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After reading this I literally became A Rebours. Has a book ever changed your personality?

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Pessoa's book of disquiet has maybe not change it entirely, but amplified certain traits for sure

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Henry Miller tried to redpill me on this book but I didn't have spare time back then.
Anyway what's the QRD?

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I’m bedridden as we speak, suffering from some vague nervous disorder, after having read this book. Might I have happened to look upon a dissonant colour perhaps? Anyway, I know how you feel.

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The French response to Dostoevsky's 'Underground Man,' but with more erudition about perfumes and works of art by authors no one knows

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>accidentally change 4chan theme
>have nervous breakdown

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I second this.

I found myself in many corners of that book and felt like certain emotions and scenarios I've had throughout my life was written in an understandable way. Great book.

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Not to my knowledge, no.
I was born a miserable cunt, I will die a miserable cunt. The middle bit is details.

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As an autist my personality changes based on the last good movie or book.

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I wish I could read this book but my progress is too slow
Instead of reading an English translation I will wait