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his best work?

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Less Than Nothing

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Contingency, Hegemony, Universality: Contemporary Dialogues on the Left

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i have no thought

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Sublime Object of Ideology. He hasn't written anything worth reading since the 90s. There's no point buying any of his post-1999 books when yoi can listen to his derranged ramblings for free on YouTube.

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He rewrites the same book over and over so pick any one

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Sublime object and less than nothing (hard) are his masterpieces. If you liked sublime object, read First as a tragedy then as a farce and Living in the end times. I love both of these books. If you have the background needed for Less than nothing, read his other two masterpieces, Absolute recoil and The parallax view. His intro book of Lacan is good if you wanna get into him.
Personal favourites which aren’t really core: For they don’t know what they do and for the most retarded take on the invasion of Iraq: Iraq: the borrowed kettle.
I like Zizek

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Christian atheism

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Is his book on Lacan worthwhile?

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t. hasn't read anything

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