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Sadako in Spring Snow.

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i like this bit a lot

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Ursula Brangwen

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Maybe index

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what book?

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That's a man

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nah, just an woman with unfortunate looks

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So I'm the only one that gets absolutely rock hard for this giantess redhead? Her gingee bush would absolutely make me explode

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Never thought about that but yea, a redhead bush is a hot image.

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what's unfortunate about her?

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she only dates blacks (not joking) sorry

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Still would fuck.

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Yeah, it sucks. I didn't say I would marry her, tho

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>how is is this thread about
reminder Pearl is the same age as Honor Levy

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mad how based piers morgan is these days

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She is claimed. She'll always be a slut for BBC

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That text wall in the OP pic is one of the most embarrassing things I've ever seen. Imagine being the guy who wrote that and not realizing what a fucking deranged, sadistic freak you sound like

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Pearl fucked a down-syndrome looking nigger, never forgetti

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Whats so bad about it? The idea that spiritual characteristics are more important than physical ones?

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Helena from All's Well That Ends Well.

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They say "around blacks never relax" but the real warning should be around "tentacle hair" blacks. They're ALWAYS trouble.

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flora poste from cold comfort farm

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Spirit and body are not radically separate. If someone looks horrible their character is horrible.

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She's retarded but cute

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>If someone looks horrible their character is horrible.
Not necessarily. How long have you been in the world? The reverse logic of that would be 'If someone looks amazing their character is amazing', which is false considering all the attractive people with terrible character, especially modern women.

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>you ain't seen shit yet

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I've yet to see it. The modern women complaining on this site is directed towards uggos. Stick bodies, bimbo makeup, slim weak faces.

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>I've yet to see it.
Have you seen the mugshots of attractive female criminals?

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Yeah I have. All the actually attractive ones get done for bullshit "crimes"

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Why is every female MRA a coalburner?

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I see you've missed the murderers and pedophiles.

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Because they're jumping on trends now. Only early ones like Karen Straughan were normal women

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I wanna do a hit and run on Tonya’s cervix

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A lot of antisémites are nigger lovers unfortunately. It's rare to find fine and cultured men like me who hate every non whites equaly.

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Mai waifu

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Being non-white is not the reason why Jews are hated, retard lol

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For you. Shitskin.

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For the actual Nazis as well, wignat.

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Ersilia from Metello by Vasco Pratolini

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Lemme get a roll

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Rolling for Jillian

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I didn't

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Merricat Blackwood

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No lol the weird "that's a good girl!" preaching coming from internet freaks who probably don't live up to their own ideal of what a man should be either
People are very silly. And there's a sadism component involved in giving people these sorts of behavioral prescriptions.

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>Excessively tall woman
No such thing

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Miss Marple

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Oh I remember her, what happened to Karen anyways?

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I briefly dated a 6'0 girl. I enjoyed her size 9.5 feet.

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h-how? what did you do?

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The problem is, where are the cultured women?

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footfag stuff ;)

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Hagar Shipley is based as fuck.

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with your tongue?

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imigrants from /pol/ were bad enough. now we have the /b/ wave??

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2nd worse female. not my day

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