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I like listening to audiobooks, but holy shit. why narrators voice in English is fucking soulless as fuck? it's like text to speech. I am from Nepal and our narrator is so passionate and put really great afford while narrating and it's sovl as fuck.

Nepalese audiobook narrator example:

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>dhuka dhurka dhurka
back to india saar

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Go shit in the street

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Because your English is too poor to understand emotion being conveyed through it

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English is more of a 'sing song' language. The music's very, very good. One can not have everything.

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You probably are listening to some text to speech slop, get better audio books or better yet get the book and do it yourself.

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I only listened for a minute but to me it just sounds rushed.

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>listening to audiobooks
you are 1 step above retarded
stick to comic books

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We should probably get a list going of audio book narrators who are actually good, because this is a whole thing that barely gets talked about. It completely makes or breaks the experience of an audio book.