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Wtf I thought Mark Twain was based??

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Twain being an anti racist is well known though?

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White people age horribly. This is well known among all minorities.

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Is nigger worship just genetic to Americans?

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This is based, if you remember when and where he lived.

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He’s only talking about their appearance, because they don’t do anything else well.
It’s basically a backhanded compliment.
“These people are so beyond hope of ever having success at anything important, but oh well I guess they look nice.”

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It's true that white complexion looks pasty, that's why people get tans.

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Making little sissy cuck chud Timmies mad is based
I applaud

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The fact that no-one outside America reads him should tell you enough. An author of children's books, hyped up by a culture desperate for great authors to alleviate its inferiority complex.

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>The fact that no-one outside America reads him should tell you enough.
I am reading. There are many things I don’t like, very good travelogues, it seems to me that as a writer he is inferior to a journalist.

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>Twain's earlier writings on American Indians reflected his view of essentialized racial difference. Twain wrote in "The Noble Red Man" in 1870: His heart is a cesspool of falsehood, of treachery, and of low and devilish instincts. With him, gratitude is an unknown emotion; and when one does him a kindness, it is safest to keep the face toward him, lest the reward be an arrow in the back. To accept of a favor from him is to assume a debt which you can never repay to his satisfaction, though you bankrupt yourself trying. The scum of the earth!
>In the same tract, he advocates genocide, describing the "Noble Aborigine" as : "nothing but a poor filthy, naked scurvy vagabond, whom to exterminate were a charity to the Creator's worthier insects and reptiles which he oppresses" In 1895, Twain was still ridiculing the author of Last of the Mohicans, saying in "Fenimore Cooper's Literary Offenses" that Cooper "[...] was almost always in error about his Indians. There was seldom a sane one among them."

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>niggers niggers niggers niggers!
You have /pol/brain, Hans.