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REG thread
read expected got

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Finished reading Of Love… a few weeks ago. Not bad, not great either but certainly not terrible

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still hate that ending tho

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And they drove on.

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Tell me you read a translation without telling me you read a translation

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Bro, yo lo leí en su idioma original, onions Columbiano.

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You got Animaniacs?

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nice larp but you failed here.
a) Demonyms are not capitalized in Spanish
b) It's "colombiano", not "columbiano"

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nice larp but you failed here.
a) Demonyms are not capitalized in Spanish
b) It's "colombiano", not "columbiano"

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Solo a maricos les duele que les digan columbianos, a mi me da igual.

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> maricos
You're not Colombian.

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Si si lo onions

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On mobile at the moment so I can't make an edit but
>Minima Moralia by Adorno
>Life story given historical dialectical approach
>The west has fallen, billions must reject an read
I'm genuinely not joking

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I'm reading American Psycho right now and the one an anon posted the other week is spot on and I'm loving every page of it.