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What's in the box?

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It's a book, laid nicely in there with some bubble wrap. The dedication is to "Simon Jeremiah" (?), with much affection.

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Make that two! A set! "Shepherd's Trade" and "What It's All About" by R.J. Berman. 250 of these were pressed and sold to his close friends and former students in 1983, and to my knowledge it hasn't been posted online yet. Let's take a look at these books and read a few chapters today.

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The little engraving looks nice. No clue what it is. Pelion's logo?

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We knew that well enough!

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"Shepherd's Trade" is of course a reference to Milton. I believe he was Berman's favorite.

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This is where the companion text is mentioned. Berman left a few notes to be read alongside the book, and I'll post them after going through each chapter.

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The table of contents goes on, but I can't post the entire book today, so I'll just attach the first page of it.

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Here we go! Chapter 1.

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That was short. Nice imagery. His style isn't bad. Let's take a look at what the notes say about this chapter.

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Here's the front page of the gloss.

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I like the subtitle. Stylish.

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The last paragraph to the prelude has a playful energy to it.

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Actual chapter 1 notes.

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These are the next two pages of notes, including the end of chapter 1 and then all of chapter 2.

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This is chapter 2. Apologies for not saying so. Continuing on.

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Might seem a little more dense, but we have more help in the notes this time.


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That's the end of chapter 2. May come back after a nap if people want to see a bit more of this book. What do you think?

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Oops!!! I took two pictures of these pages. I'm sorry.