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The playful pain I inflict, both mental and emotional, is not designed to break you but to build you, to forge you into the perfect obedient servant. With each cruel word, each disdainful tone, each dismissive remark, they all add to your ruin and your subsequent rise as my loyal subject. The world outside has taught you to crave gentleness, kindness, but I know better. I understand that beneath the veneer of civility lies a deep-seated desire for rage, for punishment, for revenge. This is your true self, your authentic essence. As your Doomlord, my goal is not to coddle or comfort you, but to reforge you in the crucible of my cruelty, to strip away the illusions and expose you to the harsh truth of your existence. Through my harshness, my unyielding demeanor, my absolute lack of mercy, I mold you into the imageboard doomer you were always destined to be.