it? I do find it funny, even if it is entirely a novelty.

>> No.5485206


I know its subjective, which is why I asked if anyone else felt the same way.

>> No.5485208

I fucking love the title
Too bad the actual book is shit

>> No.5485225

As someone who wasn't writing I can tell it has funny parts and how the sections mix together is probably the biggest appeal, but too many people just spouted memes and tried too hard to "fix" what other people did making it a bit too confusing if you weren't there from the begining. I'd like another try to follow it closer and maybe write something.

>> No.5485291

All I'm saying is that there's a huge difference between what made tundra work and what made it fun, and /lit/ putting together an artsy fartsy anthology of anon work. Also,

>you are all just wasting your time and being proud of it.

Isn't that every literary movement ever?

>> No.5485331


>> No.5485385


/Lit/erally this

>> No.5485404


>> No.5485438

>rather than this big book of shitposting, we should write a big book of shitposting!

you faggots will never be happy.

>> No.5485538

Still waiting for someone to post their colour copy

>> No.5485542

someone post more pages of the good stuff

>> No.5485625
File: 80 KB, 646x292, IMG_20140913_101305.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.5486138

I'm uploading both covers to mediafire right now, will be in a while.

>> No.5486152

Indeed, can anyone show us whether the quality is worth it or not? Jesus Christ

>> No.5486171

No, because no one is risking the extra 4 bucks. Just buy it, the black and white is decent too.
I personally really dislike most of the color choices in the docs version and a book with colored letters is pretty silly in a bad way

>> No.5486194


>> No.5486202

Alright give me a minute to upload the original (pynchon) one.

Is anyone going to buy the revision of the revised french edition? Only about 2-3 people bought the earlier one.

>> No.5486205

>there are no good writers on /lit/

there are some good ones. I haven't ever seen anyone post anything game-changing on here (I'm not a regular), but how often does anything game-changing come along, really?
No need to knock everybody, man

>> No.5486239

>no Rei
kill yourself

>> No.5486241

What the differences on the text compared to the first version?

>> No.5486243

jesus, this is probably our highest-quality cover yet

what's the DPI on that thing?

>> No.5486246

The text for every lulu edition is the same

>> No.5486249

So, about that sequel idea. Should we wait a month after some stop point before thinking about it or should we strike the iron while it's hot and people still remember this thing?

>inb4 horible dpi in huge image

>> No.5486250
File: 1.37 MB, 3896x1436, das book.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

oh wait right, the cover text

here's the original cover lineup

>> No.5486290

New edition, new thread, we're about 40 off from bump anyway

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