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The worst kind of writer's block is when you know where you want to take the plot but can't figure out a logical way to play it out.

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Shouldn't that be an easy means of creatively enjoying the working out? I don't know about novelists, but as a playwright and scriptwriter, the taut form of the drama allows me to take the story anywhere I go, continue to add on new elements to older forms, and enjoy every moment of the process.

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Yes but you should want it to carry on from whatever point you wrote up to in order to get you to where you're headed.

So you're stuck on "what should the characters do/what should happen in the world in order to facilitate this plot point I'm trying to reach?" Not being able to work out what makes sense for the situation as you already laid it out. You really want to get to that plot point but at the same time you don't want to jump through hoops to bring the audience along as you build it up.

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Try write another chapter that happens before or after where you're stuck.
Then come back to it and see if you can make them link up.

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Here’s the deal with any creative block: if you call yourself a writer and you find that you can’t write, it destroys your self worth and makes you frustrated. This is a fault of the English language: “I am” is a permanent identifier. In Spanish there’s a fundamental difference between “Yo ONIONS” and “Yo estoy”- one being “I am” and the other being “I am (at the moment, or, presently)”. Think of it this way: if you’re exercising and your muscles get sore, you recognize that you need to take a break. Because what’s happening is you’re tearing apart those muscle fibers and now they need time to repair themselves. You wouldn’t think “I cant workout now even though I want to. I’m a bad exerciser.” That’s the same with your mind. You’ve worn it thin and it needs time to recover. You need to allow yourself the recovery that only time and distance and not thinking about it can give you. Go for a walk, sit in a park, observe other people, breathe in the world and exhale your interpretation.

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Fuck this stupid website and the losers that ruined a word. “YO S-O-Y” did that work?