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NYTimes discusses how All Fours by Miranda July is "inspiring" middle-aged women

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>"The book kind of made me think that I don't want to be in a relationship any time soon," Ms. Bossard said. "I also think we all want to reread it in a decade to check in with ourselves."
Women say shit like this, then when they are older and run through, they cry about how no one wants to date them, as if no have no idea why that's the case.

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As a younger guy looking to crush some 45 year old pussy, I can only take this as good news. Also there's a book like this every 8 years or so. It's the "love" portion of Eat Pray Love.

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Based on the other posts below this one, it doesn't sound like there's any whisper network, just an insular group of blue tribe publishing industry women talking about something published that appeals to feelings they're all exactly already prone to having (self-described queer women who call their husbands "partners"). Stupid.

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This is a mid-life crisis. We've been shaming men for buying sports cars to stave it off for decades, but now we're acting like a random bitch writing a book on it is "empowering"? And, of course, straight for the cheating with a younger man. Imagine the same, but with the genders reversed.

Ah, what am I saying? This is the NY Times. Commie rag.

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I like reading and posting these NYTimes articles about books because the journos who write them have zero self-awareness.

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It's always interesting that, in these thinly veiled propaganda pieces, women's quest for discovery always seems to involve casual sex with strangers; as if there's no other way for these women to 'discover' themselves. I see the agenda and it's puerile.

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The only thing missing is the BBC.

Wasn't Miranda July one of those thots that orbited around Tao Lin? Is she middle-aged already? Yikes.

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Yea. Found this article from 2009. She's ancient.

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It should be obvious and noticed by everyone that the concepts of "self-discovery" and especially "sexual awakening" are only ever applied to women. If a man or a male character was ever written about in those terms, people would read it with confusion. That says a lot about modern society.

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Women need to be herded around like cattle or they’ll trip and fall on some guys dick.

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> 45-year-old women who upends her seemingly settled domestic life by checking into a motel a half-hour from her house, taking up with a younger married man and then experimenting with an open marriage

In other words, Romance slop (even erotic fantasy fiction). Somehow this is now reviewed and critiqued as though it was literature?

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It’s 2024 and literature is dead. All that’s left to review is genre trash like in op

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NYTimes "reviews" trash like this all the time. Their literature columnists are all brain-dead roasties. If the book checks a few diversity boxes, and "bravely" depicts casual sex, then they rave about it. I see it happen every other week.