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Why haven't you watched this masterpiece yet?

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I bet it's shit. Go away fgt.

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It really isn't.

<-- Another one of Tao Lin's and Megan Boyle's masterpieces

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i've seen them both

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don't watch tao lin movies no more
just pour them on white bitches' heads

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Did you like them?

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There's actually a couple of good mumblecore movies, however 90% of them are shit. Tao can get fucked because of that font

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for what they are
they seemed lacking in some areas, but it was an overall refreshing experience away from the normal modes of film. i think i understood the artistic intent and both films had quite a few funny moments.

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Very insightful critique, my brother.

I didn't like MDMA though, because, first of all, it didn't have any subtitles and I could understand maybe 40% of the dialogue.

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i haven't seen mdma
glad to know i'm not missing much though

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It was the first of the three, and was pretty much a failed experiment. Mumblecore did the same thing much better.

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tao, i feel so misunderstood, like i want to have a social life and live out all the memorable moments like you see on those corny ass movies but i'm so socially handicapped. i want to be a social creature licking out of people's social tits. tao, what do i do? help me! i get nervous breakdowns and depressions.

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Cold Weather is the best thing to come out of mumblecore. Seriously.

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At least his films are better than his books.

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Anyone have a link to torrent/download either of them? Google brings up 4chan threads.

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They are on KG.

You can also download the movie Mumblecore by Megan Boyle and Tao Lin here:


(Join with hjsplit.)

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that's not saying much

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Thanks anon.

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The thing about Mumblecore that gets me is because it hides behind a wall of irony it can't be attacked for being pointless (the point is that it serves no point really and it knows it).

Mumblecore as a movement could be summed up in one mumblecore movie.

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Also to add, it's not even a new thing. Araki and Linklater made pretty much the exact same movies in the early 90s.

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Is Megan Boyle the moron who wrote an essay about all the guys she'd had sex with?

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You don't know what you're talking about.

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Care to explain why rather than just saying 'no u'.

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What mumblecore movies have you seen?

Mumblecore is a very vague term, that at best describes a generation of filmmakers with similar ideologies.

Different "mumblecore" directors have made very different films.

Also mumblecore is a submovement within New Sincerity. It's essentially anti-ironic.

While Araki and Linklater have influenced mumblecore, being a part of New Sincerity, they are still relatively far from mumblecore ideologically.

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How can you say that? It's post-irony, what in the world is more ironical than post-irony?

Certainly not beyond irony, it simply accepts and utilizes it to convey an experience whilst being aware of the endless critique of sardonic wit and parody.

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>Also mumblecore is a submovement within New Sincerity. It's essentially anti-ironic.

I've thought about this before and this is exactly what I don't agree with. I don't believe it's sincere at all. It's nothing more than veiled irony. A sincere film-maker is somebody like Malick, somebody who sincerely uses film to illustrate a point they have. As for independent film-makers then look no further than Winterberg or something. Such film-makers expressively use the medium for a purpose and try to get the best out of it - even with a low budget e.g. Festen. Mumblecore cannot be thought of as pertaining to any other notion than being a bad movie and I think it is self-aware of that, hence the paradox. Unless the film-maker is incredibly dim, and I doubt they are, they cannot believe for a moment their film is something other than bad. In other words they know they've created a piece of crap that is doing nothing for the sake of it. They hide behind the irony of it being a bad movie by construing it as sincere.

As for what i've seen: Mumblecore and Tiny Furniture.

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Watch Cold Weather. Only 'mumblecore' movie I've seen that proves its worth.

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Mumblecore as a movement is not post-ironic, it's anti-ironic. It fights postmodernist irony, while post-irony denies its existence.

Tao Lin's movies are post-ironic though and not part of mumblecore as a movement.

>As for what i've seen: Mumblecore and Tiny Furniture.
As I suspected, you don't remotely know what you are talking about. These two movies are not part of mumblecore, they are post-mumblecore at best.

Festen is one of quintessential movies of New Sincerity.

New Sincerity is about the conflict between irony and sincerity. In post-irony irony and sincerity become one.

How do you even know that mumblecore movies are "crap" if you haven't seen a single one of them?

Come back when you've seen some mumblecore movies.

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Cold Weather is good, but it's merely above average within the mumblecore movement. I doubt you've seen a substantial amount of mumblecore films.

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You'd be correct, only seen Katz, Dunham, and Swanberg's films. What would you suggest, then? /tv/ is bad for anything that isn't a disney girl.

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>As I suspected, you don't remotely know what you are talking about. These two movies are not part of mumblecore, they are post-mumblecore at best.

Are you sure they aren't post-post mumblecore? Double-check that. You wouldn't want to be wrong about such an important thing.

>Come back when you've seen some mumblecore movies.

I'm just going to play the ignorant card and not do that.

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This is a literature board, take your chink movies elsewhere.

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Tao Lin is making films too? So this is what the Mayans were trying to tell us.

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You seem to rooting for them quite a lot after reading this thread. What do you personally think these films achieve? Isn't there anywhere else where the conflict between irony and sincerity is better presented than low-budget films about nothing? Surely living life suffices for a lot of young people in this regard, especially if they happen to be liberal young people.

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Joe Swanberg is my favourite mumblecore director. Be sure to watch all his movies you can find.

Here are some essential mumblecore films:
Funny Ha Ha / Mutual Appreciation / Beeswax by Andrew Bujalski
The Puffy Chair / Baghead by The Duplass Brothers (and their short films)
Humpday by Lynn Shelton
Yeast by Mary Bronstein
The Exploding Girl by Bradley Rust Gray
Open Five / Open Five 2 by Kentucker Audley
Momma's Man by Azazel Jacobs

Some mumblecore movies that I hated: The Color Wheel, Harmony and Me, The Hole Story, You Wont Miss Me, Breaking Upwards, Four-Eyed Monsters, The Pleasure of Being Robbed, In Search of a Midnight Kiss.

Be sure to look into mumblegore as well:
Anything by Ti West
Anything by Adam Wingard

Your sarcasm is horribly out of place. I'm trying to have a serious conversation here.

Stop embarrassing yourself. Nobody's making you watch any movies you don't want to. Just stop pretending you know what you're talking about.

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Speaking of Tao, does anyone know where I can get his stuff in .epub?

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Once browsing the /lit/ section of 4chan
I illegally downloaded the copies
of two novels and a novella
by the writer Tao Lin.

The link read as follows,
double slash
question mark

Oh, the pleasure of uploading
new mobi files onto one's Kindle.

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Mumblecore is dog shit

just fyi

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>Stop embarrassing yourself. Nobody's making you watch any movies you don't want to. Just stop pretending you know what you're talking about.

I was merely proposing an opinion about what I thought Mumblecore was (which apparently was ill-thought). You're the one who flew off of the handle because I had the temerity to say something you didn't like/agree with. I never once said I had a perfect grasp of Mumblecore. If I did I would have started with 'no you're wrong because...'. I was merely expressing an opinion about what I had been led to believe Mumblecore was. I wasn't aware it was complex enough to entail both mumblecore and post-mumblecore. Quite frankly, I still don't.

I dunno man. I think you've been more hostile than me (considering all of my disapproval was towards Mumblecore rather than towards you personally). If you're wiser then teach.


Start by refuting this claim. That's not me FYI.

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the movie or the movement?

inb4 both

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oh are you the dude who cited Tiny Furniture as an example of mumblecore? that's also kind of dumb, sorry brah

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So what's the difference between mumblecore and tiny-furniture? Please don't just say it's an aesthetic difference.

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Thank you: for the books, the "Essential Jackie Chan Reading NOW WITH MORE DOLPHIN SOUNDS," and the magnificent poem.

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How can you have an opinion of something you're not aquainted about?

Even having seen two quintessential mumblecore films wouldn't be nearly enough.

It's different ideologically AND aesthetically. Tiny Furniture is post-ironic in the way that it's bity and risque. The humour is wicked, while Lena Dunham is not cool and likable but lost and dissapointed in the ideals of mumblecore and New Sincerity.

It also out-dates mumblecore, since Lena Dunham is much younger than other mumblecore directors and was heavily influenced by Funny Ha Ha herself, watching it as a teenager. Mumblecore is a term applied to a generation of filmmakers, before anything else.

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>Mumblecore is a term applied to a generation of filmmakers, before anything else.

yeah this. i think in general self-definition is important for genre & in this case specifically, mumblecore is something that's really strongly self-identified. and Tiny Furniture isn't mumblecore.

both mumblecore and Tiny Furniture are alike in that they both suck shit though

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*acquainted with

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Have you seen this film?

One of the few mumblecore films that I've liked, though I don't think I've explored mumblecore as much as you have.

This is the kind of film that Cassavetes would make if he were having some sort of dissociative breakdown. I was surprised by how much I ended up liking it, but it is pretty damn bleak.

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Worst thread I've ever seen here in the past two years.

I'm leaving guys, sorry. I can't take this shit.

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You should also watch 'Goodtimeskid'.

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>I'm too much of a retard to hide a thread so I post just to let people know that I refuse to contribute

Fucking look out.

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oh god not this shit again

seriously, fuck off

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No I haven't.

It's good, but Momma's Man is better (I recommended it earlier).

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>No I haven't.

You should check it out then, great film.

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Mumblecore seems like the type of film-making the Nietzschean last man would revel in, or perhaps Underground Man.

Superfluous and highly privileged people who struggle with the notion of taking things seriously are the type of people that are hung from lamp posts in revolutions. Just saying.

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What the fuck are you even talking about?

What are you trying to say? Can you be literal and straightforward?

Mumblecore is good because it's literal and straightforward in the age of people overthinking everything.

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Point is, you're a faggot and you will hang at the proper time.

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[email protected] ~20usd FOR A REALLY LONG VLOG

so whose got a dl link?

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The popular adage of "Nero fiddled while Rome burned" hasn't survived 2000 years out of sheer luck.

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Yes, because thinking is so deadly to art.

Get fucked, you dipshit.

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Can someone make one of these for mumblecore in the American column?

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>How can you have an opinion of something you're not aquainted about?

Because I thought I was until you came in and taught me the error of my ways. This is probably the least important thing i've been wrong about in quite some time though. No fretting on my part.

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>Children of Men

This is a joke, right?

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Sure I will.

Epic comeback.

>reading comprehension

>Even having seen two quintessential mumblecore films wouldn't be nearly enough.

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I'd argue life is far too short to track down everything that reeks to make 100% what you're smelling is shit.

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I posted it. Yeah it's meant to be deliberately hypocritical from what I can tell. I still think it's funny.

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>Epic comeback.

Because 'Mumblecore is good because no thinking' is an astute review deserving of an equally profound retort.

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Again, nobody makes you watch mumblecore films. Yet you've seen 0 of them and yet are talking about how bad the whole movement is.

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"Literal and straightforward" != "no thinking"

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I merely asked you to say what you mean clearly.

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I read it. I think i'm wrong about what I wrote but reading this thread I think you're equally full of shit too, and so do a lot of other people.

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>the year of our LORD twenty and thirteen
>still talking about mumblecore
>doesn't know about cosbycore


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You're saying two hours of cinema verite would have more artistic merit than a mumblecore film? That's your metric for quality?

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Someone stands squat above your plate, pants down, ass over the plate. "How do you know it's shit, you haven't seen it yet!".

It's you, you're this person.

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I never mentioned cinema verite. I described mumblecore as "literal and straightforward", and then said that "literal and straightforward" doesn't equal "no thinking" as an anon implied.

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Cosbycore is an interesting take on the progression of sincere humour. Bill Cosby himself was a comedian who presented comedy through a the lens of an eccentric whilst channelling the idea that humour is derivative solely of madness. This of of course was purposefully ironic because everybody knows Bill Cosby is a fucking genius. Humour became acting and it was symbolic of the human condition post 9/11.

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>using retarded analogies

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good one

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Go ahead and tell me what's interesting about the 'literal and straightforward' that isn't accomplished more directly and effectively by documentary footage.

I'll wait.

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Maybe people aren't under an obligation to see things that look like shit before dismissing them as shit. Maybe people like you, who perhaps enjoy this shit, could forgo the concern trolling for once.

Or would you somehow not balk at the notion of going to see the latest Hollywood romcom? I should even be phrasing that as a question. I already know the answer.

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>concern trolling


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I am loving everything about this thread.

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"Hey you may dislike it, (and perhaps I do too), but you really should see it to make sure."

Concern trolling.

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Unlike mumblecore, people heavily overact in front of cameras in cinema verite movies. They are too self-concious to be honest and "naked".

Unlike in documentaries, in fiction you can show the most probable scenario, which is of the most interest.

I don't know what the fuck you're talking about. Why are you so bitter? If you're such an anti-intellectual that you refuse watching acclaimed movies, because "they look like shit", I can only pity you. Go troll somewhere else.

>> No.3312695


>people are too honest to be honest

>fictional scenarios are more real than reality

Come on, man. Seriously. You're making the argument for anything but 'literal and straightforward' in cinema. And I agree with you.

>> No.3312697

>If you're such an anti-intellectual that you refuse watching acclaimed movies, because "they look like shit", I can only pity you. Go troll somewhere else.

Funny since most professional movie critics are journalists, not academics. Your hole keeps getting deeper here.

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this movie is actually comedy gold, especially if you've read some of tao

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>82 posts and 9 image replies omitted

Stay easily trolled, /lit/

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So what is it? Intentionally poorly filmed cinema?

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does anybody have a working dl link?

that mediafire avi file is broke shit

>> No.3313090

worked for me

did you manage to join the file?

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>As I suspected, you don't remotely know what you are talking about. These two movies are not part of mumblecore, they are post-mumblecore at best.

i got an incredible sensation when i read these sentences like all of existence has been leading up to the moment someone would argue about something called "mumblecore" and say "they are post-mumblecore at best" about anything

guys i think i'm scared but i don't know right now

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ah! brilliant !

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how do you join a file...

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It's hilarious if you look past the tragedy.

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copy /b file1 +file2 +file3 +file... nameofcombinedfile

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any reason why avi.004 wont work?

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