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How come no female writer has surpassed her?

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Because that's a man

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Marguerite Yourcenar and Virginia Woolfe are slightly above her

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People in the past looked so ugly, I couldn't imagine living then.

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she just writes mystery slop. Cather mogs.

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>she just writes mystery slop
Yeah, and they are all great.

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Because they are all trying to copy her instead of writing what they want, using their own experiences and their own perception of the world.

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Why was this considered her magnum opiate? I found the characters' actions to be extremely illogical and unbelievable considering their situation.

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Don't know. Maybe because it's the father of whodunit stories? Her Poirot novels are much better though.

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she killed all those people OP

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I am not so sure anymore........

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>plan a perfect murder
>invite the world's greatest detective to spend the weekend at your country house the day after you do it
Why did Lord Murderedhiswife do this?

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If there is a youngish man and a youngish woman in the story, they will get together in the end and neither of them did the crime. That always cuts down the number of suspects by two

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i always thought that the only thing they changed about this was the title, but then i read it and it turns out niggers are baked into the story all the way through. there's the nigger poem that is referenced throughout, nigger figurines, even the fucking island is called NIGGER ISLAND in the original. i mean the book isn't even really racist in its attitudes (an early clue that two of the most despicable characters are secretly evil is when they're both being like "it's no big deal about murder if it's just natives") but it's funny just how much of the book they had to edit to purge it of the N word

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I only watched the 2015 show and I based on that I think the book must suck!

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When I was a child I thought black people were made of chocolate

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What's this supposed to mean in the context of Ten Little N-words?

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Fun fact: both of em are in dey teens now and both have had black boyfriends, dey show dem on dey insta

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How did the thread derail so badly lol

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they clearly are disgusted by them and the color of their skin, cope on jamal. probably losts their virginity to white bois anyway haha get rekt

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seriously one of the best writers of all time

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as a child I was positive black people had black bones

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when i was young i showed my grandma a mole i had and she told me thats what happens when you touch black ppl xD

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Really? I thought she was the JK Rowling of detective stories.

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She's a 6/10

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Dickinson, Plath, Sontag, Woolf, Weil, Sappho probably, Austin, Ursula K Leguin...

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categorically false, Flannery O'Connor is the queen now and forever.

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Agatha is the new queen of /lit/

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So now that we put the 10 Little...Indians aside, what's the actual best / actual good Agatha Christie novel?

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>How come no female writer has surpassed her?