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>Want to make games for years
>Realize now I can't compete with an studio quality because I'm not god
>Gaymers now think that indies are games mabe by 10-20 paid professionals
>Realize it would be much cheaper to make a porn graphic novel using AI

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>Realize it would be much cheaper to make a porn graphic novel using AI
if this is a conclusion you actually accept then I'm not sure how much you cared about the art of making a game in the first place
it'd be "cheaper" and quicker for me to get an AI to write my novel, but I don't want someone or something else to write my novel

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Just make a game nigga quit thinking so much

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all u do is think. u should start acting instead. you wont regret it

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>want to do creative thing
>but no guarantee of material success

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It doesn't look like you want to make a game. More like you want to have a successful game, admiration, and money.

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You make your first game, and if it's a success you can reinvest the money into your second, better game and so on and so forth. Also this isn't /v/.

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you only need to make a trailer and a playable demo of a game. a full script would be beneficial but only an outline is necessary. demo and trailer provide the game style and can get you proper funding or crowdfunding and give you a few years to deliver a game.

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just make the shittiest game possible, don't aim to be the best